Pillar of the TAG Heuer Family


With Maria Sharapova, grace, power and poise are in perfect balance.
She became the Number One woman tennis player in the world at only 18, sadly she had then to overcome several severe shoulder injuries. Yet every time, she clawed her way back, rebuilding her game and her strength. Maria is undoubtedly a thunder in the tennis skies.
She is also a terrific pillar of the TAG Heuer family. She entered the game of welcoming the newcomers in the Ambassadors Dream Team, and took her 1st DJ lesson in Melbourne, with NERVO, the Australian born multi-talented DJ dynamos and Producers. The best upside down summer party!
Then she defied Jeremy Lin during his enthroning ceremony by asking him to dunk with a racket and a tennis ball. Recently, Maria accepted an unusual bit of training by playing against Kei Nishikori on Les Champs Elysées in front of TAG Heuer’s boutique a couple of days before the beginning of Roland Garros Grand Slam. Like TAG Heuer, Maria Sharapova pushes far further all the limits and never cracks under pressure.