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Maria is featured in the latest edition of the Sunday Times Style magazine.

Here is an extract from the cover feature:
Sports personalities are well versed in saying the right thing when they lose. Speaking to the international press after ceding her French Open title to her longtime nemesis, Serena Williams, earlier this month, Maria Sharapova trotted out a familiar line. “I’m a competitor and a fighter, and I don’t train to lose. Nobody does. So of course I’m disappointed,” she said, shrugging. “But that’s the feeling that, ultimately, will make you work harder. That gives you more determination to win next time.”

Having met her several weeks prior, however, I suspect that she was devastated. Then, she joked about her insanely competitive streak – “I’ve always had that mentality in everything I’ve done, even if it’s just finishing a bowl of pasta before my friend” – but she also described winning as giving her a feeling of “contentment”, an emotion that surely runs deeper that the climactic high of holding a trophy above your head.

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