Many of you have most likely heard that just a few days ago, I became the co-owner of Supergoop! I thought it would be fun for everyone to know how this came along. Because let’s be honest, when do I have the time to work on a project like this.

It started with a very informal meeting during the time I was injured last year that included Holly (who is the founder and a very tall 6’2!), her husband, brother, and marketing director, my significant other, and Max.

I had been buying their waterproof face sunscreen for over a year, not knowing much about the company except that it worked for me and felt great on my skin. Isn’t that how we always feel about skin product we like? So when we received a phone call from Holly, it took me a while to put the two together. And then I got really excited because there is nothing better than being partners with a company that you already use and love.

Hearing Holly’s sun protection vision, her enthusiasm to create skin cancer awareness all around the globe, and future product development, I was impressed. She knew her stuff and I left that meeting feeling like this has tremendous potential. It also made me feel like I had not been pro active enough about using sun protection every day, no matter if im playing or not. I haven’t skipped a day since! My tennis team hasn’t either! Dieter thinks I’ve lost my mind and asked me if he needs to put some on before he goes to bed. I told him to stop taking the funny pill and just make sure he doesn’t take his shirt off during practice, we don’t have enough bottles for that body.

I guess you can say I like getting involved in different and unique projects. Let’s be honest, who would of thought a few years ago that I would own a candy brand? Not me…no way! From the very first years of my professional career, I have always wanted to step aside, look at what everyone is doing, and then do something that they were not.

I feel like this is one of those projects because Supergoop! is a fairly small company with only a handful employees that has built a loyal consumer base at specific retailers like Nordstrom and Sephora and very small international following. It’s success so far has been based on quality of product, it’s positive message and in my opinion theres no better way to grow. Quality is everything. It speaks for itself.

I want to be able to share Holly’s message with many of my fans and audiences around the world. The product will take care of itself. Maybe you will see me in a lab coat, working on formulas…ha! Calm down Maria!

Well I think that’s it’s for now. This was fun! I haven’t written a doodle in awhile and now I want to do it again 🙂