Maria answers your questions!!

Posted on August 4, 2011

Thank you to everyone that sent in their questions for Maria.  They were all great and Maria has answered some of them.

Here they are:

1. Maria, how is Dolce? People miss seeing him on tv with you. Joanna
Thanks for asking about Dolce, he is doing great. I miss him a lot when I am travelling. I just posted a very short video of him on my facebook page if you want to check it out.

2. Maria, First of all, I'm a huge fan! My question is what do you like to do in your free time? Besides tennis and working out. For example a hobby you have that most do not know about? Doug
I spend a lot of my free time with my family and friends because I am travelling so much. I also spend  time working on my different business projects, like my Nike collection and my Cole Haan collection.

3. Hey Maria! I'm planning on having a movie marathon at some point, any movies you recommend? By the way, I'm hoping to see you at the Brisbane International next year :) Alisara
A Movie marathon sounds like a lot of fun, I watch a lot of movies when I am on the road. I would maybe start with some 007 and then get into some movies like the Hangover and Old School.

4. Hi Maria, I'm 12 from Australia and my question is when you play a tough opponent, what goes through your mind and how do you deal with it and win? Aleksandra
This is a great question. I love playing the tough opponents, this is what I live for. I try to be really focused in my preparation and when I step onto the court, I just want to fight fight fight for every point!!

5. Hey Maria! My question is this : which would you say was better, your basketball skills or Sasha's tennis skills? Laura
I think we should both stick with our own sports!!! Ha Ha

6. How important do you feel it is to connect with your fans? Sehrene
I have some of the best fans in the entire world, I think social networking has been a great way for me to connect with my fans. I also think my fans have enjoyed my new website, so I am trying to do as many things as possible to keep my fans updated on my life on and off the court.

7. Will you ever play doubles again in your career such as the 2012 Olympics? Padraic
I think my doubles should stayed retired!!!

8. Hi Maria! I've always wondered what's inside your tennis bag during the tennis match? Evgenija
I like to keep my racket bag very simple inside. I carry about 6-8 rackets on the court. I have some string, grips, my music and that's about it. Nothing too exciting.

9. I'm Joanna from Hungary and I've been a big fan of you for 7 years now! I'd like to ask you what it would mean to you to win the Olympic Gold Medal? It must be a wonderful moment when they're playing the Russian anthem for you :) Joanna
I can't wait to play the Olympics!!! It is a dream of mine to be an Olympic athlete. I was crushed when I could not play in Beijing.

10. If you had a wish now, what will it be? Nella
My wish is to stay healthy and I know good things will happen on the court.


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