Glamour.Fr: Coaching – the secrets of Maria Sharapova

Glamour.Fr: Coaching – the secrets of Maria Sharapova

In the next few days Roland Garros will begin. Maria Sharapova came on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower. She coached the participants of the run “We own the Night” during a training session created by the tennis player. Interview.

How was the creation of the training session for the Nike Training Club App?
The program was created from exercises that I practice since many years. All the muscles are loaded and I warn you, be prepared to swear quickly (the program lasts 30 minutes). Every 15 or 20 seconds you switch exercises, so you don’t have time to get bored.

Would you like to convert from being a tennis player to a coach?
It is funny to teach people things that you know. Sometimes, they don’t really know what to do to have a useful training session. We’ll see later, I don’t know what future holds.

Where is your favorite place to run?
The beach

What exercise do you hate?
Squats, I still suffer, even if I have many years of experience in training!

What exercice do you prefer?
Exercises with Gym Ball. I enjoy funny sessions.

What motivates you to do daily training?
The sun. It is hard and difficult to train during winter.

Do you have some advices for women who want to start training?
No matter what sport do you practice, it is good for your health, go for it! Taking care of oneself is funny.

It seems that you like fashion. Who are your favorite designers?
I am a big fan of Sarah Burton’s work for Alexander McQueen , particularly when I have red carpets. For a daily style, I love Isabel Marant or Rick Owens clothes. I prefer casual styles.

What accessory is absolutely necessary in your dressing-room?
My silk scarves and my scarves

You are very tall and beautiful. Have you ever thought to become a model?
Never. I never looked at it this way; I always wanted to be a tennis player.

Would you like to create your own fashion brand?
I’ve already launched my sugar brand (Sugarpova) but it is very different from clothes. I really like fashion but it is a real job and for the moment, I don’t have time for this. Maybe later…

What is your favorite restaurant when you are in Paris?
I often go to Le Marais but I have one favorite place: Café Breizh. I love this creperie.

Where would you love to go in Paris?
I would love to have a boat trip on river Seine. Maybe this year?

What can we wish for your Roland Garros 2014?
I want to win the trophy for a second time. That is my goal