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#241 Posted : Wednesday, October 02, 2013 1:20:20 PM(UTC)
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Hello Maria, Evelyn Evelyn South.

This from Rich Dick's journal...

I once knew this girl. A nice girl. Friendly.

Tried to get along with everyone.

Went out of her way to please her not only her friends but people she hardly even knew.

One night they all decide that they were all going to go out dancing.

What her friends didn't know was that it was her first time out anywhere.

She always had the dress but never put it on.

As the evening continued her trusted trusted friends decided for fun to play a joke on her.

They put something in her drink. Drugs.

It was something she had never done before.

They handed her her drink and she drank it.

She wakes up the next day and is never the same person again.


This has to stop.


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Hi Maria, Evelyn Evelyn South.

More from his journal. A letter to you.



I'm watching "The Constant Gardener". Its a great movie.

Its when he realizes that he can't live without her is when I think about you.

Jennifer is still here. We did it every night all night long last week.

She takes the pain away. The pain of missing you.

She's more than just a remedy, more than just an antidote.

She's a cure. A one of a kind unique rare intensely beautiful thing.

Thank God I don't have to choose. Choose between you.

At night in bed when everything is quiet and the world is still, I think about you with her sleeping beside me.

I think about what you have that looks just like her. That smells just like her.

When she suddenly wakes up only to lay back down again I say, "What is it?"

She says, "I was dreaming and I thought I saw Maria in my dream"

And thats when I say, "Me too."




#243 Posted : Thursday, October 03, 2013 10:49:35 PM(UTC)
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More from Rich Dick's journal...


We are sitting in the back together. I'm looking out the window.

Everything covered in white from the storm.

I don't recognize anything, I don't recognize where we are.

I'm far far away from home in your home.

I turn to look at you. Your on the phone again.

Your hair up, a red scarf wrapped around your shoulders and your beautiful neck.

You touch my face as you speak to someone else.

Its as if your saying, "I know this is taking a long time, I'm almost done."

I turn back around to look back out the window.

I watch the snow covered houses and trees whiz by the window.

Its looks so fast even when it slows down.

I wonder when we get there if you will have any free time this time.

Will we be able to do anything together on this leg of the trip.

Will you mean it when you say, "Tonight. I promise."

I feel your hand rubbing my back underneath my sweater. It feels good. 

It feels like I am in love.

I turn to look at you again, your still on the phone looking at me while you speak to someone else.

You point to the chocolates that we bought, I open one and feed one to you.

I move closer to you. Put my tongue in your ear.

You pull back and look at me. Kiss me on the cheek and go back to the person on the phone.

I reach up and slowly pull your scarf off, lean over, and kiss your neck.

I say your name softly as I kiss it, "Maria... Maria...."

You look at me again and put your hand on my knee.

I take your hand and hold it against my heart. My soul.

You look at me and continue talking.

I go back to kissing your neck, your ear, your cheek.

I tell you I love you.

You grab my knee again, much harder this time.

You pull away and look at me as if to say, "Five minutes, just give me five more minutes."

I turn around and look out the window, everything covered in white from the storm...




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Maria Evelyn, Evelyn South. 

More phone records...

RD answers..

RD: Hello

CC: Is she there?

RD: Courteney?

CC: Yup.

RD: What? You can't say hello to me? 

RD: Its just where's Jennifer?

CC: Yup, where's Jennifer?

RD: I know your upset with me since we haven't been out since the dance.

CC: You know I didn't call to talk to you I called to speak to Jennifer.

RD: She's busy. Tell me what it is that you want and I'll forward her the message.

CC: Tell her I said that you are a (beeeeeep) and that she needs to call me.

RD: Why am I the guilty party? I thought we had a good time that night?

CC: Just give her the message.

RD: I wish I knew what I did to get you so upset with me.

CC: Its not you its the circumstances.

RD: You should come over.

CC: I don't want to sleep with you.

RD: I'm not asking you to sleep with me.

RD: Courteney one sec, somebody has decided to give us a heads up and say something. Hold on a sec.

(indistinct chatter)



CC: Hello?

RD: Jennifer says that you guys will talk about about it first thing tomorrow.

CC: Tell her that I don't want to talk about her relationship with you.

RD: Okay I'll tell her.

RD: Hey instead, how about you and I meeting up and talking about my relationship with Jennifer tomorrow?

CC: What time?

RD: The earlier the better.

CC: Fine. I'll wait for your call.

RD: Fine I'll speak to you tomorrow.

CC: Okay.

RD: Okay.

CC: Bye.

RD: Good night Courteney.

CC: Good night.

CC: hangs up..

RD hangs up..

AJ hangs up..





#245 Posted : Sunday, October 06, 2013 4:31:24 PM(UTC)
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Phone records continued...

RD: Hello.

ES: Rich Evelyn Evelyn South.

RD: Yes go ahead.

ES: Hows it going?

RD: Um okay okay, nothing new nothing new.

ES: I was just tidying up.

RD: Right. 

ES: What's with you? 

RD: Nothing.

RD: Something.

ES: Huh?

RD: I'm joking Evelyn, I'm joking.

RD: Um I've been compromised LOL.

ES: You don't say? How?

ES: Wait I know, let me guess.. Maria.

RD: Does it show? Is my big Novak sticking out LOL?

ES: LOL no no its not sticking out.

RD: She's in my coffee Evelyn.

RD: She drives the car. Makes the bed. Makes me shower over and over again.

ES: LOL so what are you going to do about it?

RD: Do? Well I'm going to do what I always do.

RD: Suffer the consequences, break my heart, and play with my racquet.


RD: This is my dream girl Evelyn, and she doesn't know that I exist.

ES: I know what thats like. I've been waiting for someone to ask me out for a long time now.

ES: He doesn't know I exist either.

RD: Great, so we are both doomed.

ES: Don't worry she'll come around.

RD: Yeah right.

RD: So what's up with you and Holly? Friends? Not friends?

ES: Just friends. How did you know about that?

RD: She talks about you all the time.

ES: Oh.

RD: Yeah I told her you and I had a thing. She got so quiet.

ES: You did! Oh my gosh you didn't.

RD: Yeah I did it to break the ice. She is so serious all the time my God.

ES: So it was a joke?

RD: Well yeah.

ES: Oh okay, ha ha funny.

RD: So look um give me a couple of days.

ES: Okay.

RD: Alright.

ES: Sleep tight.

RD: Right LOL I'll try.

ES: Okay good night.

RD: Good night





#246 Posted : Sunday, October 06, 2013 5:27:56 PM(UTC)
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Maria more phone records...

RD answers..

RD: Yes hello.

B: What are you doing now?

RD: Nothing I'm still recovering.

B: You liar.

RD: Its true.

B: Do you ever think about what would have happened if we had met under different circumstances?

RD: No Bey the thought never crossed my mind.

B: Your such a liar, you know you have.

RD: No Bey I really haven't.

B: Then what do you think about when you think about me?

RD: Ask JLo.

B: What's that supposed to mean?

RD: Ask her she'll tell you.

B: Why can't you tell me?

RD: Because its not a good time.

B: Why whose there?

RD: Nobody.

