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Will Maria try acting in 1 movie
Tony Montana
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Maria go back to Alex. You can act and be with Alex. You can be an actress in 1 movie to know if you like being a part time actress. Being an actress would be easier than performing live tennis. If your in a movie more would watch tennis.

If 1 in 10 watch The Finish Line in Russia it is ~$150 million USD then there is the rest of Europe, Asia and America.

Summary of movies I wrote.

The Finish Line

In The Finish Line the main character Alex writes a paper in Introduction to Astronomy to  build space ships that use the sun's heat/light energy(like in a power plant) to orbit the sun and build up speed for faster than light speed travel to stars with Earth like planets. The steam is cooled on the dark side of the ship. On Mercury in the light it is 800 Fahrenheit and in the shadows it is 200 below. There is no atmosphere to hold the heat. Heat/light moves in a straight line and used for Laser Propulsion as it orbits our star and slows down around the target star. Laser Propulsion IS better than solar sails and if laser propulsion is done correctly it is better than conventional thrusters. Wiki (Laser Propulsion, Photonic Laser Thruster).

To keep production costs minimal actors and actresses are paid on a commission basis. The majority of The Finish Line takes place in college and at NASA contractor(JPL). Alex works on models to design his space ship. Part of The Finish Line is filmed at telescopes to find earth like planets, the Kennedy Space Center and national space museum. The building of  Alex and Maria's space ship and placing it in orbit around the sun takes place in the sequel called the Galactic Suburbs to keep production costs minimal and for contrast.

Driving Dreams

Driving Dreams is a movie about an employee at Pfizer who invents a drug called Inventa that allows people to do whatever they want during their dreams.

The dream drug is beneficial and has no side effects. Inventa is better than Viagra. People sleep to dream. Dreams are more important than sleep. Mammals and even reptiles will die without dreaming. Recently I had a dream with 70's cars in it and the sense of smell and site seemed real. The dream drug allows people to do whatever they want in their dreams and remember their dreams. There is a correlation between rare dreams you know you are dreaming and remembering your dreams.

Driving Dreams starts at Pfizer headquarters. Ken discusses the dream drug with the president of Pfizer Tony. Tony has Ken research dreams report back him at the end of the week. Ken does research on dreams and reports back to Tony. Ken is promoted to VP from VP of research and development after thinking of Pfizer's blockbuster new dream drug. Tony has Pfizer's top pharmacists and neurologists work on the dream drug.

The dream drug is found and initial trials show people don't need to sleep as much. People feel less tired when taking the Dream Drug. Driving Dreams is from a corporate perspective and there is a division that works with a talent agency to allow people to turn their better dreams into movies and eventually made for TV shows.

Salvage Title

The main character Yuri's girl friend Mara is raped by a Highway patrol officer in Sacramento. Yuri smuggles in nuclear warheads to retaliate if they don't pay for the rape.

Salvage Title starts at a party in North Highlands, California. The main characters girlfriend Maria sees Yuri talking to another woman and tries to fight her. Maria speeds off and gets pulled over by a Highway patrol officer. He takes Maria to a motel and rapes her.

Yuri finds out about the rape. Maria flies to Kazakhstan. Yuri contacts friends in Italy and Kazakhstan to smuggle in the warheads unless the government pays $20 million for the rape. Yuri takes a boat to Italy to prepare to retaliate. Yuri's friend from Italy Tony takes his lear jet to Kazakhstan to transport warheads. Tony meets Yuri's cousins in Kazakhstan. They go to a dance club that night and Tony meets a woman named Katya at the club. They dance a few songs and Tony writes down Katya's phone number. Tony tells Katya he is in Kazakhstan to buy some wine.

Yuri's Cousin and Tony load nuclear warheads in his lear jet. Tony flies back to Italy to meet with Yuri and load the warheads aboard a boat. Yuri leaves for Shelter Cove, Ca. Tony flies back to Kazakhstan to invite Katya to move to Italy with him. Katya accepts his offer. Tony decides to buy some ICBM's. Salvage Title ends with Yuri and Katya buying a farm in Kazakhstan.

Net Bandits

Main Characters are recent college graduates. They hack into banks and set up accounts for $10 million each. **They don't steal from other accounts. They create new money.** The main characters go to Vegas and pull most of the money out of the banks and stash most of it in their room. They mail the money to a contact in Australia. They go on vacation to many countries in America to change their names in each country bribing officials. They end up in Australia and buy a farm with the money.

Quality Time

The Main character Jacob wants to put a proposition on the ballot for 4 10 hour day work weeks to a vote of the people. Jacob has his rich cousin Tony fund a campaign to raise money to gather signatures to put the proposition on the ballot. Jacob's cousin Tony has a party for the people Jacob works with being certain the ballot will pass. They get $100 for each game of Monopoly, Risk or Trivial Pursuit they win. Tony's cousin meets a woman at the party Jacob works with. They move into together and marry. The ballot for 4 10 hour work days passes as expected.

More summaries to movies I wrote.

God Is Spying = God is the protagonist. God appears to the main character and says that if God came down and said obey to everyone life wouldn't a test for the afterlife. God made man and woman to love each other. Anything goes wouldn't be a test for the after life. Science is HOW god made the universe. When atheists die they want no after life and god and that IS what they are going to get.

IQ Pageant= Main characters appear on television were contestants have at least 140 IQ. They can get up to 20 additional points based on appearance.

It's Paid For =  A single woman tries to meet her neighbor. She goes over couple of times and he is not home. She sees his car at stop sign and rear ends him to get know him better.

Photons Matter = Protagonist believes all energy matter comes from photons (energy). Photons do power god's universe.

Russian Roulette = Illegal drug dealers money confiscated in Russia is used to build new power plants and factories. Most of it takes place on lake Baikal.

Writers Composition = Main characters in a writers composition class write scripts on movie titles they draw from a hat or make up.

If 1 in 10 watch The Finish Line... in Russia it is ~$50 million USD then there is the rest of Europe, Asia and America.

Using the suns energy to go to a star with an earth like planet.

There is no 'fiction' movie like The Finish Line. The ship in The Finish Line can emit a ~magnetosphere to orbit closer to the sun using the suns light/heat to gain speed to go to a star with an earth like planet. The ship uses the target star to slow down.

A ~magnetosphere would stop radiation from getting to the ship using current technology. Mirrors behind the heat pipes will make it so the ship doesn't need to be as close to the sun to gain speed and slow down around the target star. Nano material will eventually turn the sun's 'radiation' into usable energy. A laser clears the path. A laser light moving 31 times the speed of light has more energy and would cause nuclear fission to clear the path to a target star with an earth like planet.

Light speed barrier?? A pulsar movies at 20% the speed of light without requiring 20% infinite mass. A teaspoon weights over 1 billion tons. On earth and in space the heaver something is the more energy it takes to move it. In space it keeps moving until energy is used to slow it down.

Any propulsion system is going to need to use energy to speed up and slow down. 30 times the speed of light can go to an earth like planet within 100 light years in 7 years. Time is required to speed up and slow down. A gravity drive can be powered by the sun and target star to deal with acceleration and deceleration g-force. Kepler is surveying less than 1% of stars within 100 light years.

Between the sun and target star were going to need heat and light. A laser moving 31 times the speed of light would have 31 times as much energy and cause nuclear fission to clear the path and provide heat and light.

If you want to help make movies for 50% my email is writersiq@hotmail.com

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