Puerto Rico Relief Efforts Trip

Maria alongside Monica Puig visited Puerto Rico, in order to help and support the victims of hurricane Maria.

The island of Puerto Rico was severely damaged last month, with residents suffering without power and supplies. Supported by the donations received through Monica’s fundraising page, www.youcaring.com/donatewithmonica, the players delivered goods purchased with more than $140,000 donated funds that were shipped to the island from the US mainland.

Maria and Monica handed out supplies, including 1250 gas stoves, 1000 solar powered light/radio units, 3000 propane cylinders, and medicine for San Jorge’s Children’s Hospital. Additionally, 200 cell phones were donated locally by ATT, Monica’s sponsor, as well as pre-packed bags of groceries provided by the Red Cross and the Ricky Martin Foundation.

Following a meeting with Puerto Rico’s Governor Ricardo Rossello upon arrival at the airport, the players visited patients at San Jorge’s Children’s Hospital and donated the purchased medical supplies. Following the hospital visit, the players made their way to the town of Loiza in one of the hardest hit areas of Puerto Rico and distributed the stoves, lamp/radio units and propane cylinders to the thousands of waiting residents.

Nearly a year ago, Maria visited Puerto Rico for the first time to play an exhibition with Monica , who was coming off winning the island’s first ever Olympic gold medal. Maria fell in love with the island and its people, wanting to return to lend her support during this difficult time.

While as much as 90% of Puerto Rico is still without power, the fundraising efforts of both Monica and Maria will continue via www.youcaring.com/donatewithmonica. Additionally, Maria pledged all proceeds from the sales of her candy line Sugarpova for the remainder of the year to Monica’s fund in order to help with relief efforts.