Snowden "wants to find a job in Russia, he wants to travel and to build his life," lawyer Kucherena said.

According to the lawyer, Snowden has already started learning Russian language. The American used some expressions in Russian in his conversations with Kucherena.

"Snowden is an extraordinary kind of person. He promised that next time he will speak in Russian to me, at least a few words in Russian. Today he said "Privet" ("Hi"), "Do svidania" ("Bye-Bye") and also "Ya tebe pozvonyu" ("I will call you")", Kucherena said.

Some books on Russian history were in a package which the lawyer handed over to Snowden today.

"The History of Moscow, the History of Russia books in English - these were some of the things I had in the brown bag I was carrying", said Kucherena. He also gave Snowden several examples of Russian classic literature such as volumes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Anton Chekhov. Regarding the books (among them was Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment" novel) Kucherena said: “You should know who Raskolnikov was”.

Kucherena aslo brought some fresh clothes and pizza for the fugitive American.

"Snowden had eaten the pizza with pleasure", the lawyer commented.

Snowden can theoretically expect naturalization in Russia after five years of legal residence in the country, Kucherena said.

"He will have to live here for five years in order to be naturalized," he said.

However, Kucherena said he had not yet discussed the issue of a Russian residence permit with Snowden. "This is not in question so far; the question is only about temporary asylum," Kucherena said.

Snowden may work in Russia if he obtains temporary asylum. "Persons seeking refuge in Russia who obtain refugee status, political or temporary asylum, have an access to the domestic labor market. They may work without applying for a work permit," the Federal Migration Service website reports.

 The applicant is issued a certificate to confirm the processing of the asylum request. This document gives the applicant the right to stay in Russia during the request processing period.