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Barack Obama says : "Maria Sharapova is a superb political tool to Hillary's regret!"
#1 Posted : Tuesday, January 08, 2008 8:20:17 AM(UTC)

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Democrat Barack Obama must be celebrating to high heavens these days since he was able to convince Maria Sharapova[W] to become his potent political tool to win it again in the New Hampshire after his decisive victory in the Iowa primary. Sharapova herself, does not allow to become a mere pawn of anybody's political ambition, but that she consented to it out of political convictions and she is willing to sacrifice and loose crucial matches if it would help Obama win it in the primaries.[D]

Recently, Sharapova already sacrificed a game to favor an equally superb and passionate player like Serena Williams playing it grit and teeth with Maria Sharapova, but it was all a show of political strategy and black destiny that will shape American politics in the decades to come paving a new path towards American sense of judgment and foreign policy which would eventually regain America's respect with the rest of the World.[:D]

But it was not all a bed of roses for Barack Obama to get Masha's[W] on his side of this tumultous campaign since another equally ambitious hyena like Hillary Rodham Clinton[:@] tried to clinch on Sharapova's neck trying to lure her on her side of the battle to no avail. Obviously, Sharapova did not judge the whole situation on the mere color of the skin but rather on the strenght of character. Obama, on the other hand was ecstatic saying that "his days of running away from hyenas in Kenya are over". As a matter fact, now Obama is "chasing lions in the jungles of Republican lairs" ---and sack them all!

It is now about time for the American public to realize and looks towards new ways of electing their leaders and the dominance of the Grand Old Party is over since Barack Obama will be transformed into a "battling dreadnought" that not only secretly brings ethnic Kenyans and other Black Africans into the decks of these huge dreadnaughts---and disperses them all in huge numbers into the American territory TNT for a while but eventually gets the root out of it and become the inhabitants of their newfound land. Obama says "this is for America's salvation!"

Barack Obama's Grand New Plan is the so called "Genocide by Racial Replacement" where blacks would eventually dominate in sports like basketball ( LeBron James ), golf ( Tiger Woods ), football ( Addu ), tennis ( Blake, Williams ). And now---the American Presidency! If these superb Black athlets and excellent statesmen will dominate in every sport and every high office in America, then they would become an accurate meterstick of who should be the bosses in every decision of American life and the white is compelled to obey and follow the Black Lead otherwise to perish . . .


[ This is a mere political joke and no libel suits ought to be filed. ]


@Sweet Cleopatra@
#2 Posted : Tuesday, January 08, 2008 9:20:12 AM(UTC)
@Sweet Cleopatra@

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if I were American I'd choose Hillary ,

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