Indian Wells 4th Round Interview

Q. What happened there in the third set?
MARIA SHARAPOVA: Well, I don’t think the match starts in the third set. I got off to a good start. Definitely had some chances in the beginning of the second set. Few Love‑40, Love‑30 games.
Yeah, just didn’t, you know, commit enough. Didn’t take one of those. I think she gained a little bit of confidence after that. She started feeling a little bit kind of fresh breath of air. Started going a little bit more for her serve, for the lines.
I just felt she got in a really good rhythm. Everything I gave her she was able to hit back solid with pace. She mixed it up. She was seeing the ball a lot better.

Q. Did you lose your own rhythm as the match went on? Why is she a tough matchup for you?
MARIA SHARAPOVA: I mean, we haven’t played in a while so it’s tough to compare today’s match to the other ones. Today’s situation, I think it was ‑‑ when you let someone kind of back in, when you’re, you know, there in front of them and, you know, you’re doing the right things‑‑ okay, maybe I wasn’t playing my best tennis in the first set, but I was competitive enough and solid enough and was doing the right things.
Just wasn’t able to step up in the key moments in the second.

Q. Could you tell she was crying?

Q. Yes.

Q. You never saw her when she left the court after the first set?

Q. Did you sense there was a lot of emotion in her when she left the court? She said she left the court and had a good cry.
MARIA SHARAPOVA: No. News to me.

Q. When you are having this kind of loss where you’re maybe not finding your best tennis, what’s going through your mind? What’s the reaction? How big a disappointment or not?
MARIA SHARAPOVA: Well, I always just try to, you know, look back and analyze a little bit and think of the things that didn’t work for me and what was the reason.
Sometimes, you know, quite tough, especially when you lose a match, because you kind of just want to start from a clean slate. I think learning from these matches is very important. Usually when you win matches you’re happy and excited and kind of forget about the little details. So when you lose a match like that, and especially when you feel like you’ve got a good momentum going, it takes you back to those few moments and figure you what you can do differently next time.

Q. In the NBA, they talk about back to backs. You had a tough back to back here. Was that tough? Any kind of influence tonight?
MARIA SHARAPOVA: I don’t think so. I have had these back to backs many times in my career. Maybe not very recently, but it’s really the way it goes.
But, no, I felt pretty good and ready to go.

Q. How is your shoulder? Is it feeling good or bothering you a little?
MARIA SHARAPOVA: No, my shoulder feels good, thankfully.

Q. Service game these last two nights, there were the double faults. Was it anything you can put your finger on? There have been other players talking about they were struggling with different things. Anything bothering you at this tournament?
MARIA SHARAPOVA: I think in today’s situation I was definitely going for a few bigger first serves. You know, the balls fly a little bit here. That’s certainly no secret. We are in the desert. Doesn’t change any here. We are still in the same place.
But, yeah, just I have had a really low percentage here of first serves in this tournament, and I think that makes you want to go for a little bit more and to get your rhythm back.
You know, maybe not the smartest thing, but that certainly would cause me to hit those errors.

Q. There has been a lot of tennis for you since the start of the season. Could this be an explanation why maybe this week or this match you haven’t played your best?
MARIA SHARAPOVA: No, that’s not really an excuse I would use. Actually there is no real excuse. I went out and I lost a match.

Q. Will you take time off before Miami or go right back into business?
MARIA SHARAPOVA: There is not much time to take time off. It’s next week already, middle of the week. So, yeah, I think I will just take a day off and get back to the court.