B: So tell me.

RD: Um I think that if I wasn't with someone and if you weren't with someone that we would have a lot of fun together.

B: You mean more fun than we've been having?

RD: Yes.

B: Then I have an idea.

B: Lets be single. No commitments. 

B: What happens? What makes being friends any different than it is now?

RD: Bey I'm not getting into that.

RD: You are spoken for and I'm just trying to get along.

RD: Lets leave it at that.

B: I'm five minutes from you.

RD: You are?

B: Yeah.

RD: Oh, well um don't come over.

B: Why not?

RD: Because its late and we both need to get some rest.

B: How do you know what I have to do?

RD: I don't. I just figured there was something else you should be doing.

B: Where's J?

RD: I don't know she hasn't called me.

B: Your such a liar. Everything you say is a lie. 

B: Is she there?

RD: No she's not here.

B: Then whose there?

RD: Bey nobody is here.

B: Then why don't you want me to come over and hang out?

RD: I never said I didn't want you to hang out. 

RD: I said don't come here.

B: Oh I get it. You don't want to be alone with me.

B: You don't want to be alone with me in your place.

RD: Yeah, I think we need to set up some boundaries.

RD: Anything that prevents us from having to hide alone in the dark together for hours at a time.

B: You can't be serious.

RD: I'm serious.

B: Who put you up to this? Maria?

RD: No actually JLo told me that you and I need to re-examine our friendship.

B: Your the biggest liar. She would never say that.

B: Why are you telling me this?

RD: Is it really so hard for you to believe?

B: So I shouldn't come over?

(Indistinct chatter)

B: Hello?

RD: I think she's right. I think we need to stop having these late night heart to heart talks.

B: You don't want me to come there?

B: Your going to take her advice?

RD: We had a long talk about you.

B: Oh okay.

RD: Yes and she was being honest about how she felt about our friendship.

RD: Your name came up and she told me that whatever friendship you and I have has to stop at once.

B: Your such a liar.

RD: Call her. She'll be mad at me but call her anyway.

B: Why don't I get a say in all of this?

RD: I didn't think it mattered to you, so we decided it for you.

B: You think your smart.

RD: I'm not smart.

B: You think you can turn this into whatever you think it should be.

RD: I'm not sure what you mean.

B: I'm right around the corner from you.

RD: Okay well just keep driving and eventually you'll hit the thruway.

B: I'm pulling over.

RD: Bey seriously. Don't come here.

B: What's with you? Your so jumpy tonight.

B: Whose there?

RD: Nobody is here.

RD: Why can't you just take my word for it?

B: Somethings going on. I can feel it.

RD: Nothings going on.

B: Is she there?

RD: Who?

B: Jennifer?

RD: Jennifer is not here.

B: So nobody is there! You have nothing going on tonight?

RD: Yes.

B: Your such a liar. I'm coming over.

RD: No your not. Your not invited.

B: I'm coming over.

RD: What's with you people? I can't have one night to myself?

B: I know somebody is over there.

RD: Nobody is here.

B: Your lying.

RD: No I'm not.

B: I promise i'll keep my hands to myself.

RD: No we tried that and it never works.

RD: Um look, I'll meet you somewhere.

B: Why?

RD: Because you can't come here.

B: Are you going to tell me who is there?

RD: Bey nobody is here!

RD: Where are you? I'll come to you.

RD: Wait. Hold on a sec.

(Indistinct chatter)

B: Hello?

RD: Yeah okay fine come over.

B: What did you do?

RD: Nothing.

B: Who is this passing me?

RD: What?

B: Who drives a Range Rover?

RD: Are you serious?

B: Yes I'm serious.

RD: Your really losing it Bey, you know that right.

B: You were doing something.

B: I don't know what but I'm going to find out.

RD: Look are you coming over or what?

B: No.

B: I'm mad at you.

RD: Your mad because I won't tell you if someone was here?

B: Yes.

RD: Seriously?

B: Yes seriously.

RD: Then Jennifer was wrong. You do care.

B: You little (beeeeep)

RD: Hello?

B: I don't have time for this!

B: Who was just there! Who drives a black Range Rover!

B: I saw it leave your house!

B: Don't lie to me! Just tell me!

RD: If you saw it leave then you saw who got into it.


RD: Bey do you still care about me?


RD: Look this is getting us nowhere I'm gonna let you go now.

B: Tell me who was there!

RD: Nobody was here.

B hangs up..

RD hangs up..

AJ hangs up..














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Phone records continued...

RD answers..

RD: Hello.

JA: I haven't heard from you in awhile.

RD: Me too.

JA: Why is it that I always have to make the effort? Why am I the one that always makes the effort?

Why is it always me calling you?

RD: I never get through when I call you.

RD: I get put on hold and after awhile you just give up trying and hope that you won't forget about me.

JA: I swear to God you have an answer for everything.

RD: Its so easy to get trapped in your life Jennifer. Calling you is one of those traps.

JA: I know. Your right. And I know its hard for you to keep up with me leaving you different call back

number after different call back number, but what am I supposed to do?

JA: They bug me over and over again.

RD: And thats exactly the reason why I don't call.

JA: Then how do we solve this problem?

RD: What problem?

JA: The problem of me feeling insecure about our relationship.

RD: Oh that problem.

RD: Um lets see.. Ask me something.

JA: Anything?

RD: Anything.

JA: Okay here goes.

JA: Do you want to be more than just friends? Mean more to each other than just the show that made me famous?


JA: Seriously. Do you want to move in?

JA: Do you want to live together?

RD: What?

JA: Do you want to move in?

RD: Eventually but I think we should talk about it first.

JA: Okay.

JA: Um so what about Maria?

RD: Well that's what I was referring to when I say that we have to talk about it first.

JA: So your saying that us, you and me, we, you and me living together, depends on Maria?

RD: Yes thats correct.

JA: And this living arrangement depends on your decision or Maria's decision?

RD: Neither. It depends on you.

JA: On me?

RD: Yes.

JA: (sighs)

JA: You know what?

RD: What?

JA: I'm really tired.

RD: What?

JA: I'm really sick and tired of playing these games with you. I'm tired of feeling unappreciated.

I'm tired of having someone else in our relationship that we have to answer to. 

JA: That I of all people have to answer to!

JA: (sighs)

JA: Answer my question.

JA: When is it going to be about us?

RD: Jennifer everything is fine. There's no need to have another episode.

JA: I think that I make you a priority in my life.

JA: I take care of your needs. We grow together. I don't understand this whole sharing thing.

RD: You don't understand this whole sharing thing?

RD: Jennifer I share you with the entire world every day.

RD: You don't see me complaining about sharing you.

JA: Your twisting my words around!

JA: You know damn well what I meant.

JA: Why am I sharing you with Maria?

RD: Your not sharing me with Maria.

RD: At least not yet.

JA: So if I want us to be more like a couple, more like a family, then we have to consult Maria first?

JA: And then depending on what she says will depend on if we share my place or not?

RD: Well its not that easy.

JA: Your right, it never is easy with you is it.

RD: Look Jennifer lets focus on us. You and I need to become one. We need to merge.

And that bond will help us determine if we should take the next step or not.

