Food Network: Maria Sharapova Says Her New Gummies Are the Perfect Reward

Food Network: Maria Sharapova Says Her New Gummies Are the Perfect Reward

Maria Sharapova is famous for being a tennis powerhouse, of course. What she is perhaps less well known for – though possibly no less dedicated to — is being a candy entrepreneur. Now the candy company she founded in 2012, Sugarpova, which bills itself as “a premium confection line that celebrates hard work,” is serving up a new line of gummy candies that, while it doesn’t take the sugar out of Sugarpova (as some might prefer), does take out a bunch of other stuff.

Sugarpova’s new line of gummies, launching on September 17, has been made using only all-natural ingredients. The new candies, for which Sharapova is said to have personally overseen ingredient selection, package design and flavor development, are available in four flavors, each of which come in a “whimsical kiss shape”: Quirky Pink Grapefruit, Flirty Strawberry Cream, Smitten Sour Blue Raspberry and Sassy Sour Tart Cherry.

OK, so the names are a little cutesy, but the candies mark a serious new milestone for the brand, which also includes chocolates and truffles: the removal of artificial colors and flavors from all Sugarpova products.

“We removed artificial colors and flavorings from our Sugarpova gummies, testing products for 18 months to ensure they were made from the highest-quality ingredients possible and also tasted amazing,” Sharapova said in a press statement.

Sure, the idea of a five-time grand slam tennis champion touting sugary candy, rather than, say, a healthy sports bar, is a bit counterintuitive, but Sharapova has said that Sugarpova was inspired by her childhood practice of rewarding herself with a sweet treat after a long day on the court. “To me, candy is a reward for hard work, and with the launch of our new gummy line, I’m excited to help customers celebrate life’s sweet moments with an even better treat,” she said in the new-gummy announcement.

The company suggests the candies are “the perfect treat to throw in your tennis bag.”

Now that’s a good spin.