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More phone records...




"Its me."

"Hi me."

"What's going on? Long time no see."

"I'm chilling out."


"Listening to Men at Work."


"Yeah this song they do called "Down Under" it reminds me of Maria.

"Oh okay um so your busy so we can always talk later."

"No no Alexandra what's up?"


"What are you doing?"


"I'm listening to music and lighting candles all over the room."



"I'm hoping that Maria will find the time to stop by."

"Oh well then I guess you don't need me around anymore."

"Alexandra what are you talking about?"


"You have a strange way of showing someone that you care about them."


"Alexandra I walked in and made it crystal clear right from the beginning"


"When you turned me down I retreated."

(Voices overlapping)

"I didn't turn you down."


"Alexandra you have a better memory than that."

"You knew I was faking my marriage and you turned me down anyway."


"Its okay I still think very highly of you."

"In fact all the time."

"Then why don't I see you around town?"

"Why don't you come around anymore?"



"I don't know maybe I'm still running from you."

"Your still running from me?"


"After all this time your still running from me?"


"Yes, in fact I saw you the other day."

"I jumped in my car and got out of there as fast as I possibly could."

"I can't believe you see me and don't stop to say hello to me."

"Okay don't believe it."


"Alexandra I'm willing to bet that your with some hunky guy now.

Some hunky guy that I have no chance against in the looks department."

"So what you want me to see you with someone else? Break my heart again?"


"It took me years to move on. You were in my dreams for years. I'm sorry I don't want to turn back now."


"I met someone else. Someone incredible."


"I did what I thought you wanted."


"I stayed away and it took me a long time to look at another woman for years and years..."








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Good Morning Maria my name is Olivia, Olivia O'Dell.

You'll be talking to me from now on, Evelyn South is on assignment.

This is what we have on Rich, Rich Dick.

Number 11 aka The Lion Cub had an ongoing bet with his three billionaire uncles.

The bet was based on him being able to charm women into bed without using any money.

Beautiful women that he couldn't possibly get without any money.

They did this for sport. For their amusement. He was a puppet and they pulled the strings.

Alexandra was his third failed attempt at winning such a ridiculously absurd bet.

We are still trying to find out who the first two women were that he tried this on.

We believe that you, Maria, were not a bet. We think he fell in love with you by accident.

But despite that fact we also think that he had another bet on the table.

When he loses these bets he loses something important to him.

Something he can not replace. 

Its a cruel game with cruel cruel consequences.

So cruel that he was threatened by non related parties for not participating.

With the stakes so high he is forced to play.

As we get more Maria you'll get more...

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Maria Olivia, Olivia O'Dell.

We think that Rich, Rich Dick starting seeing Katy after you turned him down for Grigor.

Katy wasn't the new bet so its hard to tell how serious things became between them.

We do know that Katy was his pupil and eventually became a trainer herself.

And now more phone records.. Cheers.

RD answers..

RD: Hello.

KP: You are crazy do you know that?

RD: Katy I'm not crazy.

KP: Yes you are.

RD: Crazy about you maybe.

KP: You liar. I know I'm not "Numero Uno".

RD: What makes you think "Numero Uno" is numero uno?

KP: I don't know. You guys would make a nice couple I think.

RD: No no she's just a friend and I'm still licking my wounds.

KP: I'm not far away from you, you wanna hang?

RD: Is this a date?

KP: A date?

RD: I mean we've never been out together so..

KP: So?

RD: So you know, are you asking me out?

KP: No not in that way no.

RD: Oh well then no I don't want to hang out.

KP: Why does everything have to be so complicated with you?

RD: Katy I'm not following you. What are you talking about?

KP: (sighs)

KP: God!

KP: Look I was driving around and just happened to be nearby and thought we could hang.

RD: Wait so your saying that you were in the neighborhood and figured that you would just stop by 

as if we have that kind of relationship.

RD: That we are that familiar.

KP: Oh my God! I was driving around, got bored, and figured I'd call you.

RD: Call me?

KP: Why what's wrong with that?

RD: Nothing its just that you never called me to hang out before.

KP: What? I shouldn't have called?

RD: Your here already aren't you?

KP: What?

RD: Your hear already?

KP: I'm almost there.

RD: No Katy your already here.

KP: Why? How can you tell?

RD: Because I have my suspicions but even more importantly I have traffic in front of my place.

KP: Traffic?

RD: Yeah "The Who is he doing it with now traffic".

KP: Are you serious?

RD: Very.

KP: Oh well then I guess I shouldn't come over then.

RD: How close are you because somebody else may be nearby too?

KP: Um well..

RD: Katy its okay just tell me.

RD: Its important.

KP: (sighs) I'm rounding your block for the fifth time, God.

RD: Its okay its nothing to be ashamed about. 

RD: Um this isn't about you. Surprisingly enough their not here for you.

KP: Their not?

RD: No their not.

KP: Well then can I come over?

RD: I'm not sure.

RD: Pull over and lets just hang on the phone so I can see what is going on.

KP: Okay um how about I pull over at the stables?

RD: Perfect. The stables is exactly the place where I thought you should wait.

KP: I've been working on that song that we were talking about.

RD: Really?

RD: You honor me Katy I would love to hear it. 

RD: Just not now because we need to listen to the crickets first if you catch my drift.

KP: Oh okay.

RD: I'm looking out the window and I see "regulars".

KP: "Regulars?"

RD: Yeah people who show up from time to time and wait around outside for someone else to show up.

KP: Oh, and you recognize these people?

RD: Oh yeah no problem.

Rd: And depending on who I have over depends on who shows up.

KP: Wow.

RD: Yeah its an occupational hazard.

RD: This looks to me like Bey traffic.

KP: How can you tell?

RD: I just can.

RD: Um look she will be calling soon.

RD: When she calls I'm going to hang up with you and that's when you and I are going to meet at the stables, okay?

KP: But what about Bey?

RD: I have to wave her off. Tell her that now isn't a good time.

RD: That she's bringing them to us.

KP: Wow.

RD: This is nothing you should see what its like when Maria comes over.

KP: Why what's it like?

RD: Helicopters, mopeds, motorcycle gangs, unmarked cars, utility vans.

RD: Spotlights shining into my windows. Photographers hiding in the trees.

RD: Its crazy. Its an invasion of my personal space and my guests' privacy.

KP: Yeah I have them trying to jump the fences at my place too.

RD: I bet.

RD: Someone of your stature heck I bet half of America is trying to get into your place.

KP: I have help so I feel pretty safe for the most part.

RD: Thats how I know this isn't your traffic.

KP: You think she doesn't have the same thing in place?

RD: On the contrary I think that there is too much "help" in place.

RD: Its being overdone.

KP: Your probably right.

RD: I am right.

KP: So what happens with us?

Rd: Us?

KP: I mean how long do you want to wait to hear from her?

RD: Not much longer.

RD: She knows by now and is probably passing by as we speak.

RD: Do you see any cars that stand out out there. Anything exotic or unusual?

KP: Um well there's a beautiful black Lamborghini parked across the street from where I'm waiting.

RD: Oh.

RD: Well, there lies the problem.

KP: This is her?

RD: No probably not.

KP: Its a hot looking car. It has wings. Its a batmobile.

RD: Yeah thats not her.

RD: Katy um come over here.

KP: Come over?

RD: Yeah.

KP: Are you sure?

RD: I'm positive.

KP: Okay great!

RD: Do me a favor.

KP: Yeah.

RD: Let them see you.

RD: Walk around your car and let them see you.

RD: Stand there for a minute. Open your trunk and act as if your looking for something.

KP: LOL okay.

RD: Then come straight here. Don't talk to anyone. Just meet me at the door.

KP: Okay.

RD: Okay.

KP: I'll see you in ten.

RD: Okay.

KP: Bye.

RD: Bye.

KP hangs up..

RD hangs up..









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Phone records continued...

RD answers...

RD: Hello

AJ: What up.

RD: Nothing Angelina nothing.

RD: I have nothing new for you, she's still thinking about it.

AJ: How is she?

RD: She's beautiful of course.

AJ: Did she say anything about me?

RD: Um no no, not to me.

RD: Why?

AJ: Just curious.

RD: I get that too.

RD: When Maria leaves I'm okay you know because thats her job.

