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The Finish Line
Tony Montana
#1 Posted : Friday, June 21, 2013 11:18:36 PM(UTC)
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Maria go back to Alex I'm trying for Elena Putina. You can be an actress in The Finish Line for a negotiable percentage if you want. Hopefully Elena will help finance it. The Finish Line can be made for under $1 million with actors or actresses paid on a commission basis. Cost are kept minimal if unknown actors and actresses are in The Finish Line. It can help make their career like Terminator helped make Arnold. Maria your famous. You can use your fame to act in a few movies. It should be easier than live tennis.

The Finish Line uses the power of the sun and stars for laser propulsion. If there IS no light speed barrier it can go 10 times the speed of light using the suns heat energy and run an anti gravity drive to get to the speed of light 10 times faster in human bodies. Eventually it will be humans in robot bodies.  Robots will be better able to deal with g force and will be able to more efficiently use energy as' food'.  In the interim a 'fiction' movie about space better than Kubrick's 2001 and 2010.

Kepler surveys less than 1/2% of the sky. IF there IS an earth like planet 100 light years from earth the ship could be there in ~13 light years with anti 'gravity' drive to make acceleration feel like earth's gravity.

IS there a light speed barrier?? Matter is made of energy. Photons fill the universe with energy at the speed of light. Energy moves at light speed on the atomic level. Einstein didn't know about Pulsars. The surface of a Pulsar moves at 20% the speed of light and doesn't require 20% of 'infinite' mass. A tea spoon of a Pulsar weighs 5 billion 500 million TONS. The gravity of a Pulsar would compress a 747 to a grain of sand. Only god could make this possible. A clue from god on space travel is a Pulsar can be used for space navigation and is 10 times more accurate than an atomic clock. How much do you want to bet there is no light speed barrier?

Freedom is having generations fathers and mothers, son's and daughter's having the right to vote on marriage aside from what god wants. We don't have to put up with Obama and the DNC. They stole money printing from me to steal the election. Now they want to take away our right to vote on marriage. That isn't freedom.

People who 'believe in science are misguided'. Science is HOW god made the universe. IF God appeared to everyone and say obey life wouldn't be a test for the after-life. When atheists die they want no god and after-life. That IS what they will get. A better deal IS to believe in god and the eternal after-life. Thou shall not lie, cheat or steal our right to vote on marriage.

Nata I'm never going for you. Nata can go for Alex Vujacic or Vlad's dad. It would be better if you went back to Vlad’s dad and Maria goes back to Alex Vujacic. Maria you can be an actress if you want. You would be a known actress. What are you going to do with your fame?

As I stated it should be easier to act than play live tennis and staring in movie(s) should do well for your sponsor.

Nata you set me up with Elena Putina in exchange you go back to Vlad's dad and Ksenia goes for 1 of Andre Vusik's cousins. Let's get it done. Let's get these movies done.


Anton Konnov


Elena Putina

Ksenia Putina

Nata Putina

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