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#1 Posted : Tuesday, June 05, 2012 6:57:20 PM(UTC)
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tazz man is back, i finally 12 years later just got surgery on my right arm, and left achilles. im going to be running 4.4 at 250 pounds no question.

I feel like buc rodgers lost in space then comes back same age 20. im getting faster as im getting older.

they refused me kneck surgery as said been to long, but i figuire i get to 250 pounds nasty strong run a 4.4 shredded and fly they will give me same docter as peyton manning though docter said had nothing to do with it.


i left charlotte nc 1 of 2 worst places ever been by far, 1 to be namless, wash dc on maryland side 3rd hated, but charlotte uglkest girls and carless people not help me with anyone so i dont help them

except my 2 docters.

seems like docters except my kneck only people do thier jobn. could u imagaine instead of lawyers who are corrupt as hell beiing our presdent judges or senators we had nurses and docters our government be perfect. after mri did sugery 1 month later.


im workiing on 3 things right now

up and under mastered it catch it 1 hannded i blive most facating thing in all of world.

tops im trying to learn to fly goal is 6 feet high for 15 yards

sunday i did 5 feet high for 7 yards 4 times in a row

if pay my food bill im best flanker world no question about it,

but also workiing on who i think best male athlete world david pockaok austlira who will make a diviing tackle then get up qucik as lightneiing and make another tackle before another teammate does.

so i work on flyiing then get up quick as a cat.

i feel like a dork just friday i baught football pads for legs for my crash landiing as grass becmming like concrete.

of courrse getting kicked out of parks, just had to find a new one.

that is a naother story got kciked out of 2 gyms charlotte and 2-3 plus parks

im hyper fit as nasty as ever will be better than ever.


wierd like esp in my head im workiing on beiing a qb, as i was told can have any 1 job in world. worst case scario my golf.

sucks right now as i was throwiing it with my torn right arm 3 places so now can throw normal but 1 time normal then the other my akward realsse with ex  injury. im pleasued conserdiing what gone through just got started.

see what happens.

love to play flanker scotland new zealnd or england sunday and wasps played thier acdemy team as a kid when dad worked london embassy 3 years.

wierd cold war then my dad only american at a base 1 hour away to do with teachiing about bombs. but if not playing rugby id be out thier every night trhwowing the ball 2 sticks tryiing be next dan marino.

but i know your russians must kept an eye on base an english base with bombs and then seen 1 yank kid in middle of england throwiing a football gave my dad away a yank was thier.

but in past russia or usa.

just readiing americas greatest hero ever dick butkus parents were diurectly from eastern europe would be ussr in 80's???

im moviing to florida in 2 months then maybe calli if does not work out.

i was getting messages to go to maimia but i think been to late now.

i know when i 1st got back got indirect messages left and write from arnold swanngar to go to california but not governor anymore. ive met him twice boss good freinds with him so not crazy.

see what happens.

im still a dog i want 20 wives but only olmpiuc athletes or iffbb fitness bodybuilders. im tryiing to pick up top fitness model in world right now on all covers of muslce mags though boss knows her, just mentioned compnay used to work for.plus ex boss now owns 3rd show world europa sports show 4 of them puts donads trumps show to shame.


good luck with wimbeldon i know your favotire.

i love your new style

i hated when started to go flashy when u arrived but just look at a 1st round pick in nfl they are same way then they go humble confdant. i like your style now suits you perfeclty.


all the crazyeness has stopped now, or every now and then i get sonmehting like last week got somehting but week now.

u are still on my list to marry, but i am awsome everyway but i have no money.

no way going back to college. my resemu is beiing poicked up in a limoscen 1st day of work and arnold rock bo jackson i want 4 awsome job in 1 and 0-1 degree of seperation

#2 Posted : Tuesday, June 05, 2012 7:06:59 PM(UTC)
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i know with the top model in world, emilaed me personally a couple of times, then once when said truth want mutiple wives she gave me a pic of her with paiiting her fingernails like zebras.
then yesterday posted a pic of her wearing a shirt with my name on it
besides jamie eason monica brantt only other woman world gets her picture tacken as much as u
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