RD: Be that family that you think we could be.

RD: Me suddenly moving in won't tell us if we will be happier together or not.

JA: I can't believe what I put up with from you.

RD: You know that I want us to be together.

RD: I mean its a no brainer. We get along. Have fun. Talk everything out. Care about each other.

RD: Who wouldn't want that especially with someone as beautiful as you.

JA: (sighs)

RD: Hello.

JA: You know you think your smart.

RD: What?

JA: You think you can sweet talk your way out of a Sugarpova HEAD bag.

JA: Um I'm waiting for an answer to my question.

JA: Don't give me the same b.s. answers. Answer my question.

JA: When is it going to be about us?

RD: Jennifer it already is about us.

RD: I'm not sure what you want me to say.

Jennifer hangs up..

RD: Hello.

RD: Jennifer?

RD: Hello?

AJ: Wow! You weren't kidding.

RD: I told you she gets very very upset.

RD: She wants me to choose between her and Maria and we all know what the answer to that question is.

AJ: She would kill you if she knew that I was listening. That I was here.


RD: Its okay. Hang up and I'll call her back.

Angelina hangs up.

RD hangs up..



" I love her too much not to call her back. I don't know where I would be without her."

"Its funny it was her idea to name it MJ, so I'm not sure where she is going with this. She keeps changing her mind."


"Anyway we'll see"

"Sheryl and Courteney can't know about this."


"Trust me I won't tell a soul."

"I'll walk you out."


"Keep me posted."



"Angie you should know that eventually I am going to have to tell her that you were here and that I let you

eavesdrop on all of our phone conversations."



"Why would you want to do that??"

"I don't think that that is a good idea."

"Don't worry I won't tell her that you know that I'm telling her."


"Its not a good idea to tell her."


"Angie she's family so we have no secrets. I have to tell her."

"Your crazy."










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Phone records continued...

RD answers...

RD: Yes hello.

JA: What are you doing now?

RD: Nothing. Why?

JA: I'm bored.

RD: You wanna come over and watch something?

JA: What are you gonna watch?

RD: "Star Trek Voyager".

JA: I will never watch "Star Trek" anything with you ever again.

RD: Why not? What you see yourself in it or something?

JA: I am not a Klingon.

RD: Okay okay alright alright.

JA: How come I'm the only one that gets compared to the characters in the show?

RD: That's not true Jennifer thats not true.

RD: I mean doesn't Maria remind you of Seven? Seven of Nine?


RD: And in some episodes I think that Numero Uno is actually playing the role of the Klingon, don't you?

JA: Yeah in some ways yeah LOL.

JA: So wait which character are you in the show?

RD: Again it depends on the episode.

RD: Most of the time I'm either Neelix, Tuvok, Paris, or Harry or one of the friendly aliens that they encounter.

JA: You are so weird.

RD: Like in "Star Wars" for example I'm Han Solo and Maria is Chewie.

JA: Your so bad LOL.

RD: What? They are like an old married couple.

JA: Ok okay this is fun. What other characters am I in the other shows that you watch?

RD: Um give me a minute on that one..

RD: I got one. In "Games of Thrones", I'm Kal the great warrior and you are Khaleesi the "Mother of the Dragons".

RD: Yeah your my bride to be. 

JA: Wow! that sounds so romantic.

RD: Its one of my favorite episodes.

JA: Next time lets watch that one together.

RD: Um okay.

RD: So what about me? Can you think of any shows or movies that remind you of me?

JA: Um okay...

JA: Okay I got one.

JA: Remember in the beginning of the movie "The Hunt for Red October" and they show the size of the submarine?

JA: You know they show it to you for the first time, you know how big it is. 

JA: That scene made me think of you.

RD: Oh okay. Um I'm not sure what your talking about because I haven't seen it but I'll hope for the best.

JA: Hey hey wait before I forget.

JA: I was wondering um right before we do it, you always pull back. You say your not ready.

RD: Yeah uh okay so what?

JA: But your ready. I mean your your stimulated.

RD: Jennifer it works differently for guys.

JA: It does LOL. In what way exactly?

RD: Women believe what they have been told. That their is no emotional attachment.

RD: That men can just go and not care.

RD: That we are just an instrument for women to use when the mood takes them.

RD: Jennifer it just doesn't work that way.

JA: Wait wait wait wait. So your saying that we wait because I mean THAT much to you.

RD: (sighs) If you must know, yes.

RD: You mean a lot to me and what we have together can sometimes be too intense for me to handle, so I retreat.

JA: Your serious?

RD: Why would you think that it would be any other way?

JA: You know what?

RD: What?

JA: I'm coming over.

RD: Jennifer listen listen..

JA: I know I know now is not a good time.

RD: Your right its not.

JA: Yeah and your with a friend I bet.

RD: No no bets. Nobody is here. Its nice and quiet around here for a change.

JA: Then there is no reason why I can't come over.

RD: Jennifer you act as if I haven't seen you.

RD: I thought time apart was your thing. Separating to be closer together.

JA: I want to know why you pull back.

RD: I just told you why.

JA: I won't stay long. I'll come and go.

RD: Okay fine come over.

JA: But no full moon jokes okay?

RD: Okay okay.

JA: I'll be there in twenty minutes.

RD: Okay um what are you wearing?

JA: A white Bentley convertible.

RD: Yeah um okay Jennifer I'll see you here then.

JA: Okay.

RD: Okay.

JA: Okay bye.

RD: Bye.

Jennifer hangs up...

RD hangs up...





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Phone records continued..

RD answers...

RD: Hello.

B: What up.

RD: Hey Lo Rider whats up.

B: I'm coming over.

RD: Bey its not a good time. My rehab trainer quit and I fell for it.

B: Fell for what?

RD: There's an old ancient saying that goes something like,

"Don't fall for a girl at the Jim because she'll make you weight weight and weight."

B: Are you joking?

RD: No I'm serious.

RD: Its the second time that this has happened to me.

B: Oh wait let me guess, Alexandra.

RD: No comment.

B: Can I ask you a question?

RD: Shoot.

B: How many women are you currently involved with?

RD: What?

B: You heard me.

B: How many?

RD: Seriously?

B: Yes seriously.

RD: And if I answer truthfully your going to tell me how many you are involved with?

B: Were not discussing me.

RD: Well why just discuss me?

RD: Bey what do you want?

B: I wanna know how many women you are sleeping with.

RD: Bey what is this? I thought we were friends.

B: We are friends.

RD: So what's with the personal attack?

B: What attack? If I were attacking you you'd know it.

RD: Your right I probably would.

B: How many?

RD: What difference does it make?

B: How many?

RD: Wait a sec so when a reporter asks you a personal question, you don't like it right?

B: Neither one of us is a reporter. Were friends. You can trust me.

RD: This is crazy.

B: So tell me, how many?

RD: Nobody. None.

B: Stop playing games. Tell me.

RD: Tell me why you want to know.

B: I'm curious.

RD: Your curious.

B: Yes I'm curious.

RD: So you wanna know all of my sexual habits. What I do. Whom I do it with. How often.

B: Answer the question.

RD: If I tell you will you tell me?

