New Year & New Site

Posted on August 17, 2012

Hello everyone!

I am so excited to debut my new site! It has been a few years since I launched my first one and so much has changed within the internet. From social networking to direct online product sales, there were many things that needed to be refreshed and added. As you make your way through the site in the next few weeks, note that some key changes are still being worked on and you might run into a few site malfunctions so I do apologize in advance. But I thought it was important to get the site up and running in time for the Australian Open as I know that's usually the time when my fans like to get updates, chat, and get a look at the behind the scenes. So here it is! I hope you love it.

A few rambling thoughts....

Let's start by mentioning Happy New Year to all of you! May it bring you lots of great memories, inspiring perspectives, and above all, lots of healthy wishes!

From my end...a new web site, a new racket, and working with a new coach...all good things!

One might think that after so many years of packing I could at least be a bit more organized before my travels. Not so much!

I will say it is quite the task to juggle my Christmas responsibilities, which I adore so much with time consuming packing strategies.

Between trips to the fed ex office and wrapping presents/ home made apple cider parties with Estelle, I really didn't start packing till the very day of my flight.

And honestly how can you pack when something under the tree could eventually replace what you had in mind to pack? Aren't I just brilliant with excuses!!

Its always the random things I remember, like thin socks for my boots, stationary cause I love writing letters (but never use on the road!). And the no brainer things, I always forget....the chargers, hair brush. Don't get me started on how many times I forgot my visors!

It took me seven hours to pack!  As much as I hate making new years resolutions I think its time for one...let's plan a little bit ahead in the packing department.



So ever since the whole military jacket trend came out, I've been on a hunt for the perfect one. Its only taken me a year, yes 12 months to find a simple green jacket. I'm quite picky, obviously. But its all about the right shape, the correct amount of pockets, the right shade of green, and for me, the length! I tried to work the whole cropped jacket theme a while back but later learned that at 6'2 you should just stick to the basics. So anyways Voila!  I'm part of the cool group! And I even found it with leather sleeves and on sale! Ha


First day in New Zealand, walking back to the hotel from dinner we witnessed a 15 pound white pet rabbit that literally just hopped around a grass area with his owner sitting on the bench. We were already jet lagged, add a white rabbit to the equation and I think that equals a twilight zone.


The sun has just arrived in Melbourne! It took a few days but its here! Looking forward to seeing my Aussie fans at the courts!


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