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#221 Posted : Monday, August 26, 2013 1:53:23 PM(UTC)
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Am I mistaken or is that you in the latest edition of "MEAT TAGGED".


Its amazing every time I think about JLo's latest great movie, "Parker"

I think about all those Summer nights that we used to spend together um "parked".

Bey would finally leave and Jennifer would sneak over and pick me up.

We'd drive around in her white white convertible and look for a place to uh park.

Once we found a place to look at the stars we would um "Switch".

I would sit in the drivers' seat and her in the passengers side.

She would tell me how things are going.

How everybody tells her that she's pushing herself too hard.

And that having a career and a family can be exhausting.

That you lose identity. Your self. Your soul.

I would just tell her that she looks great and that I didn't see any of that happening.

She would just half smile and say, "Thanks".

And thats when I would point to a bright bright star and simply say,

"Jennifer, that-is-you. You are one of those. Don't change anything.

Just be what you've been your whole career. Beautiful."

Thats when she would finish her diet coke and move closer to me.

Put my arm over her shoulder and rest her head on my chest.

Then she would say something like, "How come your not married?"

We would talk for awhile. Hold hands and gaze at the stars.

Then we would get out and move to the back seat for more room.

Sometimes we would fool around. 

She would smile and say, "Do you do this with Bey too?"

And I would just half smile and say, "No comment."

Then she would laugh and say, "You two know a lot about each other."

I would say, "What are you driving at? Why is it that every time we do this you have to bring her up?

What? Am I not enough for you?"

She said, "No no I was just curious. Curious about what you guys do when she goes over to your place.

Um if she says anything."

We kiss again and she says, "Well? Is there anything that I should know?"

I finally give in and say, "If you must know JLo Bey talks about you non stop. 

Every time we do it. All over the house. In her car. In my car. At the movies. In her dressing room.

Every time she comes over to hide from somebody. 

In fact, the other night I told her I don't want to pretend to be you anymore. No more showers.

And thats when she got upset threw money at me and left."

Suddenly out of nowhere someone pulls up right behind us and puts their high beams on.

JLo takes her head out of my lap and fixes her blouse while I zip back up.

Jennifer walks up to the car and screams, "What is this! What is this! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!"









#222 Posted : Monday, August 26, 2013 2:54:58 PM(UTC)
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Um you should know that I've decided to take a few weeks off.

Its the rainy morning after you decided not to play in the US Open.

Sometimes during our regular daily therapy sessions Jennifer and I role play.

We "Switch" so to speak. 

This way I can show her herself and she can show me what she's working on mentally and emotionally. 

What she's been getting out of all of our time together.

Its a way for us to see what we need to change about going about helping Jennifer.

But of course with Jennifer there is never anything to change.

So anyway, sometimes we pretend that we are wild animals in the jungle.

In this case we decide that we are going to pretend to be mountain lions.

So we have to do everything that they would do to survive in the wild.

First we practiced crawling around on the floor. Sniffed around. Smelled each other.

Scratched each others backs. Bathed by licking each other clean. Hunted.

Yes Maria that too.

We invited Eva Longoria over. We figured why not go all the way and order the filet mignon.

We called her and told her that we were lions.

We explained that it was for therapy and that we needed her to be a deer or a gazelle or something.

That she has to be willing to let us hunt and eat her.

Eva rushed right over.

She even wore reindeer antlers which was a big hit with Jennifer.

She did what we asked, she got completely undressed and we gave her a head start to hide.

We got on the floor and started crawling, Jennifer leading the way.

We crawled through the kitchen, passed the living room and up the stairs.

No sign of Eva.

She must of found a really good place to hide because we couldn't find her.

Jennifer staying in character, looks at me and roars loudly. I lick her paw and roar back.

We lie down in the doorway of the master bedroom to rest.

She starts licking my face and my ears. Digging her head in between my legs.

Suddenly I hear something so I sit up.

Jennifer crawls into the dark bedroom and comes back with Eva's underwear dangling from her mouth.

We inspect what she found. Play with it. Memorize it. Remember it.

Jennifer still in character, roars at me as to continue the hunt.

Then Jennifer's phone rings.

Jennifer yells out, "Eva stay where you are I gotta take this call I'll be off in a sec."

Eva doesn't respond.

Jennifer picks up the phone off the table and angrily says, "What? I thought I said no calls."

Then she says, "Fine, put her through."

She looks at me and whispers, "Its Britney and Katy. Katy Perry."

I roar and put my head at her hand. 

She kisses me on the forehead and starts petting me. I love it.

They talk for a minute.

Then Jennifer smiles and says, "Great, great, yeah just walk in and get totally undressed. Yes naked.

The door will be open. Okay, okay. Okay bye."

She turns off her phone smiles at me and says, "More gazelles."

Then she shouts, "The game is back on Eva!"

Then she gets back into character. She starts purring and crawling around me.

Smells my butt and starts licking me.

We head back downstairs. We crawl back to the kitchen to our giant bowl of soy milk.

We stick our heads in and drink.

We finish, lick each other and make our way out to the pool growling and roaring.

And thats when I hear something.

We stop. I roar at Jennifer. She roars back.

I wonder to myself are Britney and Katy here or was that Eva that I heard.

I see the plants around the pool. We look at each other.

Jennifer motions to me with her head. I growl back.

We split up. She heads to the right and I stay left.

We surround the plants. Wait for any movement.

Eva quietly peeks out, sees me and jumps out from behind the plants and crawls straight into Jennifer.

Jennifer jumps on her. Starts wrestling with her. Holding her down. Eating her.

Eva starts laughing and screaming, "Oh my God! Oh my God! OH MY GOD!

Jennifer! Jennifer, what are you doing? What are you doing!?!"

Jennifer stops growling and says in frustration, "Time out. time out."

Then she says catching her breath, "Eva you have to stay in character. You have to try to get away."

Then she looks at me and says, "Are you ready? What's wrong? There's enough here for both of us."

I say smiling, "I figured I'd let you have this one and I'll get the other two no problem."

Jennifer looks at Eva waiting and just smiles at me.



#223 Posted : Monday, August 26, 2013 7:30:59 PM(UTC)
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I thank the mailman and close the door. I open the letter addressed to you.

I get dressed and kiss Jennifer on the forehead.

I leave a red rose on the pillow with a note that says, "Maria Me Beloved, Maria Me."

I ride back. Back to the West.

I pass the Cave of Amazons, The Village of Flying Women and the Great Hole.

I ride my beast all the way back to the Inn.

Back to find the "Red Wolves" and someone named "Violet".

I walk up to the front desk and ring the bell. I look around.

They've changed everything. The lobby is new. Redone.

Its all marble now, red black white and gold.

Purple velvet curtains hang down the long tall thin windows.