RD: But then after a few days have passed I start to miss her.

AJ: I'm not missing anything.

RD: Oh yes your right. Your not. My mistake.

AJ: You didn't tell her yet did you?

RD: No I haven't been able to find the right time.

RD: She's been busy the last couple of days so I decided against telling her that you were eavesdropping on 

all of our phone conversations.

AJ: I wasn't eavesdropping!

RD: Okay.

AJ: You let me listen in!

RD: Oh this was all my idea now huh?

AJ: Yes.

RD: Don't worry Angie your secret is safe with me.

AJ: Good so don't tell her.

AJ: By telling her you run the risk of losing her. Is that what you want?

RD: No no I'll never lose Jennifer.

RD: She told me whatever it takes. That there is no tonic.

AJ: What is that supposed to mean?

RD: I think that we care a lot about each other.

RD: I just hope that when the time is right that she will understand and let me be with whom I want to be with.

AJ: Maria?

RD: Yes if she'll have me too.

RD: But I don't know, she's been acting so strange lately.

AJ: How so?

RD: Um I'm not sure.

RD: She's just not her usual happy go lucky self. She's so pretty that its so obvious when something is bothering her.

AJ: So then she didn't say or do anything out of the ordinary?

RD: Um no nothing from what I can tell.

RD: We went for a walk and I could feel that she wanted to be close to me.

RD: I wasn't sure but I felt like there was something else going on.

RD: Something she wasn't telling me.

AJ: She's still a kid.

RD: Um yeah but she's a kid with some mileage.

RD: I think she's thinking about what happens after her gladiating days are over.

AJ: Are you thinking about what happens to you when your gladiating days are over?

RD: Yes I've given it a lot of thought.

AJ: And?

RD: And what?

AJ: What's your next move?

RD: I'll tell you after I get married.

AJ: Married LOL, yeah right.

RD: What? I can't be married?

AJ: Which one?

RD: No comment.

AJ: What you think I'm going to run out and tell someone?

RD: No. I'm just not sure yet.

AJ: On which one?

RD: No no on when all this should happen.

AJ: So you know which one?

RD: Yes.

AJ: Your not going to tell me are you?

RD: Why? What do you care what I do with my personal life?

AJ: Is your personal life a secret?

RD: Is yours?

AJ: I asked you first.

RD: I'll make a bet with you.

AJ: Okay.

RD: If Jennifer doesn't get mad at the fact that I let you eavesdrop on the phone.

AJ: Yeah.

RD: I get to put it anywhere I want.

AJ: What?

RD: You heard me.

AJ: And what if she get angry?

RD: You get to put it anywhere you want.

AJ: Your crazy LOL

RD: What? Too much for you?

RD: JLo and I..

AJ: Yeah I heard about that.

AJ: About the football game. You had a bet. You bet on the game.

RD: The bet was "Yours or Mine".

AJ: Who won that one?

RD: I did.

AJ: Did she pay up?

RD: Not yet. But she pays her debts so I'm not worried about it.

AJ: Okay lets do it um I accept.

AJ: But how am I going to know if she got upset or not?

RD: Well I guess you'll just have to eavesdrop on that conversation too.

AJ: Oh my. Um okay. She's going to kill you you know that right?

RD: And if she doesn't Angelina I get to put it anywhere I want.

AJ: Why do I feel like I'm missing something here? Why are you so sure of yourself that she won't get upset?

RD: She has a right to get upset. 

RD: I'm hoping that my honesty with her wins the bet.

AJ: Are you going to tell her that her reaction to me eavesdropping will determine who wins our bet?

AJ: That her reaction will decide the outcome?

RD: I'm not that stupid Angie. You two would gang up on me. If I told her that you would win.

RD: Oh no I'm just going to calmly tell her and together we will listen to her reaction.

RD: You'll hear it for yourself.

AJ: This.. this can never reach my husband's ears.

RD: Understood.

AJ: He wouldn't understand.

RD: I won't tell a soul.

AJ: Does this mean that you won't tell me what she's been up to anymore?

RD: No I think we can continue that arrangement.

RD: I mean there's nothing to report.

RD: Jennifer is in a good place right now. Her career is booming and her body is too.

RD: She's not slowing down at all.

AJ: Yes I can see that.

RD: I shouldn't but sometimes when we are alone. When we are doing it. 

RD: She sings to me. Its beautiful. She has a beautiful beautiful voice to listen to.

AJ: Oh I didn't know that.

RD: Yeah she's something special she really really is.

AJ: Um yeah okay so lets talk again next week.

RD: Okay I'll let you know when the right time is to tell her and when you should come over to listen 

to her react to what you and I have been doing behind her back all this time.

AJ: God LOL! Your nuts! Okay.

AJ: Um I'll speak to you soon then.

RD: Okay.

AJ: Okay bye.

RD: Bye Angie bye.

AJ hangs up..

RD hangs up..

CC hangs up..











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Phone records continued...

RD answers..

RD: Hello

KP: Hi!

RD: What's up Katy?

KP: Nothing. What are you doing?

RD: I just realized that Maria is having me followed.

KP: What?

RD: Maria is having me followed.

KP: Are you sure? How can you tell?

RD: I'm sure, and yes I can tell.

RD: Um I can't go into how I can tell sorry.

KP: Okay no problem.

KP: So should we reschedule our session for today?

KP: Maybe try to do it on another night?

RD: No no absolutely not.

RD: Um forgive me I'm still a bit shaken by all of this.

KP: Oh.

RD: Its funny because we talked about this.

RD: I told her that whatever she needs to do to feel secure in our relationship, then that's what she should do.

KP: Including having you followed?

RD: Yes.

RD: I, I signed everything. 

RD: I don't want her to think about it. 

RD: I want her to finish what she started and not have me be a distraction.

KP: But isn't this a distraction for you?

RD: Yes it is. I'm not sure if I should say anything or just let them follow me around.

RD: I don't know what I'm going to do about it.

KP: Does Jennifer have you followed?

RD: No. We talked about that and she wants to do this whole thing for real.

RD: No excuses. No regrets. No secrets. No turning back.

RD: I tell her everything and she tells me everything.

RD: This way we have nothing to hide from each other.

KP: So Jennifer trusts you and Maria doesn't?

RD: Well no no I think that Maria is being followed and they follow me because their following Maria.

KP: So since I'm talking to you now are they going to follow me there?

RD: Maybe. But Katy the last time I checked you were somebody worth following.

RD: If I wasn't already spoken for I'd follow you too.

KP: Oh, oh okay.

RD: Jennifer wants everything out in the open between us.

RD: If she were having me followed she would say I'm having you followed.

KP: Why would she tell you that??

RD: I think if something she didn't like was going on she would say it as a warning.

RD: You know the I know and it has to stop this instant.

KP: So she would wait until it happened.

RD: Yes she would let it happen and see how she feels about it.

RD: And then she would bring it up at a time when I have no choice but to answer her.

KP: Oh okay.

RD: Yeah so look, please lets not let other people get in the way of what we are trying to accomplish.

RD: Lets get to work.

KP: Okay cool! I have a present for you.

RD: Okay well I'm eager to see what it is um bring it.

KP: Its baked apple pie! I made it from scratch.

RD: Wow Katy you shouldn't have, I can't wait to try it.

KP: Okay so I'll meet you at the stables then.

RD: Okay.

KP: I'll flash you my brights like last time.

RD: Okay great!

KP: Okay bye.

RD: Bye.

KP hangs up..

RD hangs up..







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Phone records continued..

RD answers..

RD: Hello

JLO: Are you going tonight?

RD: I don't think I have a choice.

JLO: Why's that?

RD: Jennifer has a chance to win.

JLO: Why is it that you make time for everyone under the sun except me?

RD: Jennifer thats not true.

RD: I went when Katy won at the Grammy's.

JLO: Forget the awards.

JLO: Why is it that your not around when good things are happening to me?

RD: I am around when good things are happening to you.

JLO: Being with Bey isn't being with me.

RD: I never said that it was.

JLO: I'm expecting you to come to my party.

RD: Um refresh my memory Jennifer, what party?

JLO: My private party.

RD: Did you send me an invitation? I don't see it here.

JLO: You don't need an invitation.

