SHAPE: How to Ace Maria’s Cover Hairstyle

Celebrity hairstylist Adir Abergel refers to the four-time Grand Slam champ as his “little sister” and still gets the butterflies when he watches her whiz across the court (although he confesses his nerves often keep him confined to the couch and glued to the TV). “I have to cheer her on from home-I get so incredibly overwhelmed when I watch her play live…and a bit foul-mouthed,” he says with a laugh. And while he’s created red carpet styles for the tennis star countless times, he admits that nobody does a ponytail better than Sharapova herself. “It always has just the right amount of bounce,” he says. Yet another (beauty) point for Maria Sharapova.

Click here for Abergel’s step-by-step guide to getting sultry waves like Maria’s on the September cover of SHAPE!