Inspirational Story No.1

Posted on October 6, 2013

We are publishing the first 'inspirational story' on the site today. The first story is from Mathilde from France who talks about watching Maria win Wimbledon and how it inspired her.

Here is the story:
I play tennis since I was 5, and I was 12 when I saw Maria win Wimbledon on my TV.

I was totally impressed and I didn't say anything during maybe 10 minutes.

And then, I looked at my parents and I said to them: "When I'll be a grown-up, I want to be like her".

So my mother asked me "You want to be a tennis player?"

And I said, "No you don't understand anything of what she is, she is not "a tennis player", it's not the predominant part of her! I could be called "a tennis player" too if you go like this because I play tennis too. I want to be like her because I want to fight to achieve my goals, and I want to believe in me, because it's clearly what works for her!"

My parents looked at me like if I was a Nobel prize, and since that day, every time I have tough moments, they both remind me what I said on that 3rd July of 2004.

And it works, because I don't want to disappoint the little carefree girl I was at this time.

So in one way, Maria helped me in every obstacle I encountered in my life, from little heartaches to my study competitions. And I sure won't be where I am now if I hadn't had this little "life philosophy".

So thanks, keep fighting, and you'll be back stronger than ever.

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