10 Tips to Help You Conquer the Gym

After a long day at school or work, it’s difficult to hype yourself up for the gym. Your classic treadmill and elliptical routine became downright boring after a while. Here’s the bad news: performing the same exercises again and again can lead to a fitness plateau. It’s time to beat your gym boredom and seize your next workout with these helpful tips.

1. Hydrate All Day

Before you hit the gym, you’ll need more than a swig of your water bottle. Hydration is essential for good performance. To avoid dehydration, plan to drink water before, during, and after your workout.

2. Create an Awesome Playlist

Think about the music playing on the loudspeakers at the gym. Even if it’s not your favorite jam, the beats are admittedly infectious. Research shows that intense, high-tempo music helps workout performance. Compile your favorite upbeat workout songs in a playlist and get moving!

3. Silence Your Phone

Other than the playlist, you’ll want to keep your phone out of sight during your workout. Not only can funny texts or tweets take you out of the zone, but they can also be potentially dangerous. Multitasking during an intense workout can throw off your balance. Put your phone on airplane mode if you’re doing an extreme workout like deadlifting or sprinting.

4. Foam Roll It Out

If you haven’t tried foam rolling, it’s time to start. Foam rolling improves mobility and eases any muscle pain or soreness. Plus, it’ll feel amazing on your joints before a challenging workout! You can even foam roll again after your workout to aid any pesky soreness.

5. Create a Master Plan

Having a plan in place will make your gym time much more effective. Meandering the gym looking for a machine to use won’t make for a very effective workout. Consider what you want to work on that day. Legs, arms, core? Plan accordingly with the machines available.

6. Start Lifting

If you’re only doing cardio at the gym, it’s no wonder you’re feeling burnt out. Strength training is very important to keep toned and make cardio more effective. But consider this: strength training also helps us develop stronger bones and improves our joints as we age.

If lifting is new to you, start small with resistance bands or small dumbbells. Work up to higher weight as you feel comfortable for best results.

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