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My application for the coaching position
#1 Posted : Monday, August 19, 2013 5:03:16 AM(UTC)

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Since you no longer have a coach I think you should consider me. Pay me as much or as little as you want but the sex better be great.

Seriously. Your arch rival Serena Williams is a great player there’s no doubt about it. But she’s not unbeatable as history as shown. The problem is even when you’re at your best she always seems to have the answers at the clutch. I agree. What a bitch!

What it comes down to though are two basic principles that should guide you at every point in a match and give you every opportunity to win as many of them as you can when you apply them to your opponent's game. (1) You want to hit the ball past your opponent, and (2) you want to hit the ball so it’s difficult for your opponent to get the ball back either giving you the point outright or allowing you to hit the ball past your opponent.

When we apply these two principles to Serena William’s tennis game some interesting facts come to light:

Serena is great moving side to side making it difficult to hit the ball past her however, she isn’t so great at changing direction when her body weight is going in the opposite direction to where the ball is headed. In fact inform me if I’m wrong but the last serious stint Serena spent on the sidelines was due to ankle concerns for this very reason. She has made a remarkable comeback and what surprises me is that nobody realises this apparent weakness in her game.
Now I know you are a great return of serve yet Serena has had the best of even this. I believe the reason for this is that she doesn’t think you have figured her out. Let me say that particularly when Serena’s warming up in the early stages of a match she leans her body weight toward the centre of the court after serving. This is normal because this gives her time to move to either side depending upon where the return of serve goes. Thus, if you return the ball in the opposite direction to where her body weight is going you give yourself the best opportunity to achieve the two basic principles. In fact the amazing angles you are able to hit yet she seems to be able to get back will be diminished due to this variable. Of course you don’t want to be predictable but rather than giving you further options which would be far too complicated anyway, you know the answer is to read your opponent, read the direction of Serena’s body weight and use all your tools at your disposal to literally cut her off at the knees. This will surely get inside Serena’s head too given her history for injury!

Obviously Serena will fight and rallies will eventuate. But don’t be intimidated by her great side to side movement. Use it to your advantage. Make her work after all she is getting older. And remember that if you clearly show Serena that you have figured her out she loses incentive. She loses focus. She is mentally weak when put under this kind of pressure because she wants to be a dominant player with an unbeatable image. You can of course achieve one of the two basic principles simply moving her side to side but if you look at Martini Hingus’ game she was the master of setting up her opponent’s body weight to move in one direction whilst hitting the ball in the other direction. I’m talking length as well as width not that I’m disappointed you net game isn’t the greatest. Whatever it takes! Depth, change of pace, and so on. Dictate!

Have you ever noticed Serena’s reaction when the ball is hit at her feet. Nine times out of ten the ball ends up ten rows back in the stands. I do believe she has practised but she’s definitely no natural at hitting the ball hit at her feet and I would call it a weakness. In any case when you find it difficult to hit a shot during a pressure rally this option can reduce some of the pressure that’s on you giving you a greater chance at achieving one of the two basic principles.

Then there’s your serve. This is where I’m really surprised. Serena has dealt you some serious blows by using your body weight against you and you even had a ‘fall’ during Wimbledon and yet I don’t see you learning from the pressure placed on you and directing it back at your opponent especially Serena Williams your arch rival. Maybe it’s a confidence thing and you have had a major shoulder injury that could have contributed to this. But it’s quite simple. Whatever you do just don’t serve to her hitting zone! You don’t have to get the ball past her if you’re not feeling confident but at the very least make the ball tight so Serena doesn’t have a free swing. Build up your confidence and pull out the ace to finish off a game to love rather than in the clutch. And finally read your opponent to serve in the opposite direction to her body weight who is trying to give herself more time to return the serve.

I believe Serena has learnt from the last injury blow she sustained. She is a better player for it. But it’s also her weakness for any opponent who understands. Don’t stress. I know you’re intelligent. Let it go.

You see your will is important. You have to give yourself a chance.

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leopold2 on 8/22/2013(UTC)
#2 Posted : Friday, August 23, 2013 1:23:50 AM(UTC)

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What are your qualifications? Who have you coached? Sorry,there will be a no sex clause in the contract
#3 Posted : Friday, August 23, 2013 1:53:00 AM(UTC)

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Accept my apologies I have about 25 years or so of watching the tennis circuit on television both ladies and men's of all shapes and sizes. I know Sampras' game, mostly but prefer the ladies circuit the last few years. As for the sex clause that's a metaphor for a love of the game not the money actually I'm more of a soft beauty rather than the sporty type of guy but then again Maria does have some very positive attributes!

And it's disappointing to hear that Maria won't be playing at the U.S. Open due to shoulder inflammation I guess that means we can't win this year. The ladies circuit is far better with her and I hope she doesn't retire and gets her shoulder right very soon.
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