Its very quiet here. Almost too quiet.

I say loudly, "Hello.. Is there anybody here?"

No response so I walk around. 

Everything is perfectly arranged. Flowers everywhere. Candles. A huge burning fireplace.

Its perfect like you.

Not the same run of the mill place where I met "Assassin" and "Stick".

I shout again, "Hello, is there anybody here?"

No response.

Then I feel my phone vibrate. Its Britney. It says,


I text back.

((Where are you?))

Her reply says,


My phone abruptly shuts off.

I look at it. Try to turn it back on. Its no use it doesn't work.

Suddenly it turns back on.

I turn around and there is the clerk standing behind the front desk counting money.

I walk up and before I can introduce myself she says, "I'm sorry but we have no vacancies at this time."

I look at her. Look around the lobby.

I say to her, "No vacancies? Lady there's nobody here."

She stops counting money and says, "What do you mean by that?"

I look at her and say, "Are you saying that all the rooms are filled?"

She says, "I'm sorry but we have no vacancies at this time."

I say, "You mean you don't have a room for me."

Then she says slowly, "Yes. That is correct. No room for you."

I say, "Well why not? I was sent an invitation."

I pull out the letter addressed to you out of my pocket. I point out your name and then mine next to it.

The letter says to bring me too.

She reads it and says, "Oh my mistake. I am sorry Mr. Dick. Please except my apology.

Yes you do have a room here. Its been waiting for you."

She reaches into a draw and gives me the key card to my room. Room number 69.

I say to her, "Um great just one more thing, I'm looking for someone."

She says, "So am I. You first.", smiling as she says it.

I half laugh and say, "I'm looking for two women. One Blonde One Brunette."

She turns around and says to me without looking at me,

"Mr. Dick there are many many MANY women here. Many that stay here. Live here."

I look around again. I haven't seen a soul. No cars. No horses. No people. Nothing.

Then I say, "Look I don't know what's going on here but there's nobody here.

I haven't seen anybody here except you."

She looks at me and says, "What do you mean by that?"

I feel my phone vibrating again.

I take out my phone and say, I'm sorry I've got to take this excuse me."

I check my phone. Its a text message from Katy. Katy Perry. It says,


I text back.


No reply.

Then my phone cuts off again.

I sit down on a huge huge chair and wait for a minute.

My phone turns back on.

I look up and the clerk is standing directly in front of me holding a large tray of food.

She puts the tray down on the table and says, 

"We, us, everybody here, thanks you for coming. We have been waiting for you.

Waiting for you to come and join us for a long long time. You are our special special guest."

Smiling as she says it.

I look at her. Look at all the food. Everything looks delicious.

I look around again. Pinch myself.

She says, "Oh I'm real Mr. Dick. Your real. The food is real. We are all real."

Then she says, "I will try to help you find your friends Mr. Dick but for now please help yourself."

I say, "Were friends now. You know like the show that made Jennifer famous. Just call me Rich okay, Rich Dick.

Then I say, "Um why am I suddenly such an important guest all of a sudden?"

She says, "You are with The Maria, yes?"

I'm chewing so I just nod yes to her. 

She says, "Well Mr. Rich Dick that alone makes you very very important to us.

So important in fact that she told us what you prefer."

I say, "What I prefer?"

My phone starts vibrating again.

I pick it up and say, "Would you please excuse me?"

She bows, smiles, and walks away.

I look at my phone. Its another text message.

But this time its from Stick.

I think to myself there's no way I gave her my number this is Jennifer just messing around.

The text message says, 


I turn my phone off.

I look around. Finish the last bit of goat cheese and get up.

I start walking towards the entrance of the Inn.

Then I hear the clerk behind me, "Excuse me excuse me, Mr. Rich Dick excuse me."

I turn around and she's a complete mess.

Her hair undone, her make up smeared, her uniform half torn off of her.

She says eager to please, "I think I found your friends Mr. Rich Dick.

They are waiting for you right upstairs. They are in your room, the biggest room, room number 69.

Then she says, "Go to them. Be with them. Let them be whomever it is you want them to be.

You can stop running now. No one is going to hurt you. They love you. Want to love you. Be in love with you too."

I say, "Um yeah, okay um, but I forgot something outside um I'll be right back."

I turn around and start walking quickly to the door. And thats when I hear hissing behind me.

I start walking to the door its right there in front of me. I hear hissing behind me.

I turn around and start walking to the door. Its there its right in front of me. The hissing behind me.

Yeah I hear it. There it is.. I can almost reach it. Its there...











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Hello Maria. You don't know me. My name is Evelyn. Evelyn South.

I'm another big fan of yours.

He said that while he was away that I could write to you in his place.

He said to just pretend to be him.

Lets see um I'm a tall girl I think.

Most people say that I'm tall, 5'9 and I wear a size two just in case you were wondering.

Blonde with bangs and highlights just like yourself. Eye shadow to the max.

Born and raised right here in Mount Holly.

Its a sleepy out of the way town just above a place called "The Sticks", which is Exit 69 on I-69.

Um yeah I loved growing up out here. I'm a beach girl and I never left.

So I just got back from visiting my parents in San Francisco.

I rushed all the way back east just to buy a ticket and watch you play only to find out that you 

decided not to play because of your injured shoulder.

Not what I was hoping for since I had already missed the Sugarpova launch.

I was flying home to hopefully get a look and watch you hit on the practice courts.

Watch you play and maybe get a wave and a kiss after yet another hard earned victory.

I've been a fan for a long time ago. I've watched you play many many times and like your game a lot.

I always pull for you and have a huge huge mural of you over my bed.

Its like a shrine that I kneel down to and pray to.

So I guess in a way you could say that I say good night to you every night.

And on some nights Maria I say a whole lot more LOL.

Um I hold up stuff that I bought and ask you, "So what do you think of these?"

and "Do you think this is too much?"

Sometimes I'll have my friend come over. Her name is Holly.

Yeah she gets that "Holly from Mount Holly" joke all the time-she hates it.

When she comes over she brings over everything from VS and we try it on.

You know make up and whatever. And then she insists that we watch you play.

We watch the same match over and over again but somehow it doesn't feel that way, weird right?

And thats when Holly decides that she wants to sleep over.

So we take a shower and try out more of the stuff that she brought over, shampoo and whatever.

Yeah its a good time. We've been friends for awhile now so we've seen everything there is to see about each other.

Ever since we volunteered to play doubles in the local tourney out here we have been inseparable.

So we finish showering, blow dry, turn off the lights and jump into bed.

And thats when I start praying, praying to my mural. 

The gigantic nude mural of you hanging directly over my bed.

And thats when Holly says, "Do we always have to pray to Maria?  I mean can't we do something else for a change?"

And I say, "I'm not asking you to pray with me. I'll be finished in a minute."

