D4R: Sugarpova, Wimbledon Pop-Up Lounge

D4R: Sugarpova, Wimbledon Pop-Up Lounge

Sugarpova is a premium candy line invented by tennis star, Maria Sharapova. Maria has been a long term candy lover and always has had a sweet tooth.

Each collection of candies is beautifully packaged providing an accessible and fun packaging.

With retail outlets in London, Manchester and Birmingham Selfridges, the brand now introduces a pop up shop in Wimbledon.

A pop up lounge boasts a full brand experience where visitors can enjoy, relax, treat and share on social media! This cool and fun pop up lounge enhances retail brand awareness along with providing consistent retail branding for Sugarpova!

“The new Sugarpova lounge will boast a bevy of fun offerings for visitors and fans of Sharapova. Not only will candy and sweets abound, but the space will also host a juice bar with concoctions inspired by Sugarpova flavours. There will also be a photo booth to commemorate the trip, and free wifi to best accommodate visiting sweet tooths”