JLO: Your always with me. Your always welcome.

RD: Do I have to come alone or can I bring someone?

JLO: Why would you want to bring someone else?

RD: Is Bey going?

JLO: She wasn't sure if she could make it.

RD: Is Britney going?

JLO: She said she would call me back.

RD: Okay.

JLO: Don't ask me if she is going.

RD: Who?

JLO: You know who.

RD: Ok um let me get back to you.

JLO: Get back to me?

JLO: You can't be serious. Your coming.

RD: Okay so can I bring a date?

JLO: Why would you want to.

RD: You know Jennifer I'm not sure that I'm going to be able to make it.

JLO: You have to come!

RD: I don't have to do anything.

JLO: Yes you do.

RD: No actually I don't.

JLO: Yes you do.

RD: Tell me. Explain. Why do I have to go to your party?

JLO: Because your the only one thats invited and it won't be a party without you.

RD: Oh I see.

RD: Well then if you insist then I guess I'll come.

JLO: Don't get weird about it.

RD: I'm not getting weird about it.

RD: Just you know, when you know what it is that you want from me Jennifer please let me know.

JLO: Okay. We'll see.



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More phone records...

RD answers..

RD: Hello.

BS: Why is it that when we make plans for just you and me to hang out that we always run into a problem and you have to leave?

RD: Britney Jennifer isn't a problem.

BS: She follows you around! Has you followed! That isn't a problem!?!

RD: No no she doesn't have me followed.

RD: Maria has me followed.

RD: And I'm starting to wonder if Bey and JLO are having me followed too.

BS: So I'm the only one who isn't having you followed?

RD: Right, but your busy running.

BS: I don't run from anyone.

RD: Right, yes I know that and thats why your easy to have followed.

BS: Why? Who is having me followed?

RD: Oh you don't know?

BS: Know what?

RD: Well I guess I'll tell you but you didn't hear it from me.

BS: Okay go ahead I'm listening.

RD: Katy and Taylor.

BS: What?

RD: Katy and Taylor are having you followed.

BS: They are not.

RD: Yeah they really really are.

RD: When they found out about Jessica they decided to move on.

RD: Its actually Katy thats having you followed.

RD: And Taylor follows Katy everywhere she goes.

RD: So thats why both of them are following you.

BS: I see.

BS: Back to my original question. 

BS: Why is it that everywhere we go she shows up?

RD: Britney I can't control Jennifer. Nobody can.

RD: I tell her left and she goes right because she doesn't know how to go to her left.

RD: She meets me when I cancel.

BS: I think that we, you and I, need to talk without any interruptions.

RD: Britney I already told Megan that I won't discuss anything like that over the phone.

BS: I'm not talking about over the phone!

BS: I'm talking about in person!

RD: So am I and I don't want to be alone with you ever again.

RD: You, Megan, and Bey have the exact same problem.

RD: You can't just talk. Instead you have to touch and talk.

Rd: I can't have that in my life anymore. Not after Alexandra anyway.

BS: Your over Alexandra.

BS: Your not over me.

BS: I don't want to hear about the others. I want to talk to you in person.

BS: I promise I'll keep my hands to myself.

BS: I'll sit on the other side of the room if I have to.

BS: I'm tired of watching you leave as soon as I get there or not show up if you hear that I am there.

RD: Britney you can't come over.

BS: I'm coming over.

RD: i'll do exactly what you just said. I'll leave.

RD: Why come to an empty house?

BS: (sighs) Look I need to talk to you.

RD: Okay shoot I'm listening.

BS: Why does Jennifer always have to show up while we are together?

RD: I don't know. Why do Katy and Taylor have to show up where you happen to be?

BS: I never see Katy anywhere.

RD: Of course not, she's a mega star too.

RD: You and her at the same place at the same time is a photographers dream.

RD: Its priceless.

BS: So why have me followed if you can't be seen with me?

RD: I don't know ask her.

RD: Better yet ask Taylor. You see Taylor all the time right?

BS: Um maybe. Yeah here and there.

RD: More like every chance she can get because she knows that Katy is lurking.

BS: How do you know that Katy is following me around?

RD: I can't say. Your just going to have to take my word for it.

BS: Jennifer.

Rd: No I never said that.

BS: Okay whatever.

RD: Okay so if thats it.

BS: Thats not it.

RD: Okay.

BS: Tell me why every time we have plans she shows up.

RD: Fine. Britney you wanna know why Jennifer shows up?

RD: You really wanna know!

BS: Yes.

RD: I guess she likes you.

BS: What?

RD: She must like you.

BS: Stop.

RD: What?

RD: You know Bey right?

BS: Yeah.

RD: Bey follows me everywhere I go.

BS: Get out of here.

RD: I'm serious.

RD: She checks my mail.

BS: What?

RD: She has a key to my place just in case she needs a place to drop.

BS: Wow, what did she have to do to get that?

RD: Britney this isn't funny.

BS: I wasn't joking.

RD: Seriously just listen.

RD: She has a key to get away from whomever it is that is following her.

RD: Once I caught her going through my mail.

BS: I can't believe it.

RD: Just listen.

RD: So one day I throw out a copy of an invitation to a fundraiser, a black tie affair.

RD: Something she would attend but couldn't because the invitation was for the next day.

RD: So I take the original invitation and go to the fundraiser by myself. Without Jennifer.

BS: Okay.

RD: Both show up. Jennifer shows up because she follows me everywhere I go and Bey shows up

uninvited because she goes through my garbage and reads my mail.

BS: Wow!

RD: I couldn't believe it either.

RD: I remember her saying to me, "We should meet soon."

RD: And then me saying okay and her saying, "Well that was easy."

RD: And then me saying back to her, "Yes it was."

RD: Jennifer started accusing me of going there to see very married Bey when actually it was the other way around.

BS: So you think she likes me or is she just following me because I'm following you?

RD: Wait your following me too?












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JLO: What brings you here?

RD: Hey! Well would you look at you.

(kissing hugging)

RD: I didn't know you come to these too LOL?

JLO: They invite me so I come LOL.


RD: Great because I'm on my own tonight.

JLO: You? I dought it.

RD: No seriously Im all alone. 

RD: Jennifer is out of town on business.


RD: Bey is around here somewhere and Maria of course isn't speaking to me.

JLO: She's not? Why what did you do this time?

RD: Well if you must know we were doing it and she said, "I don't want you to talk to Britney anymore."


JLO: Why tell you then?

RD: Because someone else told her to bring up stuff that I don't want to talk about during moments of pleasure.

JLO: The exact opposite of the "Guilt Wrestling", right?

RD: Yes yes thats correct.


JLO: I thought you and Britney hated each other?

JLO: I mean you two wanted to kill each other in my shower.

RD: Jennifer Britney only wants to talk to me because I've grown closer to Katy.

JLO: Oh okay. I won't ask.


RD: I didn't think you would.

JLO: And what is that supposed to mean?

RD: It means that I'm your friend.

RD: It means that you don't have to follow a script or hire a lawyer to sit next to you while you talk to me.


JLO: I know we are friends. I'm just being cautious.

RD: You don't have to hide anything from me. We can talk about whatever you wanna talk about.

JLO: Are you sure about that?

RD: I'm positive.

JLO: Okay I'll keep that in mind.


B: Hey!

RD: We were just talking about you.

(kisses hugging)

B: So how are my two favorite people?

JLO: He has no date tonight.

B: Aw thats too bad.

JLO: So we decided to go stag together.

RD: But forget about us, what is all of this? Is this you?


B: Its my other career. I've been painting for a long time now but was afraid to show anyone.

JLO: I've always said that you were good at painting.

RD: Yeah um I on the other hand had no idea and I have to agree that you are very good at it.

RD: I mean I just love that one.


B: Thanks thanks yeah i'm hoping that all the money raised here tonight will help build a new inner city center

for the arts. 

B: You know the one that I have been dreaming about.

B: Having friends like you guys, along with some of my husbands' friends um I think that we can make a difference

in peoples lives when no else can.

RD: Well said and looking beautiful saying it.

B: You behave.


JLO: Wait don't I get a compliment on how I look?

RD: Jennifer be cool be cool.

RD: Come on it can't be your night EVERY night.