Then she says, "Why do you pray to her? I mean she never comes. You don't know her. She doesn't love you."

Then I say "Holly don't say that. Take it back. I don't want her to hear you."

And thats when I pointed up to my gigantic nude mural of you and Holly grabbed my finger and said,

"No no Evelyn no! Not tonight. Tonight is our night. I didn't come here again to pray to Maria again."

Then she says quietly, "I came here to be.. to be with you."

Looking away from me as she said it.

I had no idea. I didn't know. I thought we were becoming friends, partners. 

I didn't think anything of it when she got in the shower with me.

I sit up. Turn her beautiful face to look at me and say, 

"Holly I know. I've known for a long time now. I like you too, but Maria comes with me.

If you like me you have to like her too."

Holly looks at me and we both get down on our knees and pray to the most beautiful athlete in the world.




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Hi its me Evelyn. Evelyn South.

Um he was right. This is addicting. Your addicting.

Somehow your just an easy mark. Someone to dump stuff on.

I feel like I can say whatever it is that's on my mind and not feel guilty about it.

Its funny because everybody can read this so my first impression was like "forget it",

I'm not doing this the way he said I should. I'm not going to just blurt it out.

Tell you about it just have to talk about it again in private.

But after I thought about it for awhile I started to warm up to the idea.

Made myself some decaf Chai and let my hair down.

Let myself feel good about posting something like that here.

Like for example I was looking at Katy Perry the other day.

She's interesting looking. Outgoing but has that come-on-in thing happening. 

Not slutty but easy going. Secure in her own insecurity. A girl next door that welcomes you home.

A girl that might even be fun to get to know when she's not performing in front of hundreds of thousands of people.

When she's not being Ms. American pop star that is.

I was thinking she'll never talk to me. She's probably good at like everything. Like anything I could think of.

She probably graduated first in everything she's ever done.

Sort of like you in a way. I mean everybody knows the story.

Coming here from Russia with nothing. Your parents did anything to pay for your tennis lessons.

You went to Florida to learn how and the rest is grand slam history.

Now your a big time pro and great at everything just like Katy.

I'm surprised you guys don't hang out. Have a drink and dance on the bar.

Yeah I was thinking about asking her myself but you know how that goes.

Probably something like...

"Katy? Katy Perry? Hi, I'm Evelyn. Evelyn South.

You don't remember me um I used to work for Taylor and you guys went out and I did your hair once.

She wouldn't remember because I lied but she would say hi anyway because thats the way she is.

We would walk around the room and she would kiss everybody hello.

Introduce me as a friend of Taylor's and thats when I would step close to her take her hand and say quietly,

"Come, come with me. Lets go freshen up."

She would look at me. I would look back at her.

She would say something like, "I can't just leave."

Tell me about her tour, her agent, her publicist, blah blah blah blah blah.

And I would look straight into her eyes and say, "Katy lets go."

She would walk to the ladies room and I would follow.

We'd talk there and meet later. I'd pick her up and we'd go for a ride.

She'd say, "I've never done this before.", and thats when I'd take her hand and say, "Neither have I."

We'd drive to the mountains. Buy a six and a pie and look out at the ocean.

And just before she can say, "Its getting late. I should be getting ba.."

I would plant one on her. Make her forget about the world for awhile.

Whisper in her ear and sing to her in her sleep. Let her rest in my arms.

Make her a muffin in the morning and then take her back to her life.

Drop her off without saying a word.

Look into her beautiful eyes one last time without saying a thing.





#226 Posted : Saturday, August 31, 2013 12:51:21 PM(UTC)
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Hi Maria. Its me Evelyn.

He's still away so I'm holding the fort down until he comes back.

We all went out last night.

It was the last Friday of the month, the Friday we like to call "Girls Night Out".

Its a night where we all drop everyone and everything to have fun.

Um it was me, Holly, Candy, and Barbie and we were all driving back from my friend Sally's all wet Bridal shower.

You'd like Sally she drives a hot hot purple corvette.

So we get off of I-69 and make the left turn onto Cougar Road.

As we pass "Tools and Things" we see this hot hot girl walking on the side of the road.

Candy, the real athlete in our group, the triathlon winner says,

"We should stop. Its not safe for her to walk out here all by herself."

Then Barbie my personal trainer says, "Forget the danger part Evelyn, pick her up because she's hot."

I look at Holly. She says, "We are coming up on The Sticks, girl."

So I slow down and Holly rolls down the window. She looks at us.

I watch all three of them lean out the window to say hello to her.

She looks at us and says, "Yeah?"

Holly says, "Do you need a lift Honey? We don't bite.

Its a tough stretch of town coming up up here. You don't wanna walk."

She keeps walking and says "Why? What do I have to be afraid of?"

Holly says, "Wolves girl.. Red Wolves."

I stop the car and Holly gets in the back while she gets in the front and we start moving.

I say to her, "So what's your name? Where are you from?"

She says, "My name is Olivia. Olivia O'Dell"

I say, "Well Olivia this is Barbie, Candy, and Holly and my name is Evelyn."

She turns around and says hi to everyone, looks at me and says, "Thanks."

Then I say, "So Olivia where to? Where should I drop you off?

She says, "I'm in between places right now so if you could just leave me at the nearest 

Seven Eleven um I'll be fine.'

Barbie says, "Seven Eleven? We aren't gonna leave you at Seven Eleven."

I watch Barbie turn to look at Holly and Candy as if to say, "Can she stay with one of you two?"

And thats when I say, "Its okay Olivia. You can stay at my place tonight.

Holly was going to sleep over anyway so whats one more head to feed, right."

Everybody gets quiet and just looks at me. 

I figured she needed our help. I mean look at her, she's beautiful.

Prettier than any of us and she not wearing any make up to speak of.

In fact she not carrying anything at all. No bag, no purse, nothing.

She's got on ripped cut off daisy dukes, a tank top, and a unbuttoned flannel shirt.

She's wearing a necklace with a set of red lips on it. Opium I think.

I say to her "Um Olivia your obviously not from around here.

Are you running from something? Are you a run away?"

She looks down at her lap.

Holly leans forward and says, "Its okay its okay we are only here to help."

She turns around and looks at everyone again.

Faces forward and says, "So what are the Red Wolves?"

I look back at Holly through my rearview mirror. Holly looks at Candy and Barbie.

And then Candy says, "Their ghosts Olivia, ghost of girls that fell in love.

Ghosts of girls who didn't know how to say good bye to someone they fell in love with.

Ghosts of girls who want revenge for having to leave.

Ghosts of girls that will never be the same again."

Olivia just looked at me.



#227 Posted : Thursday, September 05, 2013 4:25:57 PM(UTC)
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Hello Maria its me Evelyn, Evelyn South.

