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The United States campus massacre to touch can dispute into gun control best time
#1 Posted : Saturday, December 15, 2012 9:39:54 PM(UTC)
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Topic: the campus massacre to touch can dispute into gun control the best time?China news agency reporter RuanYuLin14 in the history of the United States broke out the most bloody elementary school campus shootings, again trigger age-old whether the United States need more strict gun control laws of debate.U.S. gun control why difficult?U.S.Discount Ugg Boots Women Discount Ugg Boots www.cheapestuggbootswomen.org gun holdings of 283 million branch, every year new gun sales 4.5 million cigarettes. Official statistics, each year about 100000 people across the United States was shot and killed more than 30000 people. Gun violence frequent case, why come to strengthen gun control act are one of many?First of all, gun control policy in the United States by the constitution of the second amendment strongly influence, the law prohibit infringement "of the people to keep and bear arms right". Hold the gun rights advocates urged people to defend the constitution the second amendment guaranteed the right to make to tighten control guns method become the United States a huge controversy over the issue.Second, America's gun control involved in many aspects, including Cheap Ugg Boots Clearance Ugg Boots Clearance Cheap www.bootsclearancecheaps.com civil rights, parties, interest groups, such as the sensitive degree beyond ordinary people understand.Twenty years ago in shooting lost the age of eighteen son of George? Jim Johnson had cloth articles: oneself once took an active part in calling for gun control activities, assembly, signature, write a letter, speech, but finally gave up, because "aware of the essence of the problem is that this is our American people want the way of life. We want to freedom, to weapons from time to time. Even if must endure a campus shooting pain, also can only so."It is not difficult to understand, in the United States's campus shooting, why this two years a number of American states have the form of legislation to ensure students can carry a gun the right to go to school. Now the American Oregon, Wisconsin, Colorado, as well as five states, legislation to form allowing students to carry guns in campus. Among them, the Colorado in Cheap Ugg Boots Women Discount Ugg Boots Women Discount Ugg Boots discountuggbootswomen.usa6.org March this year just passed legislation.Third, political considerations and gun control law is difficult to on the introduction of the important factors. From the traditional point of view, the democratic voters to strictly control of guns hold positive attitude, but the Democrats for this but pay a heavy political price.The democratic-controlled congress in 1993 was through the implementation of the pistol buyers background check bill, 1994 through the prohibited private hold offensive guns bill. As a result, in 1994 mid-term congressional elections, the Democrats lost and senate majority. The President Clinton has said, the two bill may be one of the reasons for the democratic election defeat.And former U.S. vice President al gore in the 2000 presidential election defeat, is also believed to and 1999 school shooting in Colorado after its support to strengthen the control of guns about voting.Therefore, in July this year QiangAn Denver cinema, after the election, the party at two presidential candidates barack Obama and Mr Romney is not gun control is a subject of debate in this discussion.Gun control Cheap Jordan Air Max Fusion Jordan 13 Air Max Fusion www.jordan13airmaxfusion.com dispute: "person" or "gun" wrong wrong?And July, and the United States in Denver shooting a gun for the murderer had legally, 14 Connecticut primary school shooting spree using the three guns, also for ZuoAnZhe mother legal purchase.In the "gun control pie" point of view, all kinds of guns the massacre and the United States hold gun customs and too loose gun control laws be partly to blame. Such as the history of the United States is the most serious of the Virginia tech campus shooting, the 23-year-old cho seung-hui, spend ten minutes to fill in a form and show a driver's license, they easily won the murder weapon. "Gun control pie" think, if the United States to limit freedom of gun sales, tragedy may avoid.But "hold gun pie" think, limit gun can restrict the good gun, to restrict gun crime. "If a unscrupulous mental patient want to kill, can always find the loose weapons." And if at that time the teachers and students have a gun, then just kill the first few person, might be killed. The murderer was killed 32 people can, just because the state law prohibits the campus with a gun.Have net friend say, homicidal responsibility should be blamed on "people" rather than "gun", the truth is like "what is driving through a red light driver's fault, or a car fault".Connecticut primary school massacre renewed Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V3 Cheap Nike Free Cheap Nike Free Run 2 www.cheapesnikefreerun.com calls for gun controlIn Connecticut primary school massacre two days ago, December 12,, the United States happen again, a gunman shooting in Portland a packed with Christmas shoppers in the mall, the fire killed three people."We want to put aside political consideration, together to take meaningful action to prevent a similar tragedy happening again," Obama 14 in elementary school campus inbreds no mention of gun control measures of cautious statement let "gun control pie" was disappointed.

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