B: You know the answer to that question.

RD: I do? Oh okay well for fun refresh my memory.

B: Answer the question.

RD: Look Bey, I like you, I like you even when you stop by without calling.

RD: Wake me up at four in the morning and say, "Get dressed, I'm hungry, feed me."

RD: You come here and I let you win.

RD: But this line of questioning is out of line. I thought we had more respect for each other.

B: Are you going to tell me?

RD: Are you going to tell me why you want to know?

B: I won't tell anyone.

RD: Okay.

B: What?

RD: What what?

B: Fine. She asked me to ask you.

RD: Who?

B: Who do you think?

RD: JLo asked you to ask me who I'm sleeping with?

B: Yes.

RD: Okay. Tell her I said everybody.

B: Seriously.

RD: Why should I tell her?

B: Come on just tell her. She's not gonna tell anyone.

RD: She wants to know but obviously you can't tell her everyone so instead I'm going to tell her

what she wants to hear.

B: Okay. Tell me what she wants to hear.

RD: I'm sleeping with Maria.

B: And..

RD: Jennifer and Courteney.

B: And..

RD: Up until a month ago this girl from work, Danielle.

B: And..

RD: Do massages count?

B: Yes.

RD: My trainer at the rehab center.

B: And..

RD: Well Numero Uno of course.

B: Okay.

RD: Okay?

B: Yeah okay. There's no need to tell me anyone else.

RD: Are you sure? I mean you don't want details.

RD: Like what we did and how we did it?

B: No no that's okay.

RD: So what is that it?

B: For now yeah thats it.

RD: So are you going to tell her?

B: No.

RD: Why not?

B: Because its okay.

RD: Bey.

B: Yeah?

RD: If you wanted to know why not just come out and ask me?

B: I did.

RD: I didn't know this was for you, I lied.

B: You did not!

RD: Did to.

B: Your lying!

RD: Yes I am and I did.

B: Tell me who you are sleeping with!

RD: No.

B: I'm coming over.

RD: Okay but you won't get it out of me.

B: I'm at the stables come and meet me.

RD: What are you wearing?

B: A black SUV.

RD: Me too.

RD: Okay I'll be there in ten.

B: Okay LOL

RD: Okay LOL bye.

B: Bye.

B hangs up..

RD hangs up..




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Phone records continued..

Rd answers.

RD: Hello.

JLO: Its me. What are you doing?

RD: I'm watching "Bay Watch".

JLO: Why??

RD: You should have been on this show. You would have fit right in.

JLO: Your joking right?

RD: No I'm serious.

JLO: Talk to me baby. What are we doing tonight?

RD: Yeah this show screams Latina.

JLO: How come every time I call you you have plans?

RD: Jean won't leave me alone.

JLO: Jean?

RD: Yeah Jean, my French friend, you know the musclebound one with the long blonde hair who looks like Thor.

JLO: Oh.

RD: He's new here. The poor guy is helpless without me. He doesn't know his way around.

JLO: Aw thats too bad for him.

JLO: Luckily he has a good friend like you to pal around with.

RD: Um I guess so. Actually I was hoping to introduce him to some of the heads.

RD: You know have him over to meet some of the gals.

JLO: Can I ask you a question?

RD: Shoot.

JLO: How many?

RD: How many what?

JLO: Forget it.

RD: You wanna know if I slept with Danielle?

JLO: You slept with Danielle.

RD: I didn't say that.

JLO: Your right you didn't but how did you two meet anyway?

RD: I'm friends with Derek Jeter and she wanted to meet him.

JLO: Oh.

RD: Yeah we were talking while I changed a flat on her new truck for her.

JLO: And?

RD: And what?

JLO: And thats when you decided it was okay to refer her to me?

JLO: To be my new babysitter?

JLO: Changing her tire is all it took?

RD: No actually she wanted to thank me so she took me out to dinner.

RD: And while we were there we bumped into Bey of course.

RD: She sat down with us and said that you were looking for a new sitter and thats when things came together.

RD: Thats when I called you and told you all about her.

RD: Why she isn't doing a good job?

JLO: No no she's great, she's great and she's willing to travel which is so hard for me to find these days.

JLO: But um what happened after you guys went out to eat?

JLO: Did you leave with Bey or what?

RD: Jennifer stop it.

JLO: Stop what?

RD: Stop investigating.

JLO: Why are you getting so defensive?

RD: I'm not getting defensive. Why are you being so nosy?

JLO: I know you slept with her.

JLO: I knew it the moment I laid eyes on the two of you together.

JLO: I can't believe you slept with her too!

JLO: She's like what twenty two?

RD: Actually she's twenty seven and what makes you think that I slept with her?

JLO: Because you did.

RD: You know what, I gotta go.

JLO: Why is it that you always run away? 

JLO: Run and hide whenever I ask you something?

RD: Why is my personal life always the one being questioned?

RD: And then if I answer truthfully I'm told that I am lying?

JLO: I never said you were lying.

RD: So if I say I didn't sleep with her your not going to call me a liar?

JLO: I know you slept with her.

JLO: Its okay just don't lie to me.

RD: Who told you that I slept with her?

JLO: I can't remember.

RD: Okay. Well you can't.

JLO: I can't what?

RD: You can't ask her.

JLO: Look I can see where this is going..

RD: Is this part of the job description now? Is this why you hired her?

JLO: Okay I don't have time for this.

JLO: I gotta go get ready.

RD: You shouldn't of asked her JLO. Jennifer did the same thing.

JLO: Don't compare me to her!

RD: Can't you just take me at my word? 

RD: Know that we have something special together instead of always looking into stuff that happened before we met.

JLO: If you would have just told me I wouldn't have had to ask her.

RD: Alright alright. You win.

RD: We had sex all over Mexico. She couldn't get enough.

RD: Thats all we did for two weeks straight. Heck we even asked Jennifer to join us because she was there

all by herself and three is Danielle's favorite number.

JLO: Two is Danielle's favorite number!

RD: Yes I know that, I'm only joking.

JLO: No your not.

RD: What?

JLO: You slept with her.

JLO: You made me hire her to be closer to her.

RD: Your really losing Jennifer, you know that?

JLO: I can't use her now.

RD: Jennifer don't do that. Please don't do that.

JLO: What?

RD: Don't fire her. She's a friend of mine. A good close personal friend of mine.

JLO: I'll think about it.

RD: Fine. What's it gonna take? What do you want? Name it.

JLO: I don't know what you are talking about.

RD: Jennifer, what-do-you-want.

JLO: I want all three major holidays.

JLO: Everything I say goes. Its not "yours" its "mine, mine, mine."

RD: What?

JLO: You heard me.

RD: What do you mean by that? All three major holidays?

JLO: I want you around me.

JLO: Not coming over. Not after Maria. Not after Courteney and Britney.

JLO: And certainly not after the other one!

JLO: You have to stay at my place for three consecutive nights.

RD: Jennifer this is nuts. Your getting crazy.

RD: Um lets talk about this over dinner.

JLO: No lets talk about it right now.

RD: I can't give you what your asking.

JLO: Okay then I guess I'll have to tell her that since you slept with her all over Mexico that I can't use her anymore.

