Backyard Ideas to Keep Kids Having Fun Outside

As the weather gets warmer, you probably find yourself wanting your kids to spend more time outside and less time indoors and under your feet. However, kids often have short attention spans, so it can be hard to keep them outside once they go.

Giving your kids great activities to do when they’re in the backyard is the key to keeping them out there for longer. Give them some of these great ideas, and you’ll have to make them come inside for dinner!

Get a Play Structure

If you don’t already have one, getting your kids a play structure to climb, swing, and slide on will give them a variety of fun ways to get moving when they’re outside. These days, there are so many awesome types of these structures available for all ages, so you’re sure to find one that meets your needs!

Sensory Tables

Sand and water tables are super popular right now, and they make a great addition to backyards of all sizes! Giving your kids a fun activity that helps them build their motor skills and understand their senses is a win-win! The best part about this option is it’s actually super easy to build your own so that you can make sure it fits in your space! Of course, you can buy one too, if you’re not super crafty!

Give Them Plenty of Shade

The summer months can be really hot, which will make your kids much less likely to spend extended time outside. However, if you make sure they have ample shade in the backyard, they will be able to escape the sun’s heat when they need to. If you have plenty of trees, you probably have shade already, but if you don’t, there are tons of ways to add shade while still giving your backyard a nice appearance!

A “Private” Oasis

One of the best ways to get your kids to go outside is to give them an area all their own. The most popular ways to do this are either a playhouse or a treehouse if you have a tree capable of holding one. Giving your kids their own space outside lets them have somewhere to retreat that is safe and all their own. Letting them help pick the decorations or colors will help give it that personal touch they’ll love!

You can either build one of these houses from scratch or buy one of the amazing playhouses that are available this year. Either way, your kids will definitely appreciate having their own spot in the yard!


The key to making sure your kids have fun outside this summer is to give them plenty to do! Don’t just choose one of the options on this list, either! Mix and match them to meet your yard’s capabilities, or even add your own ideas. Giving your kids options when they’re in the backyard will make them want to spend more time outside because they’re less likely to get bored!

Plus, being outside is super healthy for them! It will help with imagination, physical activity, vitamin D levels, motor skills, and more! So make the effort to give your kids tons of fun outside! You’ll be glad you did!

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