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"Barack Obama and the Oscars"
#1 Posted : Thursday, February 28, 2008 5:26:20 AM(UTC)

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I have watched the Oscars held at Kodak Theatre in L.A. hosted by John Stewart which infuriated me since some jokes aired was my original jokes but nonetheless I was glad about it since unknown to many, Barack Obama is figuring in and shadows of Barack Obama becoming the U.S. President by November is looming. Barack Obama is sending his profound gratitude to Maria Sharapova for a job well done.


The name Barack Obama was never mentioned during the whole ceremony but a lot of innuendos and even graphic suggestions hint that almost all of those who attended the ceremony covertly support Obama specifically a lot of Hollywood actors---Forrest Whitaker, Matt Damon, Tommy Lee Jones and a lot more including top caliber directors. George Clooney, I believe, is a spy in the ceremony since he is for Hillary Clinton. I wonder why Masha’s Hollywood circle of friends like Robert DeNiro and Misha Barton did not attend the ceremony. There could be surprises in the coming days!


The best picture goes to “No Country for Old Men” and the title, by itself, endorses Barack Obama since it hit John Mc Cain who is a 72 year old septuagenarian. There is a silent clamor among American voters that old and rickety men like John Mc Cain should not become the next President since he could never deliver on his promises. How could he defend America against the threat of the Al Qaeda when he can’t even lift an M-16? The Hollywood’s Oscar organizers can never tell directly since the Grand Old Party is still a powerful political party. That’s why they make endorsements out of allusions. But it is pretty obvious, isn’t it?


I noticed the absence inside the hall of my Hollywood idol and an actor of iconic proportion, Matt Damon, who is the main cast of “The Departed” which won the best picture last year. I engender a well founded belief that Matt Damon is very much present in the ceremony, but Tommy Lee Jones, main cast of “U.S. Marshalls”, assigned him to climb on the roofs of Kodak Theatre clutching a long-range rifle to shoot for any Republicans that would try to barge in into the venues premises. There was not a single Republican Super delegate inside the hall and so that proves that Barack Obama is gaining momentum and will snatch more Super delegates on his side in the coming days.


George Clooney was nominated for best actor for his role in “George Clayton” together with Daniel Day Lewis’ “There Will Be Blood” who won the Oscar, Viggo Mortensen’s “Eastern Promises”, Johnny Depp’s Sweeny Todd…” , and Tommy Lee Jones for “In the Valley of Elah”. But George Clooney is visibly behaved probably because he can’t mess up with Tommy Lee Jones and the rifle-clutching Matt Damon. So at the eleventh hour decided not to bring his earthquake-making machine and wreck the Kodak Theatre if he does not win the Oscar for best actor. George Clooney is not only a directorial flop but an acting flop as well! Remember “Solaris” and the “Ocean’s” series which does not excite our imagination.


There is no doubt that dresses were finely made for the lavish ceremony and all sorts of designer clothes figured very well like Prada, Gucci, DKNY, Armani and so many other new risers. But I noticed one Hollywood actress who had a finely crafted pinkish dress but something went wrong on herself. Cameron Diaz looked like a “clean-shaven vaigna” that contrasted her finely-crafted dress. I don’t really understand Hollywood’s standard of beauty since I could see that some of these actresses are anything but beautiful!


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#2 Posted : Monday, March 17, 2008 3:33:43 PM(UTC)

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This forum not about POLITIC!!!!!!
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