I just received a message from CC Collins, um she works with me.

It appears that Rich, Rich Dick has gone missing.

CC says that friends tell her that he went out to run an errand and didn't return to his place overlooking Mount Holly.

Everybody is looking for him. Everybody is working hard.

We are retracing his steps. Following up. Tracking.

We are trying to find out where he was before he disappeared.

We are also looking into some of his relationships.

The people he was doing business with. Girlfriends.

These people were the blood in his veins, they made him who he is today.

CC is following a lead that will take her out of town for a couple of days.

She's going somewhere out of the way, somewhere that he used to go to.

My partner Holly and me are waiting here, waiting to hear anything.

Maria as we get more information you'll get more information.

Hopefully in the coming days he can tell you what's going on himself.


Yeah so thats it Maria um thats it.


#228 Posted : Wednesday, September 11, 2013 4:06:26 PM(UTC)
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Hi Maria its Evelyn, Evelyn South.

Still no word after five days from CC Collins.

We do have sightings of Rich, Rich Dick being seen everywhere from New York to Miami.

We are checking all false leads. Hunting and tracking him.

Meanwhile I have decided not to wait anymore and I am going send Barbie and Candy in to The Inn.

Send them in to see what happened to both CC and Rich, Rich Dick.

I still have no trace of CC. She hasn't called in, hasn't left any messages, and hasn't been home or to her job.

She went Ghost the day she left and we haven't heard anything back from her since.

As I get more Maria you'll get more.

I'll be getting situation reports from Barbie and Candy on the hour every hour.

I'm not losing anyone else on this.

I promise you Maria, I will get to the bottom of this.

I will find him.



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Hi Maria its Evelyn, Evelyn South.

I want you to know that I don't think that your a spy.

That your an informant selling information to the Russians.

After some more digging I know now that your not associated to the new KGB, the DDQ, 

or the RCOG-the new age terrorist religious group known as the Russian Cross Over Guard.

You can't be. Your an international supermodel, a CEO, and a four time grand slam tennis champion.

After re-reading your bio I came to the conclusion that your just a woman with many many many needs.

"Strong is beautiful" suits you Maria it really does.

Um back to the business at hand.

I'm not feeling well today. Its nothing I'll be fine.

Don't worry, I promise I haven't been compromised LOL.

I'll be back on my feet again tomorrow.

But speaking of compromising promises, Jennifer called for him again.

I took another message. She was in a good mood this time, nothing like the last time.

The last time she accused me of hiding him from her.

She said, "I know he's there! I know he's there! Put him on!"

Then she said, "Who are you! Why are you answering this line?

Your not giving this number out are you? Who are you! Do you know who I am!"

And thats when he took the phone from me.

It was weird because he kept telling her to breath and he was saying something to her over and over again.

It was a riddle. Something about not being able to be someone for somebody.

Anyway she stopped shouting because I couldn't hear her through the phone anymore.

When he hung up he told me that I handled her exactly the way she needs to be handled.

That I should be polite and not be intimidated.

He said she was one of the biggest stars in the world and that sometimes she forgets and believes that she 

is one by mistake. 

Then he said I should get used to it because she calls him all the time.

He said she doesn't take no for an answer so don't bother trying.

He said that I should let her have at it. Let her get upset.

He said to tell her that she is doing great with her treatments and that all of her hard work is finally paying off.

That she's come a long long way since the beginning.

I looked at him and thought to myself, "What could she have possibly been like in the beginning?"



#230 Posted : Thursday, September 12, 2013 1:41:55 PM(UTC)
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Hi Maria its Evelyn, Evelyn South.

Here is a transcript from the ADT Security hard wire tap planted at Rich Dick's place.

This was before we were able to get in there.

He disabled somebody else's cameras when he moved in.

---------AUDIO ONLY--------

"I was watching you look at yourself in the mirror."

"Do you remember when I first got the job and you wouldn't stop staring at me?"

"I remember you walking over and introducing yourself." 

"Do you remember what you asked me?"

"I looked at the ring."

"You thought I was married."

"Actually I didn't give it much thought. You were new. A stranger in town.

You didn't belong here. I was curious about you."






"What this? Tennis? Since when are you into tennis?


"I've loved tennis ever since I could remember. I used to play with my father all the time."

"And who is this? Maria, Maria Sha-ra-pova?"

"You've acquired a taste for Russian now? Is she the reason why your getting back into tennis LOL?"



"Tennis is a hobby Alexandra. Something fun that I used to do.

You know like wearing my collar up."


"She's beautiful and just happens to be on the cover."

"So your saying that you were just curious? Not at all interested in me the moment you laid eyes on me?"



"I was interested. Interested in who you were. Just like everybody else in the place."

"So when I walked over to your desk and I asked you out it was because you weren't interested?"

"I was mildly interested, so what?"



"I remember your eyes lighting up when I told you that I only wore the ring so people wouldn't get the wrong idea."

"Yeah I thought it was funny. I didn't know that you did that too."

"Wearing a wedding band to ward off the wrong people."


"Yeah but of course it backfired with you. I forgot to take it off LOL"


"Sometimes I wonder how things would have turned out. You know if I wouldn't have had the ring on.

If I wouldn't have walked in with the whole fake married thing."

"Me too."

"I don't know how you did it. Your partners were perfect. Where did you find them?"

"I don't know where he gets these people. I don't ask. 


"Its something thats not discussed."


"Billionaires delegate Alexandra. They don't explain anything to you especially when they are busy

making more billions."



"I looked at you you know. Checked out your resume. Did you know that?"

"The moment I saw you there was no way that we were not going to check each other out."

"I knew you would do a background check so I had my people do some digging themselves."






"Yeah um I found out some interesting stuff."

"So did I."







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Hi Maria its Evelyn Evelyn South.

Here's some more about number 11.


RD: Yes hello.

JA: Im back. Living proof and Alexander McQueen, they were loving me tonight.

RD: Good. So how did it go?

JA: Everything is okay, I'm not.

RD: Oh okay um are you happy about that?

JA: I don't know that depends on how you feel about it.

RD: How I feel about it? Why is that?

JA: You know why.

RD: Jennifer um I'm kind of in the middle of something um what's up?

JA: What are you in the middle of?

RD: I'm finishing up with Ellen.

JA: What?

RD: You heard me.

JA: When pray tell did this start? And when were you going to tell me?

RD: Jennifer I gotta go this is rude.

JA: How long?

RD: Ten minutes. Make it twenty. Meet me at the spot. Turn out your lights and wait by the stables.

JA: Okay. Ellen? I can't believe it. Your lying.

RD: Fine I'm lying. Jennifer what are you wearing?

JA: A black Range Rover. Heavy.

RD: Okay I'll see you there then.

JA: Okay. Um I love you.

