Glamour: How to Get That Gorgeous Just-Worked-Out Look

Glamour: How to Get That Gorgeous Just-Worked-Out Look

There’s something supermodel about super-athlete Maria Sharapova (and superhuman too—if I ever played in one of her matches, I’d finish tomato red with frizzy hair all over the place, decidedly not ready to be photographed with my trophy. How she does it looking so gorgeous, I’ll never understand). Off the court, she’s got another feather for her cap, being named the face of Avon’s newest fragrances, Luck for Her and Him. As such, I got a chance to talk to her about her beauty musts—in and out of tennis shoes—and did so crossing my fingers that I’d come away with some tips for becoming my own version of an athletic goddess.

Glamour: What’s your personal relationship with fragrance? Do you remember your first exposure to perfume?

Maria Sharapova: I remember when my mother gave me my first fragrance. I was a young teenager and felt all grown-up after that moment. After admiring her pretty bottles for so many years, I felt so mature having my own. I don’t wear a fragrance on the court, but I do for special occasions. I wear Luck any time I’m going out to dinner with friends or attending an event. It makes me feel elegant.

Glamour: Your skin always looks gorgeous. How do you do it?

MS: I don’t wear any makeup on the court, whether practicing or competing, to keep my pores open. I also follow a strict sun-care regimen religiously to protect against skin cancer and keep my skin feeling hydrated. My choice of career keeps me in the sun continuously, so adhering to a routine strictly is incredibly important. When practicing, I use Supergoop’s waterproof Everyday 50 SPF, and on days off, the City Serum SPF 30.

Glamour: What are your three hero products?

MS: Bronzer, hairpins, and ponytail holders.

Glamour: A favorite beauty trick?

MS: I like to apply a clear lip balm followed by a lip pencil in a light pink color. Then I fill in the color throughout my lips.

Glamour: Let’s play fill-in-the-blanks: “If I could have anyone’s _____, it would be _______.”

MS: If I could have anyone’s eyebrows, it would have been Audrey Hepburn’s. She was so ahead of her time!

Glamour: How much, if any, makeup do you wear to work out?

MS: I usually do a little mascara but skip the blush since I know my face will get flushed.