WSJ: Maria Sharapova Reveals What’s On Her Phone

WSJ: Maria Sharapova Reveals What’s On Her Phone

The tennis star and author of a new memoir, Unstoppable: My Life So Far, shows us what’s on her phone

Number of contacts in phone: 439.

Number of unread emails: 0. My mind would be cluttered otherwise.

Most-liked photo in your Instagram feed: It’s probably a bikini picture if I had to guess. But I’m hoping it’s a tennis action shot!

Most-listened-to track on iTunes or Spotify: Right now it’s Kings of Leon’s “Muchacho.”

Strangest autocorrect mishap: When I type in my last name, it changes it to “Sugarpova,” which is actually [the name of] my candy company.

Craziest place you’ve ever lost your phone: I have never lost it. But the amount of screens I’ve cracked makes up for that.

Alarm settings: Don’t use the alarm. Early riser.

Biggest time-wasting app: GarageBand.

When do you feel compelled to charge your phone? [It’s always] 100%. Yes, that’s right: 100%. I consistently wear a battery case.

Are there times when you try to stay off your phone entirely? Always during practice or training.

Favorite fitness app: Nike+ Training Club App is the only one I’ve ever tried.

Cities listed in weather app: Sochi, Russia; New York City; Longboat Key, Florida; Manhattan Beach, California; Tokyo; Indian Wells, California.

Most recent Uber ride: Laurel Canyon to Manhattan Beach ($78).

Favorite podcasts: Lewis Howes’s School of Greatness; TED Radio Hour; The Tim Ferriss Show.

People you FaceTime most often: My mom and my best friend, Estelle.

App you wish someone would invent: Please don’t invent any more.

Favorite Instagram feeds:@jr, @abstractsunday, @axelvervoordt.