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#281 Posted : Monday, December 09, 2013 11:52:06 AM(UTC)
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More cell phone records...

RD answers.

RD: Yes go ahead.

TS: Where are you?

RD: You know where I am.

TS: (sigh) 

RD: She's in the ladies room Taylor.

TS: I'm not following you.

RD: Okay.

RD: So then whats up?

TS: Meet me later.

TS: I'll bring Carrie this time.

RD: Sounds interesting.

RD: Um I'm meeting Alexandra tonight so I'm not sure if I can make it.

TS: God! What is it with her?

RD: Wait your not understanding.

RD: Alexandra is forbidden.

RD: I'm not allowed to spend any time with her.

RD: My three Billionaire uncles told me that I am absolutely forbidden to see her.

TS: Then why meet her?

RD: To tell her that I can't spend any time with her.

TS: Oh.

RD: I want to finish it. Move on. Set her free.

RD: (cough)

RD: This way they can all watch me end it.

RD: Everybody hears it and I can never ever go back.

TS: You would rather do that than hang out with me?

RD: Taylor you and I both know that we are hanging out, right now.

TS: What? You see me?

RD: No not directly in front of me no.

RD: But I know what your doing.

TS: I'm not following her!

RD: Okay okay fair enough.

RD: Don't worry I won't tell her.

TS: Whatever.

RD: Listen Katy is coming back so I'd better go.

TS: Right good idea um me too.

RD: Do me a favor.

TS: What?

RD: Don't follow so close behind us anymore.

RD: It makes me nervous.

TS: Oh um sorry.

RD: No problem.

TS: Bye.

RD: Bye.




#282 Posted : Monday, December 09, 2013 12:17:23 PM(UTC)
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Phone records continued...

RD answers.

RD: Yes yes go ahead.

JA: Its me.

RD: Oh um.. Hi Phil.

JA: Oh my God I love it when you call me that!

RD: Um yeah okay Jennifer, so whats up?

JA: What are you doing?

RD: I'm at Cosi.

JA: And pray tell what are you doing at Cosi?

RD: I'm waiting for Alexandra to show up again.

JA: How many times do I have to tell you.

JA: She's not going to show.

RD: Jennifer eventually she'll show.

RD: Danielle said she would put in a good word for me.

JA: Wait, so your just waiting there for her to show up?

JA: You don't have an appointment? A date? Anything?

JA: She has no idea that your waiting there for her?

RD: I decided that I would give chance a chance.

RD: Not push so hard anymore.

RD: Give her some space.

JA: Well do you want some company while you wait?

RD: I don't know Jennifer.

RD: Alexandra wouldn't dare approach me with you sitting with me.

RD: She'd figure that you and I are together.

JA: And? We aren't together?

RD: We are but you being there makes it more complicated.

JA: Oh.

RD: I have something that I have to do.

RD: Something that I have to say to her that I don't want to say.

JA: I got it!

JA: Let me talk to her.

RD: No no I'll handle it.

RD: They want me to handle it.

JA: Well then whats the story with Danielle?

JA: Is she available?

RD: I'm still checking.

JA: So am I.

RD: Understood.

RD: Um look Phil, lets hold off on that until I speak to Numero Uno.

JA: Why does she have acsess to Danielle and I don't?

JA: Why is she always first?

RD: Jennifer JLo isn't first.

RD: She needs help on the road with her family and everything.

JA: Yeah right.

RD: I will look into it I promise.

JA: Okay.

RD: Good.

JA: So don't come there?

RD: No no don't.

RD: This is something that must happen just between us.

RD: This is something that only I can do.

RD: I must face Alexandra alone...





#283 Posted : Monday, December 09, 2013 12:38:32 PM(UTC)
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(indistinct chatter)

(glasses clinking)

"Your table Madam."

"Thank you."

"Your waiter will be right with you."

"Thank you."

(indistinct chatter)

"Psst.. Hey.. Hey.."

"What?? What are you.."

"This isn't happening."

"What are you doing here?!?"

"Shh shh Maria keep it down."

"Act natural act natural."

"We talked about this. What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to see you so I snuck in."

"Does the waiter know that you've been hiding under there?"


"Um yes hi."

"Madam your menu."

