Why Maria Is All Aces for Supergoop!

Why Maria Is All Aces for Supergoop!

Let’s just quickly recap of the awesomeness that is Maria Sharapova: Tennis royalty and a savvy businesswoman, she has four grand slam titles, a 120-mile-per-hour serve, a budding candy empire called Sugarpova, and endorsements from some of the biggest brands out there like Nike and Porsche. At just 27, the Russian beauty is a literal and figurative powerhouse-and she’s adding another role to her resume: investor. Sharapova announced last month that she will be one of the new co-owners of sunscreen brand Supergoop! and we wanted the details. Here’s what the tennis champ had to say about her latest venture, her on-court sunscreen routine, and what keeps her grounded after so much success.

How did you first get involved with Supergoop?
The story is wholly organic-I have been a huge fan of Supergoop! for years now. I used the products, and after loving the results, I wanted to know more. The more I researched, the more my passion grew. I liked everything from the brand’s anti-aging philosophies to their animal cruelty-free practices. From the first time I spoke with Supergoop!’s founder, Holly Thaggard, it just felt like a natural fit.

Have you always been a sunscreen advocate?
I have definitely always advocated sunscreen. My skin is particularly fair and I spend the majority of my time outdoors on the court. I consider sunscreen the foundation of any girl’s beauty routine.

What sunscreen do you wear when playing tennis?
I’ll start my day by applying Everyday Sunscreen SPF 50 when I’m first out of the shower. When I’m on the court I use the Antioxidant Infused Sunscreen Mist SPF 30. It’s non-aerosol but still comes out like a light mist. It’s water-resistant and packed with vitamin C.

Do you have a favorite Supergoop! product?
I don’t have just one! I’m always on-the-go, so I tend to lean towards the City Sunscreen Serum as it’s a multi-purpose product. It’s moisturizing, good for keeping my skin healthy and hydrated when traveling, and it’s powered with super broad spectrum SPF 30.

What’s your motto?
I don’t think I have a motto per se-but I’ve really applied the core values of athletics to other aspects of my life. Continually challenging yourself, and the drive to reach a new personal best is a philosophy that really should apply to every aspect of a person’s life. Those core values, derived from sports, are largely responsible for motivating me to deepen my involvement in the business world and with the brands I am involved with. In regards to Supergoop! specifically, I decided to deepen my relationship with a brand I was already passionate about by joining their team as an investor.

What’s your traveling style?
Versatility is key! Having a core selection of versatile basics is crucial for me. I look for clothes and products that are multi-use and multi-functional to save on coveted packing space. Some of those favorites include a great cashmere sweater, an oversize scarf, leather leggings, and wide brimmed hats.

The most interesting place you’ve been recently?
For me, it was probably returning to my birthplace of Sochi to carry in the torch at the 2014 Olympic Games. I moved away from there at a very young age, but I have such a connection to that place. It’s where I learned to play tennis, and I was actually able to re-open the very tennis court where I learned as a girl for the community there. It was a very special, full-circle moment for me.

What keeps you going in the face of challenges?
As an athlete, it’s so important to be able to look deep within yourself and summon your innermost drive in the face of challenges. But also I can never forget the team of people who share in my every success. I have an amazing team around me, and passionately dedicated fans who inspire me everyday. That unyielding support from around the world continually amazes me, and keeps me grounded and always pushing forward.