Freya is an ideal recruit, Britain's newspapers are reporting. She can freely enter government buildings and raises no suspicions on British top politicians’ side.

In 2009 when George Osborne was in opposition, he bought Freya as a gift for his children, but a few months later the pet went missing. In 2011 the Osborne family moved into Downing Street, by that time they thought the cat had gone for good. But soon the Osbornes received a phone call telling them Freya was alive and well. It turned out that Freya had been living as a stray in a garden a few streets away from the Osbornes’ Notting Hill house, lovingly fed and looked after by a neighbor who had not seen the posters.

According to residents of the London district where most governmental bodies are located, the cat might have been kidnapped by foreign spies, who implanted a bug under her skin, then waited till the cat’s hair grew and returned the tabby to its owners.

 Freya is frequently seen in Red Lion Pub, the place where members of the British parliament love to go (the Westminster Palace is only a minute’s walk from the pub), and the Trafalgar Studios Theatre which is not far away from the Defense Ministry.