10 Steps to Organize Your Cluttered Home in 10 Days

It’s the same old story. You clean the house top to bottom, only for it to be messy again within days. Clothes everywhere, dirty dishes in the sink, junk mail scattered across the table…you get it. If it feels like you never stop cleaning without any results, it’s time to make some changes.

Commit to deep cleaning your home to conquer the clutter. Believe it or not, it can be done. But it’s best to tackle the clutter in short shifts for the best results. And it’ll only take you ten days! Follow these tips to get a glistening home.

Day 1: Banish clutter

The real reason your house never feels clean is that there’s too much clutter. Scan your home for items to get rid of and put them in a bag for donations. Rid yourself of clothes, books, and house décor that no longer suit you or your family. Plan to drop it off or schedule a pickup so the items are out of sight and out of mind.

Bonus: you may even be able to sell a few items online if they’re in good condition!

Day 2: Tackle the Entryway

Rethink areas of your home that get messy the fastest, like the entryway. Deep clean by the front door and set out a welcome mat. Purchase a shoe rack, hooks for coats, and a bowl for keys. Streamline the messy chaos into a smooth, organized entrance.

Day 3: Sweep the Living Room

Since we spend so much time in them, living rooms are hot spots for clutter. Return any clothing or mail to their designated spots that have collected on the table. Straighten up any bookshelves. You may even need to create more storage solutions like a closed cabinet if necessary. Fluff pillows and don’t forget to dust, too!

Day 4: Fix Your Food

Now it’s time for the kitchen. Time passes and we don’t realize condiments, baking supplies, and leftovers have expired. Remove anything from the fridge or pantry that’s expired to freshen up your kitchen space. If needed, invest in a few bins or containers to keep similar items together in the pantry.

Day 5: Deep Clean the Kitchen

Once you’re removed spoiled food, it’s time to clean the kitchen top to bottom. Wipe down the table, wash dishes, and put them away. The highly trafficked area is bound to have dirt in unexpected spaces like the microwave or the top of the cabinets. You may also find kitchen appliances you no longer use that you can also donate.

Day 6: Freshen Up the Powder Room       

The bathroom can always use a little extra cleaning. After giving the toilet, sink, and tub a deep clean, toss out any old toiletries or medicine taking up space. Consider adding hooks to air out moist towels.

Day 7: Fold Laundry

It isn’t everyone’s favorite activity. But taking a day to fold and put away all of your laundry will clear a lot of unnecessary clutter in your home. Once you’re finished, wipe down the washer and clean out the dryer lint. Run a cycle in the washer with vinegar to disinfect it. If you’re struggling for additional drying space, buy a drying rack or install a folding one.

Day 8: Clean the Office

If you work from home, you need to organize your space regularly. Toss out or shred any old documents. Throw out any pens that no longer work. Vacuum and dust around your computer space. Set up a bulletin board to keep any reminders in one dedicated space.

Day 9: Tackle the Closets

Closets can overflow with unnecessary and dated items. Reorganize your hallway and bedroom closets. Donate anything that you haven’t used recently and don’t plan to use anytime soon. Install drawers for more clothing space. Use bins and labels to keep smaller items in one place.

Day 10: Freshen Your Room

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary for relaxation. Reorganize your nightstands to store away any electronics. Create under the bed storage for additional clothing. Get a ladder to artistically store your blankets. Finally, make your bed, light a candle, and reward yourself for revitalizing your space.

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