Top 7 Tips to Master Home Organization

The busyness of everyday life can make home organization an afterthought. But with some planning, you can organize your home to make your life easier. Follow these organization tips to revolutionize your space.  

1. Establish a Game Plan

Chances are, you have clutter in the hallway closet, your bedroom, and more. It’s overwhelming trying to tackle your space all at once. Instead, come up with an organizational plan. Start in one designated spot in your home and work your way through the rest of the rooms that need organizing.

The way you prioritize organization is up to you. You may want to start with a spot that receives a lot of traffic from the entire household, like the kitchen table. Or maybe you’d like to start with the entryway since your guests will see it first.

2. Reduce Clutter

Miscellaneous clothes, toys, and books can really add up. Use a love it, pitch it, or use it system when sorting through clutter. Keep items you love but find a better space for them. Hold on to items that can be useful to you or a family member. If you can’t foresee yourself using the item within the next few months, it’s time to part ways.

3. Give Every Item a Home

You likely found art supplies, gift wrap, and more while reducing clutter. So, it’s time to gather these seemingly random items and give them a designated home. Pair like items with like items. Dedicate a drawer, bin, or section of a storage closet for established categories.

4. Utilize Empty Space

Now it’s time to store some of your “loved” items while keeping them accessible. Maximize your vertical space. Consider installing shelves in otherwise unused space, such as above a door or window.

Don’t forget to take advantage of hidden space either. Grab your commonly used kitchen items such as plastic wrap and store them in a container on the door under the sink.

5. Use Storage Containers Wisely

Drawers and closets logically make the most sense to safely store items. Buy bins for additional space, but don’t overdo it. Give each bin a specific job.

Use large totes to keep holiday decorations together and find a good storage area for them. Opt for some stackable bins for children’s toys. Get creative and reuse a hanging shoe organizer for cleaning products or toiletries in the bathroom.

6. Label Everything

Putting your items in bins without a label is useless if you can’t find anything. Grab a label maker and name all your newfound storage solutions. Labels will also help family members or roommates remember where you’ve stored everything. Future you will thank you!

7. Maintain Tidy Habits

For a long-term organization plan to work for your home, you’ll need to keep up with good habits. Once you’re done using an item, promptly put it back to its designated spot.

Of course, life happens. If you sense things are getting cluttered again, set aside a timer for ten minutes per room to place every item in its home again. Enjoy a happy home with a new organized lifestyle.

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