RD: Ditto. Bye.

JA: Bye.

JA hangs up.

RD hangs up.



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Hi Maria Evelyn Evelyn South.

More phone conversations between Jennifer and number 11.


RD: Hello.

JA: Is she gone?

RD: Yeah Heidi is finally gone.

JA: What are you doing now?

RD: Cleaning up. I'm swamped with work, Heidi makes such a mess.

JA: What so now you don't have time?

RD: Jennifer I never said that I didn't have time.

JA: I want to ask you something.

RD: Okay.

JA: Remember when we went out dancing and on the way out you turned out the lights in the elevator

and we rode up and down and up and down.

RD: How could I forget.

JA: You said you loved me.

RD: Jennifer where are we going with this?

JA: Let me finish.

JA: So when we were kissing. Were you thinking about me or Maria?

RD: Jennifer I don't have time for this.

JA: Answer me.

RD: No I'm not going to answer you.

JA: I won't get mad.

RD: Jennifer what are you asking me? What? You want me to tell you that I was thinking about Maria

while you and I practically had sex in an elevator. Is that what you want me to say?

JA: No I want the truth.

JA: I want you to tell me the truth.

RD: Okay um why don't you come over and we can talk about it face to face.

JA: Your only agreeing to do this so that when I get there someone else is there and that way you get out of 

answering my question.

RD: Jennifer I can't do this with you anymore. I can't keep fighting with you like this anymore.

I go left and you go right because you don't know how to make any left turns.

JA: Oh your so (beep) clever!

JA: Your so (beep) funny! A regular comedian!

RD: Jennifer. Jennifer..

JA: Its a simple (beep) question!

JA: Why can't you answer one simple (beep) question!

RD: Alright you know what, I'm gonna hang up now.

JA: Yeah thats it you little (beeeeeeeeeeeep) 

JA: Run back to whomever it is that your screwing behind my back! 

JA: Which is it this time? Numero Uno? I bet its (beep) Numero Uno!

RD: Jennifer are you coming?

JA: What the (beep) does she have that I don't have? Does Maria know about you and her?

RD: Jennifer are you coming over?

JA: I can't believe what I put up with!

JA: You can't answer one simple (beep) question!

RD: (sighs)

JA: You train me. Show me how, but yet when I ask you about us you don't want to be honest with me about our relationship.

RD: Someone's at the door hold on a sec.

[BUG 2 BUG 2]

RD: Jennifer I have to go. Lets finish this later okay, um how about tonight?

JA: So who was it? Whose there?

RD: Jennifer are you available tonight?

JA: Wait now your not going to tell me who is there?

RD: I'm putting my jacket on.

JA: I can't believe you treat me this way. Don't you know who I am!

RD: Okay I'm hanging up now. I'm going to go ahead and assume that you'll be here later on okay?

JA: You little (beep). You know that I'm going to find out who was there so why don't you just save me the trouble

of finding out who is there by just telling me who is there!

RD: Good bye Jennifer.

JA: Don't hang up.

RD: (sighs)

JA: (sobbing)

JA: Tell me when I should come.

RD: (sighs)

RD: Jennifer, Courteney and I will be back in an hour. Call me in two hours.

And the answer to your question is you.

JA hangs up.

RD hangs up.







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Hello Maria, its Evelyn Evelyn South.

This is more from number 11 Rich, Rich Dick.


RD: Hello.

B: What are you doing?

RD: I'm with a friend.

B: Are you going to tell me who or do I have to guess?

RD: Bey I'm not going to tell you whose here. I got into a big fight with JLo about that yesterday.

B: I'm driving around. Um I was hoping we could talk. When will you be finished?

RD: I don't know but I think meeting away from the house is a good idea. I don't want to be alone with you anymore.

B: Are you sure about that?

RD: I'm positive.

RD: Look call me back in an hour. Jennifer will be gone and then we can talk.

B: She's there!

RD: Yes she's in the bathroom. She wouldn't take no for an answer.

B: Um I have three on my tail. Three of hers.

RD: Understood. Try and lose them.

B: I can't believe she is there! She told me something completely different. She said she was staying home.

RD: This wasn't planned Bey, this wasn't planned.

RD: Wait. She's getting in the shower.

B: Great now what am I supposed to do? Drive around your block all night long.

RD: You could go home.

B: Shut up.

RD: You could come here but I'm not dressed and Jennifer will say that I was trying to get rid of her

so I could spend time with you.

B: Why aren't you dressed?

RD: Like I said it wasn't planned. We made up. She's cool. Were cool now.

B: I'm getting close to your house.

RD: Keep driving. Don't bring them here.

B: How long will it take for you to finish making up?

RD: Were done. She's finished. I'll call Katy and and ask her if we can meet later on tonight.

B: Katy? Katy who?

RD: Katy, Katy Perry she wants to join my class.

B: Wait she wants to be a student!?!

RD: Yeah. She's also working on something acoustic. I'm hoping to hear her new idea.

B: I thought that was a thing that only we did?

RD: Bey we both know what your thing is.

B: Thats not true.

RD: Yes it is and I have the bruises to prove it.

B: I'm here. I'm at our spot.

B: They're out there, I can feel it. Just waiting for me to come out.

RD: Should I call him?

B: No.

RD: She's out. Give me twenty minutes okay.

B: Okay hurry.

RD: What are you wearing?

B: A red Ferrari.

RD: Oh okay fine. I'll see you soon.

B: Okay bye.

RD: Bye.

B hangs up...

RD hangs up...




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Maria more from HIM about YOU...


RD answers..

RD: What now.

MF: My God what's with you? 

RD: Nothing Megan its nothing.

MF: Are you busy? Whose there?

RD: Everybody is here Megan, everybody is here. Were having an orgy and we stopped because you called.

MF: Stop messing around. I don't know what's with you but you need to chill out.

RD: Your right Megan your right.

RD: I'm sorry I shouldn't be taking anything out on you. I mean you hardly ever call and you always call first.

MF: What's wrong?

RD: I got into a fight with Maria.

MF: Again? Over Grigor?

RD: No no nothing to do with him.

RD: She asked me something about her new car and she didn't like what I had to say.

MF: Oh.

RD: And so it ended with me saying, "Well I could just do what everybody else does and just tell you what you want to hear."

And thats when she got mad and hung up on me.

MF: What was it about? What were you going to tell her?

RD: It was something about her car and what kind of a car she wanted to get next.

You know what car she wants to ride in next.

MF: Oh okay um cool.

RD: But enough about me. What's with you? Its been awhile.

RD: Hey do you remember our first night out together?

MF: Um no.

RD: It was when you flew over for a modeling test and you got the job and we went out to celebrate afterwards.

MF: Oh my God um I'm sorry I don't.