"Oh yes thank you, thank you so much."

"Um my friend is running late."

"I'm sure he'll be here shortly."

"Very good Madam, I'll be right back then."

"Thank you."

(indistinct chatter)

"You can't stay here."

"You must leave this instant."

"I can't stay here?!? Well why not?"

"What friend? Whose coming?"


"Pete? Pete who?"

"Pete Sampras."


"Never mind."

"Okay well I'll just stay here and be quiet."

"You can't stay under there."

(indistinct chatter)


"Madam is everything alright?"

"Oh yes yes everything is fine."

"Coffee madam?"

"Yes yes please."

(indistinct chatter)

"Listen. Listen. Look at me. Listen to what I'm telling you."


"But Maria I never see you."

"I don't like being chained up in the basement all the time."

"How did you get out anyway?"

"I picked the lock."

"Remind me to get that fixed."

"So who is this Pete guy?"

"Your new boyfriend or something?"

"If you must know. He's a friend. A player on the tour."

"He mustn't see you down there."

"Okay fine fine. I'll leave."

"I know when I'm not wanted."


"Look at me."


"Look at me."

"What? What for?"

"Just look at me.."







#284 Posted : Monday, December 09, 2013 1:07:27 PM(UTC)
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More from Angelina's compound at Jessica Lake...

RD answers..

RD: Go ahead.

MF: She's still there.

RD: Where are you?

MF: I'm rounding your place again.

MF: She's living there now.

RD: Great.

MF: Courteney's car is parked there too.

RD: Courteney?

RD: What's she doing there?

MF: God! Where'd you get your license!

MF: Why did she throw your keys in the lake again?

RD: She wanted me to get more involved with her career.

MF: Oh.

RD: She wanted me to be an insider.

MF: Wow!

MF: What did you hve to do to get that job?

RD: Megan this isn't funny.

MF: I'm not joking.

RD: Maria didn't think it was a good idea.

RD: She didn't want me to spend that much time with Jennifer alone.

MF: So in Maria-speak, "I come first, put your life on hold."

MF: Maria's usual "Wait until I get back" dating obligation.

RD: (sigh) Megan honey its been a long long day.

RD: Could you please just stick to what I asked you to do.

RD: Just tell me whats going on at my place without the commentary.

MF: Okay okay, no problem.

MF: Um I'm coming around now.

MF: Lots of traffic. People sitting in cars on both sides.

MF: I'm making the right turn onto your street again.

RD: Okay good good um tell me. What do you see? Anything unusual?

MF: People standing around. Loitering.

MF: I'm coming up on your place now.

MF: There's a black lamborghini parked directy across the street from your place.

MF: There are three cars in your driveway.

RD: Three?

MF: I'm passing it now. 

MF: Your shades are drawn. The lights downstairs are flickering off and on.

MF: The upstairs lights are just on.

RD: Both bedrooms?

MF: Its Courteney's jeep for sure.

MF: The other car could be Heidi or Stacey.

RD: Heidi huh? Interesting.

MF: I'm at the end of your block now.

MF: There's nobody in sight. The coast is clear.

RD: Do me a favor and give me one more pass would you?

MF: Go around again?

RD: Yes.

MF: Man do you owe me for this one.

RD: Thanks Megan I really really appreciate it.

MF: Jennifer's car was parked next to a car that I don't recognize.

RD: I can't believe that she throws a party at my place when we are in the middle of a fight.

MF: She knows your watching.

MF: She's trying to lure you back to her.

RD: She's being ridiculous.

RD: Angelina said I can stay here as long as I want.

MF: Your at Angelina's?





#285 Posted : Wednesday, December 11, 2013 1:20:32 PM(UTC)
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More from Angelina's compound at Lake Jessica...



RD: Um yeah I think that its a good name.


AJ: Where did you come up with this name?

RD: It just came to me.

RD: I don't remember where I heard it before but I thought it had a nice ring to it.

RD: Wait now I remember.

AJ: Let me guess.. Alexandra.

RD: Bingo, LOL.


RD: Alexander was the name I chose when I was with Alexandra.

RD: Sebastian happened after I met Maria.

AJ: So now you want to name your first born son Sebastian Alexander?

RD: Yes.

