Tennis View Magazine

Maria is featured in the latest issue of Tennis View Magazine. In the cover feature, Maria talks about all aspects of her candy business Sugarpova.

Here is an extract from the feature:

From the time Maria Sharapova lifted the Wimbledon trophy nearly a decade ago, fans have been smitten and her every move documented. And there’s plenty to detail as she juggles tennis, modeling, romance, charity work and, relatively new to her list, business.

Founded in her decision for new challenges, Maria launched and runs Sugarpova. As she pushes to take her venture to the next level, she embraces the unchartered territory.

The way Maria Sharapova says it, Sugarpova is her “baby.” After sixteen months on the market, her premium candy company has experienced steady growth. It launched in August 2 012 with12 styles of gummies and chews in mouth-puckering sweet and sour flavors. Maria says Sugarpova is her own business, her own investment, her own money and her most exciting project to date.

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