NAWBO Spectacular Seven: Reema Dutt

My company, Luminoustudios, produces video content that brings together cinematic style storytelling and branded content.

In 2018, we reached a point of scale and had questions about growing in a sustainable way. We had very few reliable resources to turn to for guidance so often times, we would research information online and use that knowledge as a basis for some of our decisions.

But after a certain point, we needed more personal, experiential advice. We had questions like – how do you scale a service-oriented business? What types of sales techniques are best for us? How and when should we add full time members to our team? What’s the best way to scale operations as we grow? Where should we be investing?

As a female, minority founded company, my co-founder and I always found it difficult to get substantial advice that wasn’t preachy or out of context, until we were chosen to be part of the Maria Sharapova Women’s Entrepreneur Program with NAWBO. It was an unexpected opportunity that certainly came at the right time!

There are many useful components to the program that has had a direct impact on our business.The mentorship is extremely valuable because NAWBO and the Sharapova team did a great job of pairing the right companies with the right mentors. Our mentor has decades of experience in our business type, so she uses this to guide us through our challenges and then gives us an actionable path to take each month. Through those conversations, we’ve learned how to properly measure certain marketing efforts; how to recruit full-time hires; and best practices in business development for a service company.

In addition, the program provides monthly talks with experts in different fields like PR, branding, marketing etc., that give us the opportunity to ask experts specific questions about challenges we are facing in a particular topic.
But the most impactful part of the program has been the camaraderie and community I’ve created with my fellow Spectacular Seven! These are seven fierce founders that are building a variety of businesses;all at different stages, and our ability to learn and support each other is invaluable. It has created a group of cheerleaders for our wins; advisors for our challenges; and supporters for our hard work. It’s been exciting thus far and we’re hoping to continue to progress in the coming months alongside the teams at NAWBO and Sharapova.

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