Elle UK: Five minutes with Maria Sharapova

Elle UK: Five minutes with Maria Sharapova

By Amy Lawrenson

Ahead of Wimbledon, which starts today, ELLE caught up with tennis star Maria Sharapova at her Sugarpova launch at Pinkberry, Selfridges to talk injury, sweets and eating clean…

You were injured recently. How did you cope mentally with getting back to full fitness?
My injury was my shoulder, so I was able to find variation in exercise. I’ve lived in Florida for a long time, so running by the beach is always really beautiful. Starting your day with a clear picture and clear mind is always really nice.

What do you eat the night before a match?
It’s always a combination of carbs and protein. If I have a tough day or match beforehand then I usually have a piece of steak, some vegetables, maybe a good salad afterwards. I like having a green juice at lunch or in between meals too.

Why did you launch Sugarpova?
I love sweets, and gummies are so different in the US compared with Russia. So when I had this idea of starting my own business, I wanted to do something innovative. I certainly had no idea how candy does in certain countries versus others. It was a big learning process for me. It’s incredible we’re in over 30 countries now.

The whole eating clean thing is really popular now – do you find that you balance that and have a treat?
Having a healthy lifestyle is a big part of my life but I always enjoy treating myself. I love sweets but I know I can’t eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Like – you accomplished something, you deserve something in return. It’s mentally beneficial, I always feel.

What fitness do you do other than tennis?
I do a lot of core work because that’s a big part of my sport, to keep your core strong. So I do a lot on the physio ball. I also like running sand dunes.

How do you protect your skin when you’re out in the sun all day playing?
I have a Supergoop Oil by my shower so I put it on once I get out, so I know that I have sunscreen on.

Sugarpova is available to buy at Selfridges and as a topping at Pinkberry in the Selfridges Food Hall.