RD: Its okay its no big deal um you told me that you had never taken the subway before.

So on the way back we took the train back to your hotel.

RD: Um this was like eons ago so you probably don't remember.

MF: Your right I don't, um refresh my memory.

RD: Well we went out. You got drunk. We took the train and you looked at me and said,

"I want to do this while we still can." And thats when you grabbed me.

MF: Grabbed you?

RD: Yeah.

MF: And then what happened?

RD: You pushed me down and kissed me.

MF: What!

RD: And thats when I said I didn't want to because you weren't yourself.

MF: Wow!

RD: I was designated so I wasn't drunk.

RD: They told me to make sure that you got back to the room okay and that meant no drinking.

MF: So you didn't kiss me back?

RD: No I did but only for like a minute or so. You had just told me about your new boyfriend and I was happy 

that you were happy that you thought you had found the right guy.

MF: Um what happened after I kissed you?

RD: We walked to the first car and looked out the window. 

RD: We watched all the red lights "switch" to green. You said it was like watching Christmas in a tunnel.

MF: Oh yeah I remember that.

RD: No you don't.

RD: Megan you were pretty wasted. We made out the whole way back.

You kept whispering in my ear, "I love this train. I love this train. Do you like trains?

You wanna train me? You wanna go choo-choo?"

RD: And thats when I tried to get you to stop but you just wouldn't have it.

MF: You can't be serious.

RD: Um yeah, very.

MF: Then what happened?

RD: I got a call from Britney and you threw my phone out the window of the train.

MF: What!

RD: Yeah and then you told me to shut up.

RD: You started cursing me out because I didn't want to kiss you anymore.

MF: Wait. When did this happen?

RD: You were in town for a shoot. I'm not sure for what.

You were bored and my uncle called me and said, "Take her out. Have fun. Bring her back. Stay sober."

So I went there and you were downstairs waiting for me. We got in and went downtown.

RD: We had dinner and you talked about your new boyfriend and how serious it was getting.

RD: There were absolutely no sparks between us.

MF: Wow.

RD: Its no big deal. I knew going in that if anything went down that I would have to stop it because I 

didn't need more of that in my life.

MF: Oh okay.

RD: I was still running from Britney so when we met I was backing up before you and I even said hello.

MF: Um look, I'm sorry that I threw your phone out the window. I mean why didn't you tell me this before?

RD: I don't know. It was time for a new phone anyway. I hated that phone and I hated the calls that I was getting

on it.

RD: I was going through a rough time and you were my great escape from it all.

MF: What happened after you took me back?

RD: Um more of the same. You wanted me to come up and I told you that it wasn't a good idea.

MF: Oh so you left?

RD: Oh no gosh no, you wouldn't let me leave. You starting making a scene in the lobby and I had

no choice but to escort you upstairs.

MF: What! I can't believe this!

MF: Then what happened?

RD: You started beating me up in the elevator. You tackled me. You tried to pull my pants off in the elevator.

Then you wanted a piggy back ride. We fell down in the hallway and I had to carry you to your room.

MF: (sighs)

RD: You made me stay the night.

MF: I did. Oh okay um then what happened?

RD: I don't wanna talk about what happened next.

MF: What? Why not?

RD: Because.

MF: Because is not answer. I won't get mad just tell me what happened.

RD: Megan I don't want to talk about it.

MF: Now you don't want to talk about it?!?

RD: I'm sorry but the fact that I have to refresh your memory doesn't help me feel any better about it.

MF: Tell me what happened.

RD: Look you said some things and I said some things. 

RD: Its a night that I want to stop remembering. I only told you because its been awhile since I had heard from you.

I mean it doesn't matter any more I mean I've moved on. Your married now and I have my friends.

RD: Wait, um my other phone is ringing hold on a sec.

(indistinct chatter)

RD: Megan I gotta go. Maria's mad that I didn't call her back.

MF: Wait um I want to finish this!

RD: If we talk about it we should do it in person. Not over the phone.

MF: Okay.

RD: Megan um the reason why I get up every morning is waiting for me so I have to go now, okay.

MF: Yes yes I'm sorry um good luck. 

RD: Thanks I'll talk to you later, okay?

MF: Yes okay.

RD: Okay bye.

MF: Bye.

MF hangs up...

RD hangs up...






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Hello Maria its Evelyn Evelyn South.

Here's more..

RD answers...

RD: Hello

SH: Love! Your there good good.

SH: So tell me what you are doing right now?

RD: Having a Red Bull.

SH: So Mr. Red Bulls, do you want some company?

RD: Salma I thought you were out of the country?

SH: Obviously Love if I'm talking to you I'm not out of the country.

SH: So again, what are you doing now?

RD: Drawing a picture of Maria.

SH: Love you know how to draw?

RD: No I just remember things that I can't forget.

SH: Do you need a model Love?

RD: Say that again?

SH: Do you need a model? A beautiful fresh faced Victoria Secret model?

RD: LOL who doesn't need a Victoria Secret model.

RD: Um no thanks, they asked me to get along so I'm behaving myself.

SH: Oh its a shame because we are so nearby Love.

RD: Whose nearby? You?

SH: We could come over. Have a drink.

RD: Salma um I don't know.

SH: What is it? Queen Maria has you all to herself now?

RD: Maria doesn't think about me.

SH: Then why do you draw a picture of her?

RD: Because she's beautiful.

SH: And I am not beautiful to you?

RD: Um yes your beautiful too in a married to a billionaire sort of way yes.

SH: So why go by memory when you can look at something beautiful right in front of you?

RD: I don't need to see Maria to know how beautiful she is.

SH: Love you have to stop this, this whole thing with Maria.

SH: She will eat you and make you watch.

RD: Salma you have such a way with words you really do.

SH: We are rounding the block Mister Bulls.

RD: My block?

SH: Of course Love.

RD: But I'm not dressed.

SH: You don't have to be.

RD: Salma I'm not sure I'd be much company tonight. I found out that Maria is getting a divorce.

SH: You see, even more of a reason to have us over for a drink.

RD: Whose us?

SH: Love would I disappoint you? Would I bring you something that you do not want?

RD: (sighs)

SH: Hello?

SH: Come on Love, share her with me.

RD: Salma your crazy.

SH: No I'm not. I came back to town. We went out and had some fun and thats when I thought of you.

SH: My friend had a plane to catch and she left me with her date-listen to how beautiful she is-say hi to her.

OO: Hello?

RD: Hello.

OO: Salma wants to know what you think.

RD: Think about what?

OO: Think about me, I think.

RD: Um I'm sure your great.

SH: Enough! What's the matter with you? Did Maria cut them off or something?

RD: Maria doesn't think about me Salma.

SH: Then what's the matter with you Love? Why do you make me circle your block over and over again?

SH: Why don't you invite us over?