RD: Dim it down for once. Let her win for a change.


B: What?

JLO: Nothing! Wait whose that?

RD: Thats! Thats? Thats Jennifer.

JA: Hiya.

B: You made it!

(kisses hugging)

JA: Yeah I couldn't let you guys have all the fun.


B: J is around here somewhere wait I'll find him, wait wait here.

JA: Okay great.

JA: So what brings you here? No Britney? No Katy? No Taylor? I'm shocked.

JLO: We need to talk.

RD: Okay.

RD: Um Jennifer hold that thought okay, we'll be right back.

JA: (cough) Make it fast Slim.

RD: Not tonight okay. Be nice.

JA: Forget nice. Be with me or suffer the consequences.



RD: Hey hey hey where's the fire?

RD: Slow down. What's the matter what's wrong?

JLO: You said we were going to spend more time together.

RD: Yeah, okay, this isn't time together?

JLO: I'm not letting you drop me off so you can do what you always do.

RD: What do I always do?

JLO: Sneak out to go to her.


RD: Jennifer I'm not sleeping with Jennifer.

JLO: Your lying! Don't lie to me.

RD: JLO your writing too much into my relationship with Jennifer and Maria. Things have changed a lot.

JLO: Do you know what its like to be intimate with someone you like to only have them leave you a note?

JLO: A good bye note that you say hello to the following morning?

RD: Jennifer you were tired.

RD: I had to go so I left a note.


JLO: You left at 4:30 in the morning!

RD: So?

JLO: What was so important that you had to leave at 4:30 AM on a Sunday morning?


RD: I don't remember but whatever it was it must have been important because leaving you in the nude anywhere

is not something that I ever want to do or be known for doing.

JLO: Look I know what's going on here.

RD: What's going on here?

JLO: I'm not going to fall for it so forget it.

RD: Jennifer I have no idea what you are talking about.


JLO: Angelina told me.

RD: Angelina told you what?

JLO: Everything.

RD: You know what Jennifer, I don't know what she told you but I came here tonight to bump into you.

JLO: Okay then leave with me now.

RD: Jennifer we just got here! I can't leave Bey that quickly and neither can you.

JLO: If we go back she is going to put pressure on you to go with her.

RD: No she won't.

JLO: Yes she will!

RD: Okay alright tell Bey that we are leaving then. I'll meet you outside.

JLO: You will?


RD: Yes because you can't go back in there like this.

RD: We need to talk about what's bothering you because the world can't see you like this.

JLO: (sighs) Fine.


JLO: Wait where I can see you.

RD: Hey Diva what are you wearing?

JLO: A black Ferrari SUV.

RD: Yeah alright but hurry up before she comes looking for me.

JLO: Okay.


KP: Hey!

RD: Hey! Wow you look great!

(kisses hugging)

KP: So do you but why are you standing out here in the lobby?

RD: Um its a long story.

KP: Oh.

RD: Bey's charity auction is a lot of fun. I bid on one of the paintings but I lost.


KP: Oh okay and um you were right.

RD: Right about what?

KP: She followed me here.

RD: Who?

KP: Taylor.

RD: Taylor is here!!

KP: Yeah she's still in the line.

RD: Katy I gotta go!


KP: What's wrong?

RD: Nothing, nothing is wrong.

KP: Okay.

RD: Look I'll see you at my place tomorrow night okay?

KP: Okay um hopefully we can go over it again. I really want to be good at it when I meet the rest of my classmates.

RD: Yes yes me too and I want you to be good too.

RD: Okay um if you keep walking straight your bound to see Bey in the crowd because she really turned up the brightness tonight.

KP: Oh okay cool. So tomorrow then.

RD: Yes tomorrow, I can't wait.

KP: Okay.

(kisses hugging)

RD: Okay.

KP: Bye.


RD: Bye.
















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Jennifer talk to me. What happened tonight?

I'm tired of the games. I want to be first.

Jennifer your being ridiculous.

Tonight I won and your going to hear about it.

I don't think Jennifer cares.

Yes she does.

And stop lying to me. I saw you at her house that night.

What night? Are you having me followed?

No I just happen to be driving around.

Jennifer you don't live anywhere near Jennifer.

Fine I followed you there.

Jennifer.. this has to stop. No more.

Yes their will be more! Their will be more!

No there won't.

Yes.. there has to be.

Why is that?

Because you are going to break our agreement.

Jennifer I already told you that I would do it.

That I'll spend all three holidays with you and you only, what's the problem?

The problem is at Bey's auction.

She doesn't care.

Yes she does and so does Britney.


On the way out I bumped into her.


She said every time she sees you some place you run out. You don't stay.

Thats not true.

She thinks your ignoring her.

I'm not ignoring her.

Yes you are!

How so?

She still likes you. You still like her.

Jennifer Britney is letting Katy follow her. Its not me that she's after.

No she's just saying that.

No Jennifer your wrong she likes Taylor.

Fine don't believe me!

You know I didn't come here to discuss my personal life, especially anything to do with Britney.

Jennifer I walked out on Jennifer and Bey to spend time with you.

I was there first.

You right but I didn't have to leave.

I could have stayed to support Bey but instead I thought you and I should talk.

I don't know what's going on between us but it has to stop.

I'm not jealous of her. I'm tired of not being appreciated.

Jennifer I appreciate you. I wouldn't be here if I didn't appreciate you.

What do you want?

Do you have water?

Smart water?

It doesn't have to be. Evian is good too.

Sometimes I feel like you take me for granted.

Jennifer everybody takes you for granted.

Your not everybody.

Thats true and thank you for that but I don't need that from you.

If you want to be closer to me, be vulnerable with me, then just tell me.

Don't play with my emotions. Tell me what you want, don't treat me like Maria does.

I.. don't know what I want from you.

But I do know that I want you to respect me and not sneak out of my house at 4:30 in the morning

on a Sunday to go and see her!

Jennifer if I hurt you I apologize but if I went there when you say I did it must have been for a good reason.

I don't care. When you stay with me you stay with me.

Fine and as soon as you know what you want from me please let me know because I need to come to a decision.

What decision?

I need to make a choice.

Why so dramatic? Why so sudden? Your not the ultimatum type.

I don't know. Something just tells me that I have to choose soon.

Choose what?

A wife.




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More phone records...

RD answers..

RD: Yes yes hello.

AJ: What's wrong with you you sound aggravated?

RD: Maria and I played "Jeopardy" again.

AJ: Oh.

AJ: Well.. are you alright?

RD: I'll live.

AJ: Um may I ask what happened?

RD: Let me think about it.

AJ: That bad huh?

RD: Well what do you expect from someone like her? She works hard and plays even harder.

AJ: I see your point.

AJ: What's wrong with your voice-you sound hoarse.

RD: What do you expect after having to shout help help over and over again.

AJ: Did she help you? Rescue you?

RD: She tricked me Angelina.

AJ: Now what happened?

RD: She said she wanted to show me something.

AJ: Oh.

RD: She wanted to get my opinion on a house that she wanted to buy.

AJ: Okay.

RD: So after she flattered me I said okay and we got in the car and we went to see it.

RD: It was out of town, an out of the way place.

AJ: Did you recognize where you were?

RD: No and thats when she told me to get undressed.

AJ: What?

RD: She told me that Sacha and Grigor would do anything she asked and that if I truly loved her as much as they did

that I would have to show her.

AJ: Okay.

RD: Yeah but I didn't realize that we were playing the game. 

RD: So I fell for it and got undressed.

AJ: In the car!

RD: Yeah in the car.

AJ: Um okay.

RD: So I'm undressed and she says, "Were here!"

RD: She tells the driver to stop the car and to take a walk.

RD: I figured great, were gonna stay in the car and do whatever.

AJ: Oh okay.

RD: But instead after she got undressed she said, "Let's go!"

RD: I said, "Beloved go where?"

RD: She said, "To look at the property."

AJ: What!

RD: Exactly.

RD: And thats when I said, "Beloved I'm not going out there like this."

RD: So she opens the door and says, "What? Your bashful?"


RD: And then I said, "Maria what is this? What are you saying to me with this?

RD: And thats when she got out of the car completely naked and ran off."


RD: So in my panic that someone would see her I got out.

AJ: Completely naked?

