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To set up a new primary party politics, the third power core
#1 Posted : Monday, October 29, 2012 4:00:34 AM(UTC)
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Japanese right-wing representative figure Mr Ishihara Tokyo announced his decision to resign as aid and ready to form new party, the Japanese domestic the question criticism had not been interrupted. 27,, the national strategic bear phase before the Discount Air Max Air Max On Sale www.airmaxcheap.biz original honesty company irony of primary new party will be a mob. WenBu science in XiangTian true kiko 26 is call a spade a spade to accuse primary: "is really a shameless crazy old man." Japanese business has also continuously. The Japanese economy group federation President m CangHongChang reported, in japan-china relations deteriorating, the primary "unacceptable".
25 in the afternoon, Japan's shintarou ishihara aid held a press conference and announced his decision to resign as magistrate position, will form new party to participate in congressional Cheap Air Max Nike Air Max Shoes elections. Primary said his resignation reasons, one is the diaoyu islands situation, the second is to Japanese politics will be major changes prediction. The current primary Japan pacifist constitution expressed dissatisfaction, show that will fight for constitutional amendment. Primary says, will soon founded to his swift for "primary new party". Although the party's specific name still under negotiation, but from founded will have five more congress to participate in. As for the new party's core members, primary says it will rise and Japan the Cheap Nike Air Max Cheap Air Max 2012 Cheap Air Max Shoes party's swift PingZhaoJiuFu etc meet, does not exclude and Osaka mayor bridge and leadership of the Japanese reform will carry on the policy cooperation may.
Mr Ishihara in September 1932 was born in the Japanese hyogo ShenHuShi, novelist and painters, and at the same time, Japanese right-wing conservative politicians. He has been denied the Japanese militarism period all sorts of crimes committed, keep disturb the sino-japanese relations, and the relations between the normal development. Especially recently started "purchase island" farce, the Nike Air Max 90 Nike Air Max 90 Womenssino-japanese relations caused great negative impact, also let the Japanese enterprises suffer unspeakably. In Japan, Tokyo's primary often talk wildly, evil review current politics, caused public attention, dredge political benefits. In Japan the western region, Osaka mayor Fletcher bridge in recent years in terms of "the lip, political heterogeneous" known. Primary new party can reform and Japan will come true "east evil west poison" cooperation fetching attention. In the night of the primary announced his resignation, primary attended the Japanese rise up the party's meeting, the official to PingZhaoJiuFu, convey the form new party's idea. Flat marsh in to the media reporters after the meeting, will dissolve Japan rise up the party, the earliest in early November founded to primary led new party. But the mayor of Osaka bridge and 25 said at the press conference, change Japan current political structure very need to primary such characters, but no clear to respond with the primary collaboration.
Primary since 1999 has four degrees elected magistrate of Tokyo. In a fourth term also sent more than two years, primary sudden resignation, and there is a the profound. At present, Japan's political Nike Air Nike 2012 Womens Nike Air Max 2011 Nike Air Max 2011 Womens situation anomaly chaos, the ruling Democratic Party in the house of representatives narrowly although more than half, but the potential for a large number of "to secede, prepare army", approval rating is also dropping unceasingly. The LDP and new komeito opposition party, such as positive prime minister wild tian jia "increase the offensive, and persecute YeTian dissolution, early, early elections. This year in August, YeTian in order to pass the consumption tax increase tax bill, and the LDP and new komeito to reach an agreement, the two parties from male to assist Nike Air Max 24-7 Nike Air Max 24-7 Womens the government through the congress to increase consumption tax law is the core of the social security and tax system integration reform legislation, YeTian commitment in the near future "dissolution. Although wild tian jia told the house of representatives has not been clearly dissolved date, but quite a number of politicians all think that should be in this year. In this context, Japan some politicians "move", or a new party, or "GeZongLianHeng", in order to enlarge their forces. And the primary preparation for the next house election form new party, is want to become and democracy, since the Ming two party rival "third force" of the core.
But the primary anticipated target can be realized, many analysts do not look good. Have analyzed that, at a press conference in primary out changes such as the language of aNike Air Max 95 Nike Air Max 95 Womens Nike Air Max 90 pacifist constitution, is to drive out Japanese ChongZou militarism zone, is the inverse of history of the tide and dynamic, inevitable for Asia and even the world people spit on. A Japanese personage says, many Japanese people to primary want to participate in national politics said worry, worry to primary led a right-wing version will make china-japan relations further deterioration, making the Japanese enterprise suffer more big loss, the Japanese economy even more difficult. And experts say, Mr Ishihara his old age and poor physical condition, plus previously political exists some stains, it is difficult to have big as

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