Sugarpova Launch at Robinsons

Maria made an appearance at Robinsons The Heeren in Singapore to celebrate her candy brand, Sugarpova.

Maria has created her own candy business that is premium and affordable by interpreting unique types of candies in her own signature style. A long time personal candy lover with a sweet tooth, Maria developed a new level of quality to the candy category in unexpected and fun types and shapes with playful names to match.

The collection will consist of 9 different varieties of candies. Each unique candy flavour is represented by a bold and colourful pair of lips that illustrate the many fun-loving sides of their namesake creator: chic, flirty, quirky, sassy, silly, smitten, splashy, spooky. A packet will retail for SGD $7.50 at Robinsons The Heeren.

Robinson and Company, the founding company, started trading in Singapore in 1858. In 1955 Robinson and Company acquired John Little, which was established in 1842. Marks & Spencer, which traded under the St. Michael name, first operated in 1958 in a John Little Store. The St. Michael name was officially changed to Marks & Spencer in 1994. The three brands have established themselves as household favourites with young and old alike.
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