Sugarpova: The Story


I’ve always had a sweet tooth. And I am not exaggerating one bit. My earliest memory of candy is being a little girl back in Russia and asking my parents for a lollipop after a good practice on the tennis court. It was that little treat I looked forward to. And here I am many years later hoping to get a sweet treat after a good practice.

So when the name Sugarpova came about and I put the two together, I realized how much fun this could be. I have been a part of many projects, collections, collaborations, shoots, but at the end of the day I was always just that… a little part of it. So I put my thinking hat on and realized I wanted to start something on my own. Something that could bring the fun and passion of gummy candies to life and can be my own little project from start to finish.

After 18 months of endless brainstorming, adult-like decision making, budget hair-pulling, a little bit of this and a little bit of that, it’s finally here! I hope you enjoy the candy as much as I have enjoyed starting this adventure.

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