Boston Common: Candy Maven Maria Sharapova on Getting Back to Tennis & Why She Loves Boston

Boston Common: Candy Maven Maria Sharapova on Getting Back to Tennis & Why She Loves Boston

By Lisa Pierpont

Tennis world champ Maria Sharapova has hit Boston with sugar and loads of her Olympic, Wimbledon, and US Open winning spice. She spent yesterday unveiling her delectable collection of Sugarpova candy at Star Market.

“We were proud to host Maria..and to introduce [her] ultra premium items for our customers,” VP/GM of Star Market Joe Kelly said. This afternoon, Sharapova speaks at the Forbes Under 30 Summit. Before she takes the stage, she shared a few exclusive thoughts with Boston Common.

Welcome back to Boston! What do you think of our city?
Maria Sharapova: I LOVE Boston! I had the chance to spend a few weeks here over the summer when I took two Executive Education courses at Harvard Business School. I find that Boston is this melting pot of history and culture and yet still feels so modern. I especially love the architecture, so rich, and it’s embedded in such a deep-rooted history. From the Back Bay Area to Cambridge, the variety of restaurants and wealth of good food is something to be enjoyed. And I have to say, the passion for your sports teams is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced! From the Green Monster at Fenway to the love and dedication for the Patriots and the Celtics, there’s a palpable energy surrounding Boston’s teams for sure.

What are some of the presentation highlights of your Forbes talk today?
MS: I’m thrilled to be a part of the Forbes Under 30 Summit. It’s inspiring to be a part of millennial thinkers and a group whom are dedicated and passionate about changing the world for the better through their own talents and gifts.

We loooove that you are a world-class athlete with a sweet tooth, who did something about it! What are your plans for Sugarpova? Where can we buy it in these parts? (We have a special place in our heart for the “SPORTY” – tennis ball shaped candy)

MS: Thank you! Yes, I firmly believe in moderation in moderation – treating yourself to a little indulgence is okay, especially when it’s made with good ingredients. Our Sugarpova Premium Chocolates are non-GMO, all natural and certified kosher. In terms of availability, we chose a Star Market location in Chestnut Hill because it is upscale and does a large volume of business during the week due to the close proximity of Boston College and other colleges and universities, which we thought was pretty sweet. I also personally happen to think it’s a GREAT supermarket, I love to cook and am such a foodie, and wish we had one in my neck of the woods.

We are also thrilled about your 2017 tennis season. Are you excited?

MS: Tennis is my passion. I’m absolutely thrilled to be back doing what I love.