RD: This is nuts. Sleeping with me should have no bearing on what Danielle does and doesn't do at work.

RD: Her private life is her private life.

JLO: Were not talking about her private life! Were talking about MY private life!

RD: No Jennifer actually were talking about MY private life again!

JLO: (sighs)

JLO: Are you coming? Do we have a deal?

RD: Your being unreasonable.

JLO: Are you coming?

RD: (sighs)

JLO: I'm waiting.

RD: I can't believe I'm agreeing to this.

RD: Fine.

RD: I'm coming but I'm not responsible.

JLO: What are you talking about?

RD: Danielle is going to think that I want to see her again.

JLO: I'll give her the holiday off.

RD: Great. So not only does she almost get fired for supposedly sleeping with me, now you say she has to lose money

for you and I to be together.

RD: Jennifer listen to what you are saying.

JLO: I know what I'm saying.

JLO: And I'm not going to let you turn twist my words around.

JLO: Do we have a deal?

RD: I already said yes. I'm just saying at what cost to Danielle.

RD: She needs the money. Why should us being together cost Danielle?

JLO: Enough!

JLO: (cursing in Spanish)

JLO: I will keep her on board for the holidays.

JLO: Do we have a deal?

RD: (sighs)

RD: Nine days over a span of three holidays is asking a lot. I have friends and family that want to see me.

JLO: I don't care about them.

RD: Three for Thanksgiving, three for Christmas, and then three more for New Years.

RD: Jennifer isn't that overdoing it just a bit?

JLO: I'll come with you.

RD: I'll bet LOL.

RD: But seriously, don't you think that Maria much less Jennifer will want to see me alone?

JLO: I don't have time for this.

JLO: Do we have a deal yes or no?

RD: Yes we have a deal.

JLO: Good I'm glad we had this talk.

JLO: I gotta go.

RD: Me too.

JLO: Good luck telling the other one what you just agreed to LOL.

RD: She won't care.

JLO: Okay whatever you say. Have fun.

RD: Okay.


RD: Bye.

JLO hangs up...

RD hangs up...

AJ hangs up...














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More phone records...

RD answers...

RD: Hello.

JA: Hi.

RD: Hi?

JA: I have a request.

RD: Yes.

JA: Can we have another party?

RD: What?

JA: Can we have another party? 

JA: You know like the one that we had after I bought the house.

RD: You mean the party where I was the only guy there?

JA: Yeah.

RD: Um I don't know Jennifer..

JA: Oh come on down be a spoil sport. It was fun. We can play "Puppy" again.

RD: Jennifer "Puppy" isn't a game. Its an exercise. Its supposed to help you grow as a person.

RD: Its not a toy.

JA: Fine its not a toy but I thought that everybody learned a lot about themselves doing it.

JA: I thought the group really learned a lot.

JA: Stuff that they didn't even know existed about each other.

RD: Your right. Seeing them following you around on their hands and knees naked.

RD: Following your every command was interesting to watch.

JA: Yeah I bet.

RD: I also thought Katy and Taylor were fun too. They should be invited to come more often.

JA: It was a blast!

RD: Yeah doing it again sounds like a good idea to me too.

RD: I thought you learned a lot about giving yourself away. Sharing yourself more. 

RD: I think letting a group of people take you for granted was a liberating experience for you.

RD: It was interesting watching you swimming in that sea of beautiful women.

JA: Um yeah, I didn't understand why you didn't get more involved.

JA: I mean you should have joined us.

RD: I was okay standing on the sidelines.

RD: I was there for you. With you. 

RD: You asked me to come and I did.

RD: I can't let our personal relationship interfere with these exercises Jennifer. I can't be both.

RD: You would lose respect for me in no time and learn absolutely nothing.

JA: Oh. 

JA: Well just in case you were wondering I would never lose respect for you if you ever decided to join us.

JA: Anytime you want to just jump right in. I won't make a scene or anything. I won't say a word.

RD: Thanks Jennifer I appreciate the offer I really do.

RD: Maybe next time I take you up on it.

JA: Good do that.

RD: So when is the next one then?

JA: I was thinking about an "I'm pregnant" party.

RD: I see. Okay well I'll come. Just say when.

JA: Come now.

RD: What?

JA: Come over.

RD: Oh Jennifer I can't. I can't come now.

JA: Why?

RD: I have a meeting with Megan.

JA: Oh.

RD: What? Something wrong with Megan?

JA: No no she's okay.

RD: She's married Jennifer.

JA: I didn't say anything.

RD: What? Tell me what's inside that beautiful head of yours.

JA: Nothing. Its just that I haven't spoken to her for awhile.

JA: I didn't know you guys hung out.

RD: We hung out a lot before she got married.

RD: She dumped me.

JA: You and Megan had a thing!


RD: What's so funny?

JA: She's not your type.

JA: She can't handle you.

RD: How did you know that?

JA: Because I know.

RD: Oh.

JA: its something you don't have, a woman's intuition.

RD: Okay. Well your right she walked all over me.

RD: She got mad at me because I wasn't ready when she wanted me to be ready.

RD: I remember her saying, "What do you mean your not ready! Look at it! Look at it!

JA: Wow!

RD: Yeah she was intense.

RD: I wanted it to work out but she had a boyfriend.

RD: So I we didn't do it.

JA: Oh.

RD: We wrestled instead.

JA: So thats where you got the wrestling idea.

RD: Yeah and it had such an impact on me that I decided to put it into my "Lessons of Life Studies Guide".

RD: To show my students how it can be used as a technique to release tension.

RD: Its something that they can do to re-learn how to communicate better with each other.

JA: It did wonders for me. I always wondered where you came up with that idea.

RD: Yeah that Megan is something special isn't she.

JA: Incredible.

RD: Yeah and thats when she introduced me to Britney and thats when things went horribly wrong.

JA: You know if you ever want to talk about what happened between you and her um I'm willing to listen again.

JA: Listen to anything that you may want to add to what you said before.

RD: Okay.

JA: Okay. Um so anyway I want to have "I'm pregnant" after I get the news.

JA: And obviously I want you to be there for both.

RD: Jennifer I wouldn't miss it for the world.

JA: Call me after Megan okay.

RD: Okay.

JA: Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

RD: She's married Jennifer.

JA: Okay okay I trust you.

JA: Have fun.

RD: Okay.

JA: Okay bye.

RD: LOL Bye.

JA hangs up...

RD hangs up...

AJ hangs up...




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Phone records continued..

RD answers..

RD: Hello.

JA: High and inside! High and inside!

RD: What?

JA: Thats what you think of me? High and inside?

RD: Jennifer if you must know we were talking about the Cubs game.

JA: Oh.

RD: This eavesdropping business has to stop.


Jennifer hangs up...

RD: Hello.

RD: Hello.

RD: Jennifer?


AJ: Oh yeah she gonna take the news of me listening to you guys just fine LOL.

RD: We'll see Angelina we'll see.

AJ: LOL take all the time you need.

RD hangs up...

AJ hangs up...


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Hi Maria, its Evelyn Evelyn South.

I am unofficially off the case but will continue to keep in contact with you.