AJ: And your daughter's name MJ stands for Maria Jennifer?

RD: Yes thats correct.

AJ: So you've got it all mapped out.

RD: Yes.

AJ: Cheers.


RD: Thanks Angie.

AJ: And what did Maria think of this idea?

RD: She doesn't like either name.

AJ: Oh.


RD: Yeah its a setback.

AJ: Um yeah it sounds like one, yes.

RD: Jennifer however was all for both.

RD: She was estatic and couldn't contain her enthusiasm.

AJ: Oh good.

RD: Yeah I expected it to be the other way around which tells you just how well I read women.

AJ: You do okay.

RD: No I'm at a total loss.

RD: I haven't been the same person since Britney and Alexandra well that just goes without saying.


AJ: So when you tell her about us is she going to still be on board?

AJ: Will she want to have these kids with you?

RD: Jennifer doesn't hold grudges.

RD: I think she'll embrace the idea of you listening in and ask me why I let you eavesdrop on all of our conversations.

AJ: And..what are you going to tell her?

RD: Well that depends on her reaction of course.


AJ: Oh.

RD: Because of our wager, you know our bet, I obviously can't get into it with you.

AJ: Oh its okay lets forget about the bet.

RD: What?

RD: Wait a sec, the "Tomb Raider" is chickening out?

AJ: LOL would you stop.


RD: Whats up Angie? Talk to me.

RD: You lose a step or something?

AJ: Your funny you know that.

RD: What?

AJ: What what?


RD: Why do you want out?

AJ: The circumstances have changed.

AJ: Your living under my roof now.

RD: Oh I see.

RD: Well why don't you go ahead and do it anyway.

RD: Let the chips fall where they may and decide whats best to do what later on.

RD: You know after the fog lifts.

AJ: Whats with all of the eagerness?

AJ: Why are you so sure of yourself?

RD: What are you running away from?

AJ: Don't.

RD: Don't what?

AJ: More wine.













#286 Posted : Wednesday, December 11, 2013 1:40:01 PM(UTC)
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More from Angelina's compound...

RD: Hey.

AJ: Hey.

RD: Is that all for me?

AJ: Yes.

RD: My God let me help you.


RD: Okay 1 2 3 lift.


RD: You okay?

AJ: I made it.

RD: Angie I said to buy food but not this much.

AJ: Don't forget I'm eating for two.

RD: Your right your right I'm sorry.


AJ: What are you doing?


RD: I ran into JLo in town.

AJ: Oh yeah and what did she say?

RD: She owns part of the Miami Dolphins right, so every word out of her mouth is "Touchdown!".

AJ: Oh.

RD: So after a few of those the next thing she says to me is, "What are you doing later?"


RD: Its funny because her handlers don't say anything.

RD: They just let her say it over and over again and it sounds like I don't know what.


RD: So anyway I told her I was still fighting with Jennifer and if she could keep driving by my place to see if she is there

that that would be a great help to me.

AJ: She agreed to do it?

RD: Yeah she'll do anything to stop Jennifer from doing what she wants to do.

AJ: Oh.

RD: This fued goes all the way back to Bradley.

AJ: Oh my gosh your right your right.

AJ: I totally forgot about that.

RD: Yeah so anyway after talking football with her it got me to thinking about wildlife since her team is called the Dolphins.

AJ: And that inspired this?

RD: This isn't a painting.

AJ: Oh.

RD: Its an idea for body painting.

AJ: Oh I see.

AJ: Its very good. Your good.

RD: Thanks.

RD: Yeah all I need now is a model.

RD: Someone willing to let me paint them naked.

AJ: Oh.

RD: Don't worry I'm not asking you.

AJ: I wasn't worried.

RD: I would ask Heidi but this is way way too everyday for her.

RD: I'm going to ask someone who is bashful.

RD: Someone you wouldn't expect.

AJ: Okay good idea.

AJ: Can I guess?

RD: Nope.

AJ: Okay but you have to tell me when you do it so I can hide and watch.

RD: Angie the phone isn't enough for you?

AJ: Nope LOL.

RD: Okay okay I'll let you know but you can't tell a soul.

AJ: Okay.

RD: Cheers.

AJ: Cheers.



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