RD: If you must know, I'm not here by myself.

SH: Your not?

RD: No I'm not.

SH: Well Love if your not by yourself than who are you with?

RD: I can't tell you who I am with.

SH: No?

RD: No.

SH; She is there isn't she?

RD: Who?

SH: Maria. She is there isn't she.

RD: No Salma Maria isn't here.

SH: Let me get this straightened Mr. Red Bulls. You say you are drawing a picture of Maria

while someone else is there. And that the someone else is not Maria.

RD: Yes thats correct.

SH: My precious precious Love, no woman is going to let you do this.

No woman would sit there and let you draw a picture of another woman.

They wouldn't let you eat the cakes and eat it too.

RD: There is no cake here Salma, just pastels and charcoal.

SH: Stupido! You have so much traffic here. Terrible.

RD: Salma.

SH: Hello? Love? Love? Paparazzo idiot!

SH: Love don't be shy. Who is there with you? Tell me.

SH: Oh come on Red Bulls, fresh Olivia wants to meet you too.

SH: She is island beautiful with big city eyes. You should come out and meet with us. Meet her.

She's new Love, hand picked by Stacey and Heidi.

RD: Salma.

SH: Oh come on Mr. Wrong don't be bashful. Be daring. Come take a ride with us.

RD: Salma.

SH: Come on, you and me we take turns. We ride her together.

SH: We eat and drink all of the Red Bulls together, yes?

RD: Salma.

SH: Love, don't say no. Make me happy tonight. I go to Barcelona tomorrow. You won't see me for two months.

SH: Can you imagine it Love? Not being able to be together for two whole months.

RD: Salma I'm sorry I just don't know.

SH: Love, her name is Olivia.

SH: We come over and we do it all night. She meets you, you meet her, and I watch.

SH: We draw Maria a pretty picture and everybody drinks the Red Bulls.

RD: (cough)

SH: LOL is a good plan, no?


SH: Hello?

SH: Who is that Love? Who are you talking to?

RD: Salma can I get a rain check?

SH: Good idea. Let me look.

SH: Okay my window is down. I'm putting my hand out now to check...

SH: No no its not raining Love.

RD: (sighs)

SH: Okay so we checked for rain and now we come there, yes?

RD: Salma I'll be right there. Don't come here.

RD: What are you driving?

SH: I am driving a black Range Rover.

RD: You don't say.

SH: Yes its my favorite car, Love.

RD: Yes um okay. Wait at the stables for me. I'll be there in no time.

SH: Wonderful! And then we go back to your place to eat yes?

RD: Um we'll see Salma we'll see.

RD: Okay I'll see you soon.

SH: Okay Love.

RD: Okay bye.

SH: Bye Love bye.

Salma hangs up...

RD hangs up...







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Maria its Evelyn, Evelyn South.

We've lost contact with Barbie and Candy somewhere out near the outer rim of the Great Hole.

Somewhere on the road to the West that leads out to The Inn.

We are gathering more information and will continue to investigate.

I've been taken off of this assignment. I'm not in charge here anymore. I'm not calling the plays anymore.

We think that once we know what happened to Rich Dick we will know what happened to CC, Candy, and Barbie.

We are sending in yet another team, two more specialists, special agents Assassin and Stick.

Both women know the area and believe that a woman named Violet is hiding underground somewhere near The Inn.

Somewhere in between the Cave of Girls and the Village of Flying Women.

They think that she is directly responsible for his disappearance and that she knows the whereabouts of all of my people.

They think she was hired by someone close to him.

I'll keep you posted.



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Maria Evelyn Evelyn South.

Phone records.

RD answers..

RD: Yes hello.

B: What are you doing now?

RD: Nothing I'm still recovering.

B: You liar.

RD: Its true.

B: Do you ever think about what would have happened if we had met sooner?

RD: No Bey the thought never crossed my mind.

B: Your such a liar you know you have.

RD: No Bey I really haven't.

B: Then what do you think about me when you think about me?

RD: Ask JLo.

B: What's that supposed to mean?

RD: Ask her she'll tell you.

B: Why can't you tell me?

RD: Because its not a good time.

B: Why whose there?

RD: Nobody.

B: So tell me.

RD: Um I think that if I wasn't with someone that we would have a lot of fun together.

B: You mean more fun than what we've been having?

RD: Yes.

B: Then I have an idea. Lets pretend that we are both single. 

B: What makes being friends better than it is now?

RD: I'm not going to get into that. 

B: I'm five minutes from you.

RD: You are?

B: Yeah.

RD: Oh well um don't come over.

B: Why not?

RD: Because its late.

B: Where's J?

RD: I don't know she didn't call me.

B: Your such a liar. Everything you say is a lie. Is she there?

RD: No Bey she's not here.

B: Then who is there?

RD: Bey nobody is here.

B: Then why don't you want me to come over to hang out?

RD: I never said I didn't want you to hang out. I said don't come over.

B: Oh I get it.

B: You don't want to be alone with me.

B: You don't want to be alone with me at your place.

RD: I don't want to hide with you in the dark anymore.

RD: I don't think we should be alone in the dark anymore.

B: You can't be serious.

RD: I'm serious.

B: Who put you up to this? Maria?

RD: No actually JLo said that you and I need to re-evaluate our friendship.

B: You are the biggest liar. She would never say that. Why are you telling me this?

RD: Is it really so hard for you to believe?

B: So I shouldn't come over?

RD: (indistinct chatter)

B: Hello?

RD: I think she's right that we need to stop having these all night long telephone conversations.

B: You don't want me to come there?

B: Your going to take her advice?

RD: We had a long talk about you.

B: Oh really.

RD: Yes and she was being honest about how she felt about our friendship.

RD: And thats when your name came up and she said that whatever friendship that you and I have must stop at once.

B: Your such a liar.

RD: Call her. She'll be mad at me but call her anyway.

B: Why don't I get a say in all of this?

RD: I didn't think it mattered to you.

B: So we decided it for you.

B: You think your smart.

RD: I'm not smart.

B: You think you can manipulate this into whatever you think this should be.

RD: I'm not sure what you mean.

B: I'm right around the corner from you.

RD: Okay well, just you know, keep driving and eventually you'll hit the highway.

B: I'm pulling over.

RD: Bey seriously don't come here.

B: What's with you? Your so jumpy tonight. Whose there?

RD: Nobody is here.

RD: Why can't you just take my word for it?

B: Something is going on, I can feel it.

RD: Nothing is going on.

B: Is she there?

RD: Who?

B: Jennifer.

RD: Jennifer is not here.

B: So nobody is there!

B: You have nothing going on tonight!

RD: Yes.

B: Your such a liar. I'm coming over.

RD: No your not. Your not invited.

B: I'm coming over.