RD: Yes completely naked.

AJ: Okay.

RD: So she ran into a barn.

AJ: There was a barn?

RD: Yeah the barn is part of the property. She wants to buy a horse so she's looking for property to house the horse too.

AJ: Oh.

RD: So I'm running after her naked.

RD: Were both totally naked. Its like thirty degrees outside so I'm freezing.

RD: She runs through the barn and into a corn field.

AJ: You were able to keep up?

RD: Of course not. She's a world class athlete.

RD: So I lost sight of her in the corn field.

AJ: And that's when she screamed "Jeopardy!"

Rd: Yeah.

RD: And thats when I turned around to look for her and saw her waving my jeans out the back of the car window and speed off.

AJ: Wow.

RD: Yes.

AJ: Where were you?

RD: I had no idea.

AJ: So so what did you do?

RD: I found a blanket in the barn and wrapped myself up in it.

RD: I walked about twenty feet up the road and ran straight into Clint Eastwood.

AJ: What?

RD: He was pointing a shotgun at me and he said, "Stay where you are!"

AJ: Are you joking?

RD: I said, "Clint! Clint! It's me! It's me!"

RD: But before I could say who I was he fired a warning shot in the air and shouted, "Get on the ground punk!"

AJ: Wow.

RD: Yes.

RD: So he tied me up while I tried to explain why I was running around on his property completely naked but he didn't believe

my story.

AJ: This is what you two do for fun?

RD: Yeah but I would never pull something like this on her.

AJ: No wonder she likes you so much.

RD: She told me right from the beginning that being in a relationship with her won't be easy.

RD: That I will have to endure her.

AJ: Yes but this game is crazy.

RD: The game was my idea.

AJ: What?

RD: Sometimes she needs a distraction.

AJ: Okay?

RD: She won this round but I've got something special for her waiting up my sleeve.

RD: Something that will leave a mark on her for the rest of her playing days.

AJ: Oh okay um that sounds ominous.

RD: Don't worry she'll endure it.

RD: She's just going to have to endure me too.


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"What's going on here?"

"Oh hello?"

"Hi! Your back! Fabulous fabulous. Come in come in"

"Who are all these people?"

"How did it go?"

(whispering) "Who are all these women?"

"Shame on me I must have gotten the dates mixed up."


"Oh. Well thats Sheryl Megan Jessica Olivia Courteney Lucy and and that's Sandra, you know the one that defies gravity LOL.

"Oh yes yes hi how do you do, splendid splendid."

"Um may I have a word with you?"

"Of course of course Ladies I'll be right back."

"Don't stop on account of us, please continue."

"Remember to breath ladies. Feel the bond. Embrace the warmth that you share for each other."




"What are all these naked women doing in my living room?

"Beloved I'm so sorry I'm holding a seminar."

"Who was that in the middle of the circle? The one wearing the blindfold?

"Oh thats Jennifer."

"Oh okay."

"Pray tell, why is she naked wearing a blindfold?"

"Beloved its an exercise. Its a game called "Unmask"

"Oh of course it is."

"The object is for the person in the middle of the circle to guess who is who without speaking to any of them.


"They touch you but you can't touch them."

"Oh I see."

"Beloved its about identity. Its about freeing yourself from yourself."

"Its about discovering everything outside of you to find out what's truly inside of you."

"Okay. Um how long?"

"How long what?"

"How long is this going to continue?"

"Oh, well its a week long seminar and I want all of my.."

"No no no, how long until you start to resemble someone that I can introduce to my friends?"







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Phone records continued..

RD answers...

RD: Hello.

TS: Hiya.

RD: Hi.

TS: Are you busy?

RD: No Katy isn't here yet and Stefani and I just finished up.

TS: Should I call you later?

RD: No its okay she's taking a milk bath.

TS: Oh.

RD: Yeah sometimes when she's too far away from her next appearance she stays over after our lesson 

and takes a hot milk bath.

TS: Wow!

RD: Yes.

TS: Okay.

TS: Um I have a question.

RD: Yes Taylor I'm listening.

TS: You went to Bey's charity auction right?

RD: Yes yes I did.

TS: You left early.

RD: Why are you asking me this?

TS: Did you leave early?

RD: JLO wanted to leave.

TS: So you left with her?

RD: Where are you going with this Taylor? What difference does it make?

TS: I was there too.

Rd: Okay.

TS: I saw you there.

RD: And?

TS: You were running from the place.

RD: Oh.

TS: You were running like you were being chased.

RD: Jennifer wanted to leave so I ran to get the car.

TS: You drove yourself there?

RD: Taylor what's your point?

TS: Britney saw you there.

RD: Okay.

TS: She got very upset.

RD: She did?

TS: Yes.

RD: Why are you telling me this?

TS: Because you need to make up with her.

RD: I thought we already did that?

TS: Taking a shower together isn't making up.

RD: Taylor you don't have your facts straight. Who have you been talking to?

TS: You didn't take a shower with her?

RD: Who have you been talking to?

TS: I'll take that as a yes.

RD: Okay, who have you been talking to about my personal life?

TS: Katy.

RD: No you haven't.

TS: Who else would I have been talking to?

RD: Taylor where are you?

TS: Im in my car.

RD: Where are you in your car?

TS: I pulled over to call you.

RD: Pulled over where?

TS: What difference does it make?

RD: I bet I know where you are.

TS hangs up..

AJ: You ran out when Britney got there?

RD: Angelina Jennifer wanted to leave.

RD: Taylor is following Katy everywhere she goes.

RD: Katy is probably around the corner as we speak so you better split.


RD hangs up.

AJ hangs up.



"Stefani? Where did you get that from?"

"Lady Gaga."



"Yeah she's a milk bath fantasy of mine."



"I mean I couldn't tell her that you were here."

"So if I'm going to lie why not splurge, right?"


"I gotta go. Take this."

"What's this?"

"More incentive."

"Oh okay."

"And when the time is right give this to her."


"Okay um will do."








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Phone records continued...

RD answers...

RD: Hello.

JLO: Hi Crazy.

RD: Jennifer must you call me that?

JLO: What's wrong with it? Its true, you makin' me crazy.

RD: Are you going tomorrow?

JLO: I don't know yet.

RD: If you want we can go together.

JLO: What? No Maria?

RD: Maria isn't speaking to me.

JLO: Oh really? And pray tell why not?

RD: Because she knows that i want more from her than just a quick tumble.

JLO: Oh.

RD: So she turned and ran because she doesn't want to commit to anything.

JLO: I told you.

RD: Many people told me.

RD: I didn't want to believe it.

RD: So I kept fooling myself.

RD: I kept asking myself.

JLO: And what about you-know-who?

RD: Jennifer is so busy right now.

RD: I'm just a phase. She'll find someone else in no time.

JLO: I dought it.

RD: No she told me that thats the way she is.

RD: That she doesn't mean to, its just the way things happen sometimes.

JLO: Your lying.

RD: Maybe.

JLO: Why?

RD: I want to be ready when she dumps me. I'm preparing myself ahead of time.

JLO: How morbidly depressing.

JLO: If you ask me I think she wants to put you in her hope chest.

JLO: Take you out and play with you..

JLO: And then when she's finished put you away for safe keeping..

JLO: Put you somewhere where only she can get to you.

RD: Oh no she's possessive but not about me. She can have anyone she wants.

RD: I'm just the flavor of the month.

JLO: We'll see, we'll see. I'll believe it when I see it.

RD: So back to my original question.

RD: Do you want to go together or not?

JLO: Maybe.

RD: Its okay, Britney Katy and Taylor are always up for going out.

JLO: What's with you and Taylor all of a sudden?

RD: Nothing she's following Katy.

JLO: Oh.

JLO: Then what's with you and Katy?

RD: Nothing she's following Britney.

JLO: Um so then what's with you and Britney?

RD: Nothing she's following Taylor.

JLO: Crazy where do you get this stuff from?

RD: Do you have to call me that?

JLO: Yes.

RD: I just happened to notice that whenever one shows up at the same place they all show up at the same place.

JLO: And you of course aren't following anyone, right?

RD: Jennifer how can I follow anyone when I'm running away all the time?

JLO: Maria.

RD: Thats one to run away from yeah.

