Grazia.Fr: The Express Interview – Maria Sharapova

Grazia.Fr: The Express Interview – Maria Sharapova

We met the beautiful and successful Maria Sharapova on the first floor of the Eiffel tower. Between two tournaments, the champion has time to be part of the training sessions of the feminine run We Own the Night organized by her sponsor, Nike. She developed her own training session on the NTC app. We tested and we approved (it really works and we have stiffness!) and we couldn’t resist to ask her some questions. She is very nice, very tall and that could give us complexes. But we are smart and we did the interview sat on our chairs!

Do you prefer running in the morning or training by night?
Morning, I prefer starting my day by running. It is easier to enjoy the rest of my day.

Rather recovery smoothie or energizing drink?
Smoothies, definitely! I love smoothies. I do homemade green juices.

Rather chocolate bar or fruit salad?
Fruit salad. I am a big fan of fruits! (Laughs)

Rather Air Max Shoes or Flyknit?
I run with Flyknit because they are perfect for running sessions and I wear my Air Max with some jeans, by day. It is hard to make a choice. The two pair of shoes are different, so I take both.

Rather Roland Garros or Wimbledon?
It is a tricky question, isn’t it? (Laughs) Well… it is hard to make a choice but sorry, I would say Wimbledon because it is the first big slam that I won.

Rather Zen music or electro pop music?
No Zen music. I need dynamic music. Especially when I run. It gives me courage. I often create my playlists on Spotify, I put some hip-hop music and many others styles. It is very various.