Keep you abreast of the situation regarding Rich, Rich Dick.

God I feel like I'm at confession or something.

And the priest is about to give me every prayer he can find for me to recite over and over again.

Holly my partner and I want to start a family.

Its scary because I don't know how to begin such a task.

Rich Dick was telling me before he disappeared that he wanted to start a family with you

but he didn't know if being madly in love with you was enough to be a good parent.

I feel the same way about us.

Will I be able to answer all the questions that they are going to have.

Drop everything and be there for them at a moments notice.

Have all the right things to say. Be someone that they would want to emulate.

Holly is so strong, so powerful, so under control.

While I'm more of a free spirit. Out of control but still very much under control.

We kinda balance each other out that way.

I think Rich had the same thing in mind for the two of you.

I think he wanted to bring a moving van to the date.

Park it out back just in case you saw what he saw in you right from the start.

After reading some of the things that he wanted to say to you I think that he was afraid of you.

That he didn't know how to go about it and decided not to do anything about it.

He was happy with not getting rejected.

I think he thought that if you didn't know then you couldn't say no to him.

So his love affair with you never ended because it never started.

I on the other hand have been with Holly since we met at the academy.

The volunteering tennis ball girls thing is just a cover story.

We looked at each other and we knew right away.

Its amazing because she is so jealous of you.

She doesn't understand the whole Maria shara masha mania thing, the love affair that you have with your fans.

She's nice once you get to know her. Protective and warm. Outgoing but not overly friendly.

I think she has a hard time trusting people so she keeps everybody at a distance.

Doesn't share too much about herself with anyone.

Closes the door to the world and doesn't hear a thing.

As for me, I need people around me. I like being the life of the party.

I hate to sit still and I like to be in the middle of whatever is going on.

Holly keeps me grounded and I keep her from getting totally bored.

Rich said to me once that he thought he saw something.

Something that you had that he hadn't seen before.

He was running away before he vanished. He was running away from you.


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Hi Maria its me Evelyn Evelyn South.

I'm working the graveyard shift again. Its quiet here.

Still no word from anybody in the field. All of the lines are down.

I was thinking about some of the conversations that I had with him before he left.

The last time I saw him alive. The night when he left for the day and never came back.

He told me that he thought that he had finally found the right one. That he was scared.

He said that he saw you at a fashion show and that you were sitting in the front row

and that he was standing all the way in the back.

I could tell he wasn't looking at anyone else just by the way he said it.

He couldn't remember anything about the show other than how beautiful you were that night.

We ended up staying after and ordered take out to go along with the six pack of Heineken 

that he bought from the store.

It was fun sharing stories about stuff that we had both been through.

He said I looked a lot like you. He said he was in love with you.

He didn't know how to go about it. He almost seemed hesitant to pursue it.

He joked, "Its Maria its Maria help help!"

We finished eating and moved the desks out of the way.

Turned on some light music and lit some candles.

He was a good dancer. Smooth.

He started telling me about how you two used to dance and how you would get silly on vodka.

He told me you guys would get a hotel room with two beds in it because you insisted on sleeping

in a bed by yourself. I laughed.

He said you were the most beautiful woman he had ever seen from the wrong bed.

And thats when he looked into my eyes and kissed me.

I.. didn't know what to do so I kissed him back.

We danced and kissed for a long long time.

We found something that we both wanted to find but just didn't have the courage to ask for it.

And just when I started unbuttoning his shirt he pulled away from me and said,

"Evelyn I'm sorry I shouldn't have."

I said, "Its okay its okay. Maria isn't here but your safe with me.

I can be Maria. I can be whomever you want me to be."

We kept dancing but we stopped kissing.

I think he felt embarrassed about what had happened.

It was like he woke up and realized that I wasn't you.

It was the last time that I saw him alive and the only time I ever kissed anyone at work.



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Phone records continued..

RD answers...

RD: Hello.

BS: Hi.

RD: Hi?

BS: Its been a long time hasn't it?

RD: Yes.

BS: I think we should finally talk don't you?

RD: Um actually I'm okay with the way things are. I moved on with my life.

BS: You did?

RD: For the most part yeah.

BS: I don't believe you.

RD: Okay Britney if thats all I'm kind of in the middle of something.

BS: What are you doing thats more important than our friendship?

BS: Are you alone?

RD: If you must know, I'm in the middle of having a three way with Jennifer and Maria.

BS: What?

RD: I'm just joking.

BS: No your not.

BS: Its what you've wanted to do all along. You've wanted Jennifer since me and Maria well she just goes without saying

doesn't she.

RD: Maria doesn't know what a three way is.

BS: Maria knows exactly what a three way is!

RD: Maria is fed a steady diet of absolutely no anything.

RD: They want her to wait until the divorce is final.

BS: Then why do you want her so bad?

RD: Why do you think?

BS: Its not sex. Its not money.

RD: Wow you do know me.


RD: So anyway whats up?

BS: Are you alone?

RD: Britney I cant remember the last time that i had to salute you. Whats with the sudden interest in the company that I keep?

BS: I want to talk to you.

RD: Um okay but I'm not sure what else there is to say.

BS: You wanted Jennifer from the beginning.

RD: You know what Princess I gotta go.

BS: Just wait just wait. Hear me out.

BS: Just listen to me for a sec.

BS: (sighs)

BS: I'm sorry for what happened.

RD: There's no need to apologize but if it helps, no problem.

BS: Can I finish?

RD: There's more? Oh sorry go ahead.

BS: People were saying a lot of stuff about me when we were together.

BS: None of it being true.

BS: I took it out on you. I used you.

BS: And I'm sorry about that.

RD: Britney its nothing really.

BS: Your lying.

RD: I can't have this discussion right now.

BS: Fine then I'll talk and you'll listen.

RD: No I don't want to listen to this.

RD: I'm sorry, lets leave it where it is.

RD: You walking on stage to do a show and giving me the finger before your introduced.

BS: Thats not fair.

BS: I found you with Jennifer!

RD: Britney for the last time that wasn't me!

BS: Fine that wasn't you, I was seeing things again.

RD: Okay I gotta go.

BS: Listen I'm not calling you to accuse you of anything.

RD: Okay.

BS: I want to work this out, I'm tired of seeing you run out of places every time you see me.

RD: Thats not true.

BS: Yes it is, it really is.

RD: Jennifer wanted to leave.

BS: Lying to me won't fix the problem.

RD: Alright Britney lets stop for now.

BS: No.

RD: I'm gonna go.

BS: No your not.

RD: (cursing in Russian)

BS: Talk to me. Tell me why we don't speak to each other anymore?

RD: Britney.

BS: I'm not hanging up until you tell me what's going on.

RD: How come we only have these talks when you want to have them?

RD: Look I'm fully engaged in a relationship. What do you want? You dumped me so I left.

BS: I didn't dump you. I didn't dump you! You slept with her behind my back!

RD: I knew this was a bad idea.

BS: What? Now your gonna run off and cry to Jennifer?

RD: Britney don't.

BS: Don't what?

RD: Just don't. Don't make me say something that I don't want to say.

BS: What? Go ahead, spill it.

RD: I'm hanging up now okay. I still care about you, I always did, nothings changed.

