Q’s and A’s

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I did one of my own Q’s and A’s. I got a great response from the last one, so since I’m sitting in my Beijing hotel room with not much on my plate, I thought of some very random questions for myself.

Question: What I’m craving right now?
– A cappuccino from New York’s Eately. Has anyone been there? I only recently discovered it and besides the amazing coffee, it has to be one of the best Italian markets there is. From home made pastas, to real Italian grana cheese, it is a culinary dream. I usually drink tea while on the road with my usual raspberry jam ( that’s the Russian in me) but I’m ready for a good cup of coffee!

Q: What have I been up to besides my day job?
– Umm most importantly planning my vacation! There are only a few weeks a year which I can plan in advance and I take it very seriously! Day trips, weekends, vacations, events, anything! With every year my friends think I’m getting slightly worse which is….ya its true. I am the travel agent/ hotel scooper/spa organizer/waterfall guide/itinerary updater, all wrapped into one and I absolutely love it. If I ever had a previous life, I must have worked for Conde Nast Traveler and interned for Martha Stewart, only to find out I wasn’t interested in scraping the pan after cooking Persian rice.
My other project in the works is Sugarpovas official launch in Australia before the Australian Open. It’s really fascinating to learn about each countries regulations in terms of bringing a new product in. Well actually its not that fascinating. Its a fascinating amount of work! The labels, ingredients, bar codes, all have their certain rules so we have to produce different films for different markets.

Q: With fashion week wrapping up in Paris soon, what has been my favorite collection?
– From what I have seen so far, I absolutely loved Antonio Berardi’s collection. I would feel super chic in any one of those dresses.
I also loved the full length skirts at Dior with the simple black tops. Very elegant.
Wait, I just saw Stellas collection. She is so good at what she does!! Its pretty remarkable. Its too bad I have to wait 6 giant fashion months to get my hands on look 19.

Q: Trend I’m liking now?
Silk pants. A little baggy around the butt area. And skinny on the ankle. Sometimes I look at my closet and wonder if I have a pregnant sister!

Q: Trend I would like to see disappear?
The platform sneaker. Who’s idea was this? Maybe it is because I am tall and would have a very different opinion if I was on the shorter side but it feels AND looks like cheating! You either want to look sporty, or you don’t. No in between.

Q: My favorite tv show in the last 6 months?
– I have been on a show marathon while traveling. I finished all the seasons of Parenthood, Good Wife, and just saw the first season of Scandal.

Q: Music?
-Hot Chip has been on repeat. And a bit of Madonna. I love her Hard Candy album.

Q: My favorite new game?
– I don’t know what it’s called or if it has a name because it really is stupid but it’s two miniature pigs…which you roll like dice and you get a certain amount of points depending on how they land. My coach brought it from Sweden but says its not originally from Sweden. Hmmm….I will have to triple check that. Anyways it’s a lot of brainless fun which is sometimes exactly what everyone needs in this serious life of ours. And I have won the most games so far. Thank you very much!
Alright I’m going to get some sleep! Actually I ran out of questions. Do you have any??