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#301 Posted : Monday, October 31, 2011 10:07:05 AM(UTC)

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Russian media reach out to Piotr Wozniacki--and apparently it is not that long a reach 

Image Her father and coach Caroline Wozniacki: How Sharapov: we do not owe anything to anyone


"My daughter has the worst coach in the world" - Peter Wozniacki likes to say. And always adds, "I'm not kidding. I've never even played tennis! ". Yet with such a coach Caroline Wozniacki two seasons in a row completes the first racket of the world. In Istanbul I met with Peter to discuss matters not so much immediately understood - how difficult it is to be both father and mentor to an outstanding athlete.

Nicholas Mysin from Istanbul

- An Interview? No problem! Give me ten minutes, we'll meet there and then. And let's go sit down somewhere.
To hear something like that from Yuri Sharapov or mother of Marat and Dinara Safina Rauza Islanova ? Please! But Peter Wozniacki ...

Do not confuse the hard looking outwardly slightly surly Pole. In fact, he is - a very sociable and friendly person. In addition, fluent in Russian. To raise a family and a future champion in the 90s the former football player Wozniacki actively engaged in business, motayas in Moscow, then in St. Petersburg. Language he had to learn in an ideal - when it comes to big money, lack of understanding with partners is out of place ...

We met at a restaurant for the press almost immediately after the third match in Carolina's Group. Wozniacki lost in straight sets to Petra Kvitova and effectively finished her fight for the title. That, however, had little impact on the mood of both Caro and her team. The main goals for the season - to keep the title of the first racket of the world - they still fulfilled.

- Of Russia's most famous tennis dad - Yuri Sharapov. Familiar with him?
- Plainly not. When we got on tour, Yuri was no longer traveled with his daughter to tournaments. And indeed they have kept the family apart. And Maria re the other girls, her father never really wanted anyone to make friends. But I need no one either. Therefore I will not be imposed?

- You are here - also the father of the first racket of the world, but it is easy to communicate with journalists and fans. Sharapova was on a no wait ...
- There are two kinds of people. The first take and give - the positive, energy ... The second covered by a cap. Living on the principle that we are of you have not received anything, and nothing you do not have to. That is the case for Sharapova. But I can not blame them - they are what they are, they have their own truth. However, Carolina has always said: football - only time in your life. Sooner or later she will end and start another phase. And whether you have friends, relations, good relations with people - it depends on how you behave now.

That's why I close on someone to run? I don't lose anything if I give you an interview. Moreover - I do myself the favor, because any normal communication brings a positive. And I try to live every minute, and a daughter the same teaching. This is how you know? One says: "Bad weather - rain is coming." And another: "Yes, a cool weather! Rain away! ". Weather does not depend on you, but look at it you can in different ways. And why should I wait for 10 years, so I felt good when I can be good today? That's why I, and Carolina always try to be open to others, share with them the positive and positive also receive this.

- The most famous tennis dad in the world, and he is rumored to be very hard - Richard Williams ...
- Oh, Richard! - In Peter's voice a sense of respect. - I a champion with some difficulty raised, he raised two. I can not imagine how much effort it took! I know a lot of talk about Williams' walk. What is he a tyrant, a dictator ... Maybe something like that and it was before, but I have them at the time the house was not sitting. Now Richard makes a good impression. A man with a good sense of humor, very energetic, intelligent ... more - we had good friends.You know, when Serena had pulmonary embolism, Caroline first came to visit her in hospital. Richard later admitted that he had seen this before: a rival to visit a friend in this situation! He was very touched. Admitted that he now loves Carolina, as his daughter.

"Friends with Pavlyuchenkova"

- Tennis, anyway, sport selfish. Hard are the relations within the WTA Tour-?
- Look. Here is a circus, and a theater - Wozniacki draws a shape with his hands in the air . - In the circus clown comes into the arena and make people laugh - he gets paid for it. In the theater, the actor plays a role, you look at it, but do not know - and what the man in your life? So, people in tennis are clowns, and actors at the same time. They get money, pleasing the fans, but never understand what they really think. I would like very much if all the players and their teams were one big family. It is one thing - and sports court, the other - that behind the scenes. But do not get it! And will never be. Here spinning too much money and prestige. These are the two pillars on which rests the sport. But, alas, the one and the other is not too good for the people.

- That is, the true friends you have?- But why? There are, of course. There will always be someone with whom you can talk normally, ask for advice. In the end, and I can attribute to such people. And Caroline, too. You can see what it sociable and fun! But Caro is not a clown. No money for laughs. Simply she is in herself a veselushka.

- Who is most communicative?- Family Azarenka , Williams. With Pavlyuchenkova have a good relationship. With Nastia's father  we can always meet, drink wine, dine, talk heart to heart. So even with junior happened when they were the first, and we - the latter. Now, however, the situation is different ...

- Do not they envy Carolina's present successes?- Remember the theater - Peter lifts a finger. I do not fully know. But I know that everyone has a place, and money at all enough. It's just that everyone has something that he can take.

! Full interview with Piotr Wozniacki in tomorrow's issue of "Soviet Sport"


Full interview: http://www.sovsport.ru/gazeta/article-item/489921

"That's the way the world works... right now." --Maria Sharapova at 17
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McIIroy: Wozniacki outworks most players
Ticker - Saturday, December 17, 2011

Golfer Rory McIlroy tells the Irish Times that his girlfriend, world No. 1 Caroline Wozniacki, is an inspiration to him: "A tennis career is a lot shorter than a golf one and they have to put everything into it for the eight or 10 years they’re playing," he said. "She definitely works harder than I do—and most of the girls on the tennis tour. If anything it’s been a great influence on me to see how hard she works and how she dedicates herself to her game. It’s also nice to be with someone who has the same ambition and drive. I don’t want to sound soppy here, but the best thing that’s happened to me off the course this year is meeting Caroline."

#303 Posted : Thursday, February 02, 2012 3:35:53 AM(UTC)

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Thought you might get a kick out of this:


Watch the video. Caroline's Serena impersonation.
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