Russia Day is the holiday of a young and new country. True, before 2002 it had a cumbersome name – Day marking the adoption of the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Russian Federation. This Declaration was signed at the First Congress of People’s Deputies of the former Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR) on June 12th, 1990.

Initially, this holiday had a strong political colouring but gradually this was lost. And Moscow is setting the fashion here. A historical carnival will be held in Moscow this year for the first time. Actors will perform on open-air stages, showing the Moscow Kremlin, the Peter and Paul Fortress, and Cruiser Aurora. The press secretary of the Prefect of the Central Administrative District of MoscowPavel Bolshunov says:

"A historical parade that will be held on June 12th includes 12 landmarks dealing with Russia’s history, beginning from the creation of the Russian State System to modern times. Each of the Moscow districts will represent one historical period. Both people and actors standing on the stage will be dressed in period costumes."

The Central District will demonstrate Kievan Rus, the South-Eastern District will demonstrate Moscow in the making. The Southern District will show the establishment and strengthening of the Moscow Tsardom. The North -Western District will show the troubled times, the Eastern District - the Age of Peter the Great, and the South -Western District – the Age of Catherine II (Catherine the Great). The other districts will show the year 1812, the October Revolution timeline, the Second World War, and modern Russia," - Bolshunov says.

Besides the historical parade, concerts will be held practically in all parks and theatres in Moscow. In Neskuchny Sad, which is one of the cult places in Moscow, preference will be given to the classics, Press Secretary of the Gorky Park Irina Alekseyeva says.

"A concert of classical music will be held in the rotunda built in Neskuchny Sad in honour of the 800th anniversary of Moscow. Well-known musical pieces by Bach, Mozart and Strauss will be performed. Besides, there people will be able to hear popular songs about Moscow of the 40s to the 50s years, which our parents loved so much. Jazz music will be played at the very end of the concert. We hope that the people of all ages will be satisfied and will be happy."

 Concerts, show programmes, and thrilling aqua shows will be held in many Russian cities – from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad. Several marches and rallies are planned to take place in St. Petersburg.

And one more thing here. Nearly 60 million roubles have been allocated in Moscow for meteo protection against unexpected rain.