JLO: Alexandra.

RD: Every chance I get.

JLO: Britney.

RD: For obvious reasons yes.

JLO: Me.

RD: Um no not in that way no.

RD: I run away from you for a completely different reason.

JLO: What reason is that?

RD: Bey.

JLO: What?

RD: I run from you because of Bey.

JLO: Um okay if you say so.

RD: Both of you think that I need to end my relationship with the other one.

RD: She says your not good enough for me. That our friendship isn't a healthy one.

JLO: You told her what I said?

RD: Yeah.

JLO: No wonder.

RD: She didn't like the fact that we made the decision for me and her not to be friends without her.

JLO: Its for the best.

RD: I think your right.

RD: Her coming here and hiding with me in the dark was getting way too cozy.

JLO: How many times did you guys do that?

RD: A few hundred.

JLO: LOL did you hide from me?

RD: Well yeah I mean you were following her so yeah.

JLO: I wasn't following her!

RD: Jennifer I don't care.

JLO: I wasn't following her!

RD: Okay she must have seen someone else then who looked just like you I guess.

JLO: It wasn't me!

RD: Alright alright, no problem.

JLO: I thought you said Maria was having you followed.

RD: She is.

JLO: And you don't care?

RD: I'm in love with her why should I care?

JLO: You love her and she doesn't love you?

RD: Yes.

JLO: And your okay with that?

RD: I'm not thrilled but I mean I have no choice.

JLO: You should find someone else.

RD: I will but I don't move that fast especially when it comes to that.

RD: I don't waste my time.

RD: Maria grew on me. This didn't happen overnight.

JLO: You mean like what happened with Alexandra.

RD: Right.

JLO: And now Alexandra is history?

RD: Ancient history.

JLO: Okay.

RD: I'm looking for my soul mate.

JLO: And that's not me?

RD: No Jennifer that's not you.

JLO: Your lying.

RD: Why do you and Bey insist on calling me a liar?

JLO: We'll see.

RD: Okay.

JLO: So I'm here.

RD: Okay I'll be right there then.

JLO: Okay.

RD: Okay.

JLO: Bye.

RD: Bye.

JLO hangs up...

RD hangs up...


















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Maria, more phone records.


RD answers..

RD: Hello.

KP: What are you doing?

RD: Im getting ready for my session with Taylor.

KP: Oh.

KP: I didn't know she was with you too.

RD: Taylor and I go way way back.

RD: She's just coming back for some of the new stuff.

KP: Oh.

RD: I like Taylor.

RD: She's smart, attractive, talented.

KP: Why do I hear a but coming?

RD: Um she likes to do strange things.

KP: Really? Like what?

RD: She leaves me notes on the wall of the mens room.

KP: What?

RD: She leaves me notes in the mens room.

KP: How?

RD: I don't know how and I don't ask.

RD: She scribbles them on the wall.

KP: Are you joking?

RD: No I'm serious.

KP: Wow!

RD: She also likes to come here and make me watch your videos with the sound off.

KP: What?

RD: I used to have a dog. A beautiful beautiful dog.

RD: He passed away and I was devastated.

RD: So much so that I kept the cage.

RD: Its big enough for someone to crawl into it.

RD: When Taylor comes over I set it up and we pretend that I captured her in the wild.

RD: And that she needs to be tamed.

KP: Wow.

RD: Yes.

RD: And when she's really getting into it, you know getting into character, becoming the beast.

RD: She pretends that she's you and she sings, "And your gonna here me ROAR!"

KP: No.

RD: Absolutely.

RD: Yeah she loves the cage and the song.

RD: She comes over gets undressed and I take out the cage, the leash, and the collar.

RD: I put it on her and lead her around the house.

RD: Make her roll over, do tricks, drink out of a bowl, purr.

KP: You can't be serious.

RD: Very.

RD: And after talking to Megan and seeing how well Taylor responded to this type of therapy

I decided to put it in. 

RD: You know, make it a part of my "Life Studies Guide Plan for Intimate Success."

KP: How does Megan think this stuff up?

RD: She doesn't. She just makes me think about other ways to make it better.

RD: She's always thinking about stuff you know, she's always on the case.

KP: How does Taylor know that you will get the message in the mens room?

RD: She leaves it in stores where you and I go together.

RD: Where you me and Britney shop.

RD: She leaves her fake cell number with a message thats addressed to RD.

KP: Where we shop?

KP: And how do you respond?

RD: I don't. 

KP: Oh.

RD: I just read them.

KP: Oh.

KP: And what do the messages say?

RD: Taylor has an odd sense of humor. She's wickedly funny.

RD: Likes to laugh at her own jokes.

RD: She likes her clean cut image but loves having a dark side.

RD: Um she writes me love letters usually.

KP: What?

RD: She writes me love letters.

RD: She scribbles them where I can see them.

RD: Eye level above the urinals.

KP: Why does she do this?

RD: Because she wants me to walk back to wherever it is that you are in the store and think about her.

KP: Seriously?

RD: Yes. She wants to be part of our time together and this is how she invites herself in without having to ask to join us.

KP: Your joking right?

RD: No no I'm not.

RD: I mean what do you expect? 

RD: Anyone seeing you and her anywhere together is too good to be true.

RD: Photographers want to capitalize on whatever they can get to get their greedy little hands on.

RD: She probably follows us into the store and wears a disguise.

RD: She knows you don't like her and she's extremely jealous of our friendship.

KP: I never said I didn't like her.

KP: I said that it wasn't us together at Club Nine.

RD: I know that.

RD: She's the one that says you don't like her.

KP: I said what I said because she said what she said.

RD: Okay, fair enough.

KP: I don't understand why she is so jealous I mean you and I just met.

RD: Maybe you have something that she doesn't have anymore.

KP: No.

RD: No?

RD: Okay whatever you say.

KP: You know what.

RD: What?

KP: Whatever you and Taylor have together um I don't want to know about it.

KP: Don't tell me okay.

RD: Okay. I won't say a word about her anymore.

KP: Good.

KP: Lets meet up and go get some ice cream, okay?

RD: I can't.

KP: Why not?

RD: Because Taylor will be here in ten minutes.

KP: God! Fine, call me when you are finished then. I wanna tell you something.

RD: Katy Taylor is a long long session.

RD: I put everything in when she comes over.

RD: We will be up late late late practicing.

KP: I don't care.

KP: Call me! Wake me up! I have something that I have to tell you!

KP: Something I don't want to say over the phone.

RD: Okay okay. I'll call you. I promise.

KP: Great!

KP: So speak later then.

RD: Okay.

KP: Okay.

RD: Bye Katy.

KP: Bye.

Katy hangs up..

RD hangs up..







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Phone records continued...

RD answers..

RD: Hello

B: Where did you go? Why did you leave?

RD: Bey, Jennifer needed a friend that night.

B: So did I.

B: Is this, is this part of us breaking up?

RD: Our friendship has nothing to do with why I left the other night.

B: I think I should get a chance to have a say in this.

B: How come its always what she says goes?

B: Who put her in charge of our relationship?

RD: She's been having you followed so what do you expect?

B: So, Maria is having you followed.

RD: Maria is having me followed so she can cheat on me.

B: What?

RD: She's having me followed so she can cheat.

B: And your okay with that?

RD: No but I'm willing to let her do it.

RD: I mean if this is what she needs to do to feel more secure in our relationship then she should go ahead and do it.

B: I can't do that.

RD: Why would you do that?

RD: Your in a good situation. Why leave?

B: What does Jennifer following me have to do with it?

RD: She knows that you come to my place.

RD: She thinks that there's more going on.

RD: I told her there isn't but she doesn't want to listen.

B: She should just ask me.

RD: Agreed. Why come to me when you guys are so close?

B: I'll talk to her.

RD: Okay but you didn't hear any of this from me.

B: Then who did I hear it from?

RD: I don't know but what I told you stays between us.

B: Okay.

B: I can't believe you let her cheat on you.

B: Are you going to cheat back?

RD: No I'm okay. I'll wait until she's finished showing me what she wants me to see.

B: So you think that she knows that you know?

RD: Yeah I think she wanted me to see them following me.

B: Okay.

RD: I mean we walk into the room and there's stuff there that isn't ours.