RD: What's with you people? I can't have one night to myself?

B: I know somebody is over there.

RD: Nobody is here.

B: Your lying.

RD: No I'm not.

B: I promise I'll keep my hands to myself.

RD: No we tried that and it never works. Look i'll meet you some place.

B: Why?

RD: Because you can't come here.

B: Are you going to tell me who is there?

RD: Bey nobody is here!

RD: Where are you? I'll come to you.

RD: Wait hold on a sec my other phone is ringing.

(indistinct chatter)

B: Hello?

RD: Yeah okay um fine come over.

B: What did you do?

RD: Nothing.

B: Who is this passing me?

RD: What?

B: Who drives a Range Rover?

RD: Are you serious?

B: Yes I'm serious.

RD: Your really losing it Bey you know that right.

B: You were doing something.

B: I don't know what but I'm going to find out.

RD: Look are you coming over or what?

B: No I'm mad at you.

RD: Your mad because I won't tell you if someone was here?

B: Yes.

RD: Seriously.

B: Yes seriously.

RD: Then Jennifer was wrong.

RD: You do care.

B: I don't have time for this.

B: Who was just there? Who drives a black Range Rover?

B: I saw it leave your place.

B: Don't lie to me. Just tell me.

RD: If you saw it leave then you saw who got into it.

B: Who was there?

RD: Bey do you still care about me?

B: Who was there!

RD: Look this is getting us nowhere I'm going to let you go now.

B: Tell me who was there.

RD: Nobody was here.


Bey hangs up..

RD: Hello?

RD: Bey?


RD hangs up..



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"You have reached Rich, Rich Dick.

Please leave a detailed message and I will return your call, thanks."


Alexandra: Where are you? 

Alexandra: I knew this was a bad idea. I'm not waiting.


Alexandra hangs up.



Alexandra: I got your message. I'm waiting.

Alexandra: Britney Spears of all people is here. Your lucky because I would have left.


Alexandra hangs up.



Alexandra: I need to speak to you. Its urgent.

Alexandra: Britney left. She says to call her. 

Alexandra: What in the world could you possibly have in common with Britney Spears?? 

Alexandra: I'm leaving in five.

Alexandra: (sighs) Never again.


Alexandra hangs up.


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Phone records continued..

RD answers..

RD: Hello.

B: Your home?

RD: Yeah.

B: What happened to your date with Alexandra?

RD: It wasn't a date. It was a meeting and I chickened out.

B: Why?

RD: Because she is someone that I want to forget.

B: Oh okay.

B: So what, you just cancelled?

RD: Yeah like a coward.

B: So then I guess you'll need someone to come and cheer you up.

RD: Bey I don't need to be cheered up. I'm cheered. I'm just trying to relax right now.

B: LOL right. You sound real relaxed.

RD: Bey I am relaxed.

B: So your glad that you didn't go to meet her?

RD: I'm glad that I have other people in my life now. That she isn't first.

B: Oh.

RD: For such a long time she was first.

RD: I was blinded by her.

RD: I got lost in her beauty and it took me years to get her out of my system.

RD: It was scary because I lost my identity. I forgot who I was. I hurt people that I cared about.

RD: I got divorced. 

RD: Lost the Bette and lost something very near and dear to me...

RD: My wife.

RD: Um but thats the way the game is played.

Its wonderful when you win but very cruel when you lose.

B: Wow. Well you sound like your glad its over.

RD: Its never over Bey. Not with Alexandra.

RD: Its just fast asleep.

RD: And its something that I never ever want to wake up ever again.

B: So this is a good thing? That you didn't go to meet her.

RD: I think so yeah. I don't want to start over. Fix anything.

RD: She unintentionally destroyed me.

RD: It cost me everything. Me.

RD: Its taken me a long time to get back to me. To find me.

B: And thats when Jennifer rescued you?

RD: No Jennifer didn't arrive until after Britney finished what Alexandra started.

B: Oh.

RD: There was no one that could rescue me from Alexandra. No one except me.

B: Okay. Well I'm glad that you were able to find a better place.

B: Find someone else to take her place.

RD: Me too. I guess some things are just not meant to be.

B: She was a Bette, right? A Bette with your uncle? A million dollar Bette.

RD: I'm not sure what you mean.

RD: Um where did you hear that from?

B: Oh sorry I must have gotten you mixed up with someone else.

RD: Okay.

B: So I'm here. Do you want some company?

B: I could use the rescue. I've got like a million people following me right now.

RD: Yeah um I'd like that.

B: Okay good.

RD: But you should know that JLo will be here in like an hour.

B: Oh then I guess we better hurry up.

RD: Bey no wrestling I'm not in the mood.

B: Okay.

RD: I'm serious.

B: Okay come and get me.

RD: What are you wearing?

B: A black Ferrari.

RD: Oh okay fine.

RD: And you wonder why they are all following you?

B: I'm prettier than the car. I'm more than just a pretty car.

RD: True. Much prettier.

RD: Um look give me five okay?

B: Okay

RD: Bye.

B: Bye.

Bey hangs up..

RD hangs up..






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spete30141;321957 wrote:

Forum? But I don't think Maria drinks.

This woman has great arm pits Thor.


But seriously, nothing on the home front yet.

It could take awhile.

Just keep flexing that new muscle you told me about.

And keep practicing HARD with your Hammer.


Thor the signal will never ever be on this site.

This is just one of my other daily places of beauty. 

Maria is a mutant Thor. A mirror.

One of her abilities is to send beauty.

Um No I haven't gotten anything from her yet.

Luckily I'm not THAT ugly.

I just need help like everybody else.

Obviously Maria needs absolutely positively NO HELP in the beauty department.

No no Thor, she can't make it. She's way too busy.

Trust me I know.

I was pulling HARD for her to come but the powers that be said absolutely not.

She wouldn't make time for likes of us anyway.

The closest thing we have to Russian is big Jean.

Maria isn't into muscles and long hair.

if you don't believe me just look at that joker, Novak.

They hang out ALL THE TIME.

God knows what games they are really playing behind the scenes.

Its funny he's right there and she didn't send him any beauty either.

Now Anna Kournikova well thats a different story all together, Thor.

But I don't think Maria had to send her any beauty.

I think they just come from the same place.

Oh brother, so anyway enough about Maria and Anna.

For now just come to this site and check for more updates.

I'm here everyday but won't necessarily post.

So you don't have to come here everyday like you do at Beyonce's site.

As soon as CC sends me the signal I'll give you the next set of instructions.

Everything you need to know except the signal will be on this site WRITE here.

Don't respond to anything because you won't know what is an authentic signal and what isn't.

And don't look for Jean either-we have the same arrangement but at another WTA site.


So I'll speak to you soon.

Things are progressing. Just slowly. We just have to wait.



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