Lucky: Maria Shares Her Favorite Healthy Juice Recipe And On-Court Beauty Essentials

Lucky: Maria Shares Her Favorite Healthy Juice Recipe And On-Court Beauty Essentials

Maria Sharapova had a pretty impressive season on the tennis court this year. She won her fifth grand slam title and secured the number two spot in the Women’s Tennis Association rankings. While it’s safe to say that talent—not luck—is to thank for her accomplishments, she believes that “the harder you work, the more opportunity you have to create your own luck.”

It’s this viewpoint that makes Sharapova the perfect spokesperson for Avon’s newly launched fragrance, Luck.

The sultry yet feminine fragrance is meant to embody “life’s good fortunes, amazing events and infinite possibilities” and features notes of sparkling citrus, red berries, white florals and warm sandalwood.
We caught up with the tennis player to learn what she loves in a scent, how she stays healthy on and off the court and what she’ll be gifting her friends this holiday season. For that and more, read on!

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“I love sensual, floral scents like Luck. It’s not too strong for the morning but it’s powerful enough to carry me through the day. It’s a fragrance I feel very comfortable in.”

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“I always keep a bottle of Evian face mist in a cooler waiting for me after practice.”

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“To stay healthy off the court, hydration is something I try to think about every day. I always start my day off with a half liter of water. I don’t take any vitamins or supplements—I try to get the proper nutrients from vegetables and fruits. I love making my own juices. My favorite is a combination of kiwi, kale, grapefruit, lemon and spinach.”

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“I just took a trip to Japan and I love their souvenirs, like traditional tea cups. I’ll be gifting those to my friends for the holidays.”