RD: Your packing up and you find stuff there that isn't mine and it isn't hers either.

B: What do you do when you find stuff that doesn't belong to either one of you?

RD: I let her off the hook and say that the maid that turned the beds must have left these here by mistake.

B: And what does she say?

RD: She just nods and agrees with me.

B: Wow!

B: And this is okay with you? I mean this is what you want?

RD: I want Maria.

B: Yeah but at what cost to you?

RD: Your right your right. I do pay a heavy price.

RD: Especially when you-know-who would never do such a thing.

B: I thought she was having you followed?

RD: She is.

RD: But she's having me followed to see if I'm cheating on her.

RD: Not so she can cheat on me.

B: (sighs) I can't believe she has me followed.

RD: I can.

B: She told me you are going to be spending the holidays together.

RD: Yeah me her and Danielle.

B: The baby sitter?

RD: Yeah I referred her to JLO.

B: Okay um okay.

RD: Why?

B: Nothing.

RD: Okay.

B: So what are you doing now?

RD: Cleaning up.

B: Oh.

RD: You wanna come over before Jennifer comes over?

B: God, she's always there now!

RD: No not JLO, you-know-who.

B: Oh no no thats okay.

RD: How about I meet you at the stables in ten and we go get some ice cream?

B: You have time?

RD: Always.

B: Okay.

RD: I'll see you then.

B: Okay.

Rd: Okay bye.

B: Bye.

B hangs up..

RD hangs up..




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RD: Uh yeah I got next.

RD: But I get what your saying.

RD: Its like being in distress all of the time.

RD: You see them and you panic.

RD: You don't want to look but you look anyway.

RD: You turn away only to feel their eyes staring at you when your not looking at them.

RD: And thats when you run.

RD: You run and hide from them.

RD: Hide your true feelings.

RD: Hide what you want them to be in your life.

CC: Um I don't think she has that problem with you.

CC: But I do think that she is passionate about everything she does.

CC: Passionate about everyone around her.

CC: I mean you know what she can be like.

CC: She has this guilt. 

CC: Its as if she feels like she has to give back for bad behavior or something.

CC: All the while no one thinks anything of it.

CC: No expects anything from her because she gives so much.

CC: I mean when was the last time you heard, "And what about Jennifer?"

CC: When is she going to make a contribution to whatever for whatever.

CC: I think in time you will not want what she wants to give you but what she doesn't want to give you.

RD: I think your right.

RD: I don't know her well enough.

RD: She's still a stranger to me.

RD: Sometimes when we are in bed talking and she's laying right next to me.

RD: I think to myself, "Is she always this way?"

RD: Is this her or am I meeting who she wants me to meet.

RD: You know, is not giving in to who she is the wrong way of going about it.

RD: Should I just agree with what I see and except her for who she is or should I not except her and get the respect that

I think that I deserve.

RD: What I mean to say is, can we get along as it is?

RD: Can she be one of the most recognized people in the world and still have a long term relationship with someone who

isn't interested in whatever she has to be.

RD: Can she be with me and still fulfill all of the needs of every one else.

CC: Um I can relate to where she is coming from and I don't think that you would be able to get what you want from her.

CC: You want passion. Rip her clothes off and throw her down on the bed love.

CC: Jennifer won't give you that.

CC: She doesn't understand what that is.

CC: It doesn't compute for her.

CC: She doesn't share anything like that with anyone.

CC: She's not overly affectionate. 

CC: She doesn't need to touch anyone when she speaks to them.

RD: So all the stuff we did up until now is what? Window dressing? An act?

CC: I think she did what she thought you wanted to do.

CC: She's very much that way.

CC: Willing to go along with whatever to see where whatever leads.

CC: But in terms of long term relationships.

CC: I think that she likes to stay home and thinks that that sort of thing is for other people.

CC: She likes being in control.

CC: You can't sweep her off her feet. She won't let you.

RD: Agreed.

RD: And I'm not saying that she's a control freak.

RD: I'm saying that she just likes to be on top of everything.

CC: I misjudged you.

CC: I'm glad we had this talk.

RD: Me too.

CC: I don't hate you LOL

CC: I just thought that we had a good time and that was it.

CC: You went back to whomever else it is that you go to and I went back home.

CC: I mean I thought you liked me.

RD: I do like you.

RD: I like you enough to know not to like you.

CC: Because she would kill you right?

RD: No the thought never crossed my mind LOL


RD: Im not sure which one is worse.

RD: Both are ferocious when made angry.

RD: I wouldn't know what to do with Maria if she got really angry.

CC: Oh I was talking about Jennifer.

RD: You know its funny I feel like I can tell Jennifer anything.

RD: That there are no limits.

RD: Her beauty masks so many things that most of us just can't hide.

RD: I mean she's great at just laughing stuff off.

RD: You know, like whatever happened doesn't effect her what-so-ever.

CC: Your right about her ability to jump in just to jump right back out again.

CC: It reminds me about that bet that you lost with your uncle.

CC: The Alexandra bet.

RD: Yeah yeah I liked her a lot.

RD: She went both ways too.

RD: I remember making excuses just to talk to her. 

RD: Buying the entire staff at work Christmas presents just to be able to buy her something.

RD: I wanted to show her anything about me other than the bet.

CC: Um how many of these bets have you been on?

CC: I mean how many of these bets have you actually won?

RD: Courteney um I can't talk about that.

RD: But I will say that Alexandra was a bet that I lost at hello.

RD: I had to insure that she didn't find out that she was a bet.

RD: I had to insult her character.

RD: Say something to her about something that she wouldn't like. 

RD: Disrespect her.

CC: Why?

RD: They were watching me.

RD: I had to throw them off. Make them look elsewhere.

RD: And when I couldn't stop looking at her I ended up doing the same thing that they did.

RD: I ended up looking in a different direction.

RD: I ended up looking for a replacement.

CC: And thats when you discovered that Cindy was married.

RD: Um yeah that was a hard bet to lose also.

RD: She would invite me out over and over again but I was still very much in love with Alexandra.

RD: I must have turned down Cindy three or four times at least.

RD: It was crazy because she even started showing me pictures of herself.

CC: What?

RD: They were nice pictures. Tasteful.

RD: You know of her legs and everything.

CC: Wow.

RD: You say that again.

RD: When she showed me the pictures I almost lost it.

CC: She was pretty.

RD: Very.

CC: But you lost that bet too.

RD: Yeah I found out that she was married.

CC: Wait she was married and showing you pictures of herself??

RD: I think she was doing the same thing as I was you know faking it to find something real.

CC: Secret shopping huh?

RD: Yeah.

RD: Alexandra was like this great song that I didn't want to stop listening to.

RD: While Cindy was just the prettiest girl I could find to replace Alexandra...








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More phone records...

RD answers.

RD: Hello.

BS: What are you doing?

RD: Watching Maria.

BS: Your watching tennis?

RD: Um yeah yeah I'm watching tennis.

BS: Seriously?

RD: Seriously Britney what's up?

BS: Im in your neighborhood.

RD: Good good.. Don't come over.

BS: Are we ever going to work this out?

RD: Are we ever going to stop having the same conversation?

BS: Yes as soon as I feel like we are friends again.

RD: We aren't friends?

BS: You don't call me.

RD: You gave me the finger because you think I slept with Kaley.

BS: Look lets forget about it! Lets just forget the whole thing!

RD: What? You wanna take another shower, is that it?

BS: No I want to be friends.

RD: I don't know.

BS: Your serious?

RD: Britney you say stuff and then when you feel okay about what happened, you go the other way

without caring about what you said before.

RD: I mean where am I in this "friendship"?

BS: Your forgiven.

RD: Britney I gotta go.

BS: Yeah that's you.

BS: Running back to whomever because you can't handle speaking to me.

RD: Your being ridiculous.

BS: I'm big enough to forgive and forget it. Why not just let me?

RD: Fine, its dropped.

BS: Your only agreeing to drop it.

RD: Britney (sighs) I can't win with you.

RD: Damned if I do and damned if I don't.

BS: I heard about your problem.

RD: What problem?

BS: You have to spend the holidays with Numero Uno.

RD: I could think of worse.

BS: Does your precious Jennifer know that you have to spend all three holidays with her?

