Daily Mail: Maria Sharapova makes smoothies at her pop-up sweet shop before her opening match at Wimbledon

Daily Mail: Maria Sharapova makes smoothies at her pop-up sweet shop before her opening match at Wimbledon

Tennis players are famed for their pre-match rituals, but today Maria Sharapova took her prep one step further by taking the time for an in-store juicing demo.

The Russian court star stopped by her sweet shop Sugarpova to make fruit smoothies, talk to press and pick up a drink of her own this weekend, before taking on Britain’s Johanna Konta on Centre Court this afternoon.

Maria, 28, set up the ‘premium candy’ brand in 2012 and has stores across the globe as well as an online shop.

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Speaking about the pop-up store in a video on the Sugarpova Facebook page, she said: ‘I have been coming to Wimbledon for years and Wimbledon village is a very small, quaint place to be.

‘We thought it would be cool to have a store in the village where people can pop by, have an experience and not just buy a candy but get a juice, relax, have fun at the photo booth, so it’s more than just a candy store.’

Maria was pictured drinking one of the juices before leaving with a goodie bag, perhaps containing sweet treats which she’ll save to eat in celebration in the event of a win today.

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Or she could have been taking the sweets back for her boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov, who also plays his first round match at Wimbledon today.

Maria has been criticised for running a business selling sweets at a time when people are being urged to cut back on sugar to improve their health.

So the addition of the juices at her pop-up store could help appease the healthy eating activists.

Flavours on offer include carrot, ginger and lemon and spinach apple and lime.

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Maria said she set up the brand as she’s ‘always had a sweet tooth.’

‘I am not exaggerating one bit. My earliest memory of candy is being a little girl back in Russia and asking my parents for a lollipop after a good practice on the tennis court,’ she said.

‘It was that little treat I looked forward to. And here I am many years later hoping to get a sweet treat after a good practice. So when the name Sugarpova came about and I put the two together, I realised how much fun this could be.’

The tennis star has been involved in all aspects of getting the business off the ground and has said it will become her main job when she eventually retires from the game.

A proportion of her profits from the company go to her charity The Maria Sharapova Foundation.

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