I’m reflecting on you Two Thousand Fifteen…

I’m reflecting on you Two Thousand Fifteen…

You opened my eyes to so many things which remember I laughed at in the beginning? You gave me time to make decisions over a thin crust gluten full pizza, to let go. Can I please thank you for that and for the pizza?

You gave me this beautiful view I now get to open every single morning, even though you felt so far away when we were introduced over three years ago.

You took the racket out of my hand for many weeks and put me in that repeatedly annoying, loud machine instead. Way too many times, if I may add.

You gave me so many personal victories and just the other day as I was dancing in the bathroom, I took a selfie in the mirror to remind myself of how beautiful one can look when they’re smiling inside. Was that a compliment?

You have introduced me to individuals who have paved their own destiny and who I can only look up to. They are real! And just recently, you have also introduced me to Netflix and I am very appreciative.

You were a challenging beast! You asked me so many questions I did not have answers to and we all know that doesn’t happen very often in my stubborn smarty pants nature.

You took me to places in the world I have never seen and I cannot think of a more liberating, unknown feeling.

Spending thirty minutes at the arrivals terminal just a few weeks ago gave me the chills. The idea of travel and reaching a destination or person that makes you that happy is pure joy.

I gave you a toast last night not because you are gone but because you are only a start of something very great to come in the future. Let’s make the new year full of impact together, no matter how big or small.

Hellooo 2016….