RD: No.. but she'll understand.

RD: We don't have any secrets.


BS: Is this why you called?

BS: To gloat?

BS: No I called to help.

RD: What?

BS: I called to help you.

RD: Okay I'm listening.

BS: Shakira.

RD: What?

BS: She'll back off.

RD: She will?

BS: Yeah but you didn't hear it from me.

RD: Okay.

BS: Okay.

BS: So are we friends now?

RD: Let me think about it.

RD: To be honest with you I can't look at you and just be friends.

RD: I care about you. You mean something to me.

RD: Look, give me some time to find someone to replace you first.

RD: Give me some space, okay?

BS: Great!  So now we can't hang out because you like me too much.

RD: Britney I really appreciate the help. I do I really do.

RD: (cough)

RD: Look Princess I need proof.

RD: Telling me isn't enough.

BS: God! I knew I shouldn't have trusted you.

RD: Thats not fair.

RD: Don't make this about JLO.

RD: This is about you and me.

BS: This is about all the other girls that you would rather hang out with instead of me!

BS: Its one excuse after the next!

RD: Britney..

BS: When are we going to sit down in person and talk?

RD: Alright alright, look meet me next Saturday.

RD: Meet me at Ivanka's new building.

BS: Why?

RD: Just meet me there.

BS: Your gonna be there?

RD: Yes.

RD: Lets talk everything out there.

RD: Its quiet. Its private. Its romantic.

BS: Okay.

BS: But if your not there I'm going to kill you.

RD: Understood.





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Phone records continued...

RD answers

RD: Hello

B: Your home?

RD: Yeah.

B: You chickened out again.

RD: Yeah.

B: Do you want some company?

RD: You know I'm impressed with the fact that you don't just come over anymore.

B: I thought about it and realized that you deserve better from me.

B: That your a good friend by letting me stay over there when I need to.

B: Willing to listen to what's on my mind without judging me for being who I am.

RD: Okay um well I'm glad to hear that you appreciate me.

B: Are you okay?

RD: I don't know.

B: She takes a toll on you doesn't she?

RD: Yes.

RD: I'm not sure what to do about it.

B: What does Maria say?

RD: She says face her and get it over with, man up.

B: Man up?

RD: Yeah you know, stand up to her.

B: And?

RD: Thats not gonna happen.

B: Are you afraid of her?

RD: Yes.

B: Are you afraid of me?

RD: Yes.

B: Are you afraid of Maria?

RD: Yes.

B: Is there anyone of us that your not afraid of?

RD: Jennifer.

B : Which one?

RD: Both.

B: Why? Why aren't you afraid of them?

RD: I don't know.

RD: They just don't scare me.

RD: We don't have any secrets to speak of.

B: And you and Maria have secrets?

RD: Maria is having me followed.

B: Still?

RD: Yes.

B: Oh.

B: Is Jennifer having you followed?

RD: No she's letting Maria's people follow me instead.

B: Oh.

RD: JLo is having me followed.

B: She is?

RD: Yeah every time you come over.

B: Thats not fair.

RD: She said to me that spending time with you isn't spending time with her.

B: What??

RD: Thats what I said.

B: I thought she said that we shouldn't be friends?

RD; She did.

B: Then why is she having me followed to follow you?

RD: I don't know.

RD: I told her that we would talk more about what we should do with you.

B: What!

RD: I bought some time to figure out what to do.

B: Oh.

RD: So look I'll see you at the stables in a few minutes.

B: Okay.

RD: Okay see you soon.

B: Okay.

RD: Okay bye.

B: Bye.

B hangs up.

RD hangs up.






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"Hey wow look at you."

"Why are we meeting here?"

"Do you know what time it is?"

"I thought we had an understanding."


"Angelina we do have an understanding but this was an emergency."

"Here, try this and tell me what you think."


"You told her I was eavesdropping."

"No um I haven't told her that yet."

"Well then what then?"

"Did you tell her about your contract with Numero Uno?"

"That your staying with her over the holidays."

"Um no no I didn't tell her about that either."

"Well then what then. Its late my husband is going to want to know where I went."

"Can I stay here for a couple of weeks?"

"Why what's wrong with your place?"

"Wait wait, don't tell me.. Alexandra."

"Um yes and no."

"Yes Alexandra is on the warpath and I'm running red lights to get away from her but no that's not it."

"Okay so what's up?"


"Jennifer had another episode and threw me out of my place."

"She got angry and threw my keys into Megan Lake."


"She she got angry and threw my keys into Megan Lake."

"Okay, so what happens now?"

"You know Bey right?"

"Yes but only professionally."

"Okay um she offered to help me."

"She has a set of keys to my place."

"She does? What in Gods name did she have to do to get those?"


"Against my wishes a long time ago she made a copy without asking me because she was convinced that I was

sleeping with Salma behind JLo's back."

"Were you?"

"No no I wasn't."

"At the time I was fully entrenched with Britney."

"My nose dive tail spin in all its glory magnified by the fact that she thought I was sleeping with her 

personal assistant Cacee and Britney's then best friend Kaley.


"Yeah. Britney was giving me hell for it."

"It got so bad that we stopped doing it every time the phone rang."

"We stopped caring about each other."

"We stopped loving each other."


"The guilt (cough) was just too much for me."

"I stopped working. Took a vacation."

" I met an old friend, a former colleague down in Mexico."

"She was nice. Attentive. Pretty."

"She took pity on me."

"We fell in love with it all all around us."

"We did it every time we saw the ocean."


"Okay um, where does that leave us now?"

"What do you require of me?"

"Oh oh sorry um I need $75,000 in cash, a car, three cell phones with three different numbers, access to the Internet,

a police radio and a separate land line put in here that I can use for two weeks."


"Also I need you in and out of here occasionally to show the world that you are staying here off-season too.

"I need you to shop for me. Bring me food and clothes."

"And also very important, women."

"Bring lots and lots of women."

"Something unheard of like Charlize and Heidi on Tuesdays, Sharon and Demi on Wednesdays and 

Minka and Megan on Thursdays."

"You know traffic to make it look even better than it already does."


"Um your serious about this aren't you?"

"Yes. I want to stay here at Lake Jessica until Bey says that the coast is clear for me to return to my place."

"Jennifer is running amuck again and she's squatting at my place waiting for me to return.

when she discovers what's been happening she'll want answers from me."


"Wait wait there's more than what I've already heard?"

"By now she probably knows everything, Angie. Red everything."


"Yes everything."

"Um well okay you can stay here. I'll I'll help you in any way that I can."

"I promise."










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Phone records from Angelina's lake front property at Lake Jessica...


RD answers..

RD: Go ahead.

AJ: I've got something for you.

RD: Okay I'm listening.

AJ: They have a bet set up.

RD: What?

AJ: They have a bet.

RD: What kind of a bet?

AJ: A bet about you.

RD: Okay.

AJ: You don't wanna know who?

RD: No, no, no not yet.

AJ: Are you sure?

RD: Yes.

AJ: I also have something about Jennifer.

RD: Um no that's okay.

RD: I'm sorry Angie but I have to tell her about us.

AJ: No not that one.

AJ: The other one.

RD: Oh.

AJ: So you don't have to stay with her over the holidays.

RD: Oh okay um I'm all ears.

AJ: Kim Kardashian.

RD: What?

AJ : Kim Kardashian.

RD: Wait you mean the singer?

AJ: Why not, whatever.

RD: Okay um thats all I have to say?

AJ: Yes.

RD: Well great, um what is this going to cost me?

AJ: I win our bet out right.

RD: What?

AJ: I win the bet.

RD: You mean the "Yours or Mine" bet?

AJ: Yes.

RD: Okay um let me think about it.

AJ: Okay you have two days.

RD: What!

AJ: You have two days.

RD: Angie wait a second..

AJ: I already waited for you to tell her and you didn't tell her.

RD: I understand but I don't keep any secrets from Jennifer anyway.

AJ: Fine then tell her and stay with Numero Uno for the holidays.

RD: Okay okay I see your point.

RD: Um give me two days.

AJ: I'll give you three LOL.

RD: Right.

AJ: Talk to you soon.

RD: Yes, and thanks. I think.


RD: Bye.

AJ hangs up.

RD hangs up.




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