NAWBO Spectacular Seven: Camille Vizzavona

The sad fact is that today, in 2019, only 2% of companies that have a full female founding team get funded.
That’s right, only 2%.

The percentage barely increases if the founding team involves a man and a woman, 3,5%.

The truth is that it’s not easy to be a woman in the entrepreneurial world which is why programs like the Maria Sharapova Women’s Entrepreneur Program with NAWBO are so crucial.

My co-founder Melanie encouraged me to apply as we were launching Birthstone Scents. The video part was the most difficult, I looked so stiff in front of the camera. Melanie sent it anyway and I’m so glad she did because I ended up being a finalist!

Maria has been so generous and supportive. Her team is on board too if we need anything. Our NAWBO mentors are the original Girl Bosses (special shoutout to my personal mentor Loreen Gilbert, I love her). These women have been champions of female entrepreneurs way before it became cool.

Finally, I am in awe of the other finalists: six super-females that nothing can stop. I learn so much by just listening to them.

I am so honored to be part of this impressive group.

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