BS: Tell me!

RD: I'll call you tomorrow.

BS: No tell me now!

RD: Jennifer and I had been doing it for over a year when you caught us in your pool house.


BS hangs up..

RD hangs up..

AJ hangs up..




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BS: What are you doing here?

RD: I was invited.

BS: Your in my shower.

RD: What?

BS: Thats my shower.

RD: You shower here that often?

BS: Everyone knows that thats my shower.

RD: I didn't.

BS: Your new. I think.

RD: I'll move when I'm done.

BS: I'm using that shower.

RD: You can use it when I'm finished.

BS: I'm not waiting for you to finish.

RD: Britney seriously.

BS: Here I come.

RD: Stop pushing me.

BS: This is my shower!

RD: Britney don't do that.


BS: Ah, thats better.

BS: Its too cold. The water is too cold.

RD: Look despite the fact that I'm willing to share this shower anyway doesn't mean that you can just push me out of the way.

BS: Did you have something done?

RD: What?

BS: What's that?

RD: I don't have time for this.

BS: It looks different.

RD: If you must know Jennifer thought it was a good idea.

BS: God do you always do what Jennifer says?

RD: You know I was having a nice quiet shower before you got here.

RD: There are six other showers to choose from. Why stand directly under mine?

BS: Fine don't tell me what you did to it.

RD: If you must know I had a procedure done.

BS: Yes LOL.

RD: You know what I'm gonna let you win. I'm gonna move.

BS: Your such a baby, forget it I'll move.

RD: No no I'll move.

JLO: Hi!

RD: Hi.

BS: Look.

JLO: Wait? What did you do to it?

RD: JLO I'm gonna go now.

BS: He's mad at me so he wants to leave.

JLO: Wait but I thought we were gonna..

BS: Gonna what?

B: Wow the gangs all here!

B: Hey?

JLO: I know right.

BS: Don't let him leave.

RD: I really don't have time for this.

RD: JLO why don't we hang out some other time.

BS: Why wait to hang out when it already is LOL.



RD: Okay now that you all have had your fun I'm gonna get going.

JLO: Don't leave. Stay. Here come to momma.

JLO: Here, stand here next to me.


BS: I told you this was my shower.

RD: JLO I'm done showering.

JLO: Here rub my back.

B: I got next.

BS: He didn't offer to rub my back.

JLO: Some of us just got it like that.

JLO: Lower.. Harder.. Good.. Good.

BS: He said he had something done to it.

B: Um wow!

RD: If you must know Jennifer thought that I should do it. So I did it.

RD: I wanted her to be happy so I got it done.

B: Yup you sure did LOL

BS: Big deal.

JLO: If you ask me it was perfectly fine the way it was.

RD: She said she wanted more. And I was thinking the same thing.

BS: You should have asked me first.

RD: Britney how can I ask you anything when we aren't speaking to each other.

B: You guys are in a fight?

JLO: You know what um lets not do this now lets switch.

JLO: Go to B now she needs your help too.

B: Oh yeah right, come come over here.

B: Wait wait you feel that?

RD: Yes.

B: There.

RD: I'm impressed.

BS: What? I don't impress you anymore?

JLO: Okay okay were gonna go now.

BS: Why are you protecting him?

B: Good. Yes yes that feels good.

B: Girl forget that, your next, get some.

RD: Britney I can massage you next if you want.

JLO: You see, we can all get along.

JLO: Turn around.

BS: Hey! Hey!

JLO: Oh sorry sorry.

B: Harder.

RD: What?

B: Harder, like this. Do it like this.

RD: How on Earth do you gals get your bodies this way?

RD: I ask Jennifer and she won't tell me your secret.

JLO: Our lips are sealed LOL.

BS: Where did you learn this from?

JLO: From him. Okay turn around and face me.

JLO: Arms up. Higher. 

JLO: Okay breathe now. 

JLO: Inhale in. 

BS: (inhaling)

JLO: Now exhale out.

BS: (exhaling)

B: Wait wait I dropped it.

RD: Whoa whoa!

B: What?

RD: Its okay. No problem. Britney you ready?

RD: You still want a massage?

BS: No its okay.

RD: God I just can't win with you I swear.

BS: You should have thought of that before you cheated on me!

RD: JLO please tell her that I didn't cheat on her.

JLO: Um he didn't cheat on you.

B: Yeah he did LOL.

RD: I didn't cheat on you.

BS: Your such a jerk! I trusted you.

JLO: Okay okay enough. Lets go. Everybody is waiting.

RD: I knew this was a bad idea.

RD: Showering together doesn't make it easier to wash it all away Bey.

B: Your right, your right. My bad. Lets go.

RD: Here.

BS: Gimme that.

JLO: You got everything.

B: Yeah.

BS: Don't talk to me.

RD: Britney I didn't say a word..








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Phone records continued...

RD answers..

RD: Hello.

KP: Sleeping?

RD: Nope.

KP: Is there anybody there?

RD: Katy if somebody was here would I tell you?

KP: Your still sore at me about that thing about Taylor?

KP: That thing about seeing us at Nine Club together?

RD: No I'm not. I went out of bounds on that one and you told me where you thought I should go.

KP: No I said you made a mistake.

RD: No you said do you think I would tell you if that was us kissing?

KP: Your right. When we got lost looking for the cabin.

RD: Yup, when we got lost with you know who.

KP: You didn't say anything about it then, what's the big deal now?

RD: Would you tell me now? I mean now that its happened?

KP: Um what difference does it make if it happened or not? If you saw us there or not?

RD: Thats not what I'm asking you.

RD: Would you tell me know that we have become better friends?

KP: I don't know.

RD: So you can call me, ask me whose here right?

KP: Yeah.

RD: So if I tell you whose here does that mean that we've grown closer?

RD: I mean your calling me now.

KP: You called me first.

RD: I've called you a gazillion times. 

RD: Why suddenly call me back now?

KP: I can't call to say hello?

RD: Yes please do, call anytime.

RD: I just want to know if you would tell me if it was you and Taylor that I saw that night.

RD: If you trust me enough to tell me.

KP: I don't know.

Rd: Okay then I don't know if anyone else is here.

KP: Ugh! Your impossible.

RD: No I just want to get to know you better. 

RD: And if you don't want to tell me you don't have to tell me, I don't have to know.

KP: Were just friends.

RD: Katy no need to explain.

RD: It just seems like I have to answer questions to get answers from any of you.

RD: I mean its like all of you want to hang out but don't want it all to hang out.

KP: Maybe. Um there's you know uncool people out there, hurtful people. 

KP: People that spread rumors and gossip.

KP: So you end up having to protect yourself from people who you think that you can trust.

RD: So you don't trust me after that trip?

KP: I trust you.

RD: Okay then we'll just have to leave it at that then.

KP: What?

RD: What what?

KP: Why is this so important to you?

RD: Its not.

KP: So why do I feel guilty about not telling you?

RD: I don't know.

KP: There's nothing to it.

RD: Okay.

KP: Were friends.

RD: Okay.

RD: Friends like you and me?

KP: (sighs)

Rd: Hello?

KP: Yes I'm here.

RD: Look if I've opened the wrong box I'm sorry. Lets just forget it.

KP: How come you don't ask her?

RD: Taylor doesn't return any of my phone calls.

KP: Really?

Rd: Yeah.

KP: Why?

RD: Um there was this thing that happened awhile back and it got messy.

RD: Taylor got upset and gave me the finger before she boarded her flight back to Tennessee.

KP: Oh.

RD: So anyway we squashed it but she still doesn't return any of my phone calls.

KP: Yeah she can be that way when she's upset at someone.

RD: Its too bad because Maria loves her stuff and I'm trying to listen to her more often.

KP: She has a lot to say doesn't she? 

RD: Yeah she leaves quite an impression.

RD: I think people write too much into the negative though. She's got nice songs too.

KP: Your right. But I also think that writing that way is her hook.

RD: Agreed.

KP: She's been through a lot.

RD: Oh I didn't know that.

KP: Yeah.

RD: So Katy is there anybody there with you?

KP: You mean right now?

Rd: Yeah.

KP: No no I'm alone.

RD: Yeah me too...






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More phone records..

RD answers..

RD: Hello.

AK: How come every time I call you you sound like your doing it?

RD: Because I am Alicia.

AK: What?

RD: I'm only joking.

RD: Just a little Bey humor.

AK: She's funny.

RD: The best.

AK: So are you going to that thing tonight or what?

RD: The benefit?

AK: Um yeah.

RD: No Alicia Maria keeps me chained up in the basement so I probably can't go.


AK: Oh c'mon stop playing.

RD: What you didn't know that about my number one?

AK: No what? She kinky or something?

RD: The courts my dear are only the beginning.


RD: You should see what she's like after she hasn't eaten anything and can't play for some reason.

AK: Tell me.

RD: She paces. Walks around. Eats. Looks at me. Eats some more.

AK: So? What's wrong with being restless?

RD: Its not restlessness.

AK: When I saw her over a month ago she looked okay to me.

RD: Yes she's a master at disguising what's really going on.

AK: Why what's really going on?

RD: The usual.

AK: Your not going to tell me?

RD: I'm not going to get into specifics no.

RD: But I will say that your a good friend.


RD: That Maria thinks fondly of you.

RD: In a cannibalistic sort of way.

AK: LOL your so crazy. 

RD: What? Bey is the same way.

AK: What?

RD: Bey thinks fondly of you too.

AK: Oh stop, me and her go way back.

AK: We cool. She's like a sister to me and her husband is super talented.

RD: Yes he is great at everything he does isn't he.

RD: I wonder if he knows how lucky he really really is.

AK: I think so.

RD: I mean I don't think I knew it when it came to Maria.

RD: I mean I look at her and I'm not thinking lucky. I'm thinking soul mate.

RD: Which isn't lucky.

AK: Yeah but you were lucky to find each other.

RD: Um I don't think that luck had anything to do with it.

AK: Then what was it?

RD: I think it was something I had no control over. Something that I didn't understand.

RD: Something about her that made me think about it.

AK: Okay.

RD: I saw something and I couldn't help but look again and by accident I couldn't stop looking.

RD: And thats when I lost my identity and she's been in my life ever since.

AK: Sounds serious.

RD: Yeah it is. I hope it works out for us as well as its worked out for you and Swiss.

AK: Oh well he's everything to me.

AK: I wouldn't know what I would do with out him by my side.

AK: I can't imagine doing anything in my life without him.

RD: Yeah Im thinking about all of that good stuff too.

RD: Sorry what I mean to say is that Jennifer and I are thinking about it.

AK: What?

RD: Jennifer and I want to name it after Maria.

AK: Wait. I'm not following what your saying.

RD: Oh um let me clarify.

RD: Jennifer and I want to name it after Maria. We want to name it MJ.

AK: O-kay. Um great. You know I think thats great great.

AK: Its funny she didn't mention anything about it.

RD: I'm not surprised.

RD: Alicia Maria is beautifully quiet. She's the whisper in the wind. 

RD: She standing right in front of you hiding all of the intimate details of her personal life.

AK: Oh.

RD: Its still just an idea. A mock up.

RD: Jennifer obviously has to be on board and has to want to have it.

RD: And then Maria and I would you know be there to help her love it.

RD: Its not every day. Its not traditional. 

RD: But what do you expect? These two are two of the worlds most magnificent creations.

RD: Somehow the beauty of it all just comes out no matter what.

AK: Yeah I think I see what your saying.

AK: They have so much love to give so why not let them do what they want to do.

RD: Precisely. I mean why let the laws of society hold them back from being happy.

RD: I'm in love with both of them.

RD: It was quite a shock to wake up one day to realize that I want both.

AK: Well hey at least you know what you want.

RD: Yeah your right Alicia. I'm a lucky lucky guy.



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Hello Maria, Evelyn Evelyn South.

This from a hotel that you and number 11 stayed at just weeks before he disappeared.

ESPN provided us with this transcript.





"You would think that they would have it ready for number four in the world."


"Its okay, these people take care of me. Misunderstandings happen."

"People have no idea how beautiful you are."




"Look I got it!"

"And these my Beloved are a gift from the one and only Anne Hathaway!"



"What does it look like?"


"I'm coming."





"Oh okay."


"Thank you and we are sorry about the delay."

"No trouble at all."

"Good night Madam"

"Good night"



"From Anne"

"Um there beautiful. Uh what do you do with them?"

"I don't know."



"No no dummy their not an accessory."

"Their for pleasure. I think."

"How do you use silver balls for pleasure?"

"Maria I don't know, call her."


"Ta-da! And this is from me and you know who."

"What in the world is it?"

"Don't worry Jennifer will show you what this is."

"Come here come here don't be shy."

"I wear it?"

"Yeah yeah um wait wait wrong way turn around."


"You can't expect me to wear this."

"Beloved this wasn't my idea."

"Lets try and keep an open mind."

"Lets hear her out and see what her idea is. She's a genius you know just like you."

"I've I've never seen such a contraption. And its so big."

"Yeah it is, she ordered it especially for you. Its custom made to fit you."

"What does one do with such a thing?"

"I don't know but she put a rush on it so that we could try it on sandwich night."

"Go ahead Honey, take a look at your self in the mirror!"


"Its such a strange sensation."

"Well at least it fits and it looks good on you too."

"Oh my God.. I don't know what this is."

"Maria its just an attachment."

"Its hideous. I can't meet Jimmy Kimmel with this thing on."

"Beloved don't worry. Jennifer has it all figured out."

"Whatever this thing is I'm sure its used for something exciting."

"Do you use the balls with it?"

"I'll call Anne tomorrow and find out what the story is with the balls."


"Okay um I'm tired."


"What happens now?"


"You go ahead and take a shower. I'll run downstairs and tell them about switching rooms tomorrow."


"I can't believe they thought all three of us could stay here in this small room."

"You know I think they actually forgot Jennifer."

"Sometimes reservations simply means we have room when we don't have room, but just in case

lets waste your time and mine and give you a room that you don't want just to bump you up to a larger room

so we look good to the rest of the world."

"Well Beloved as